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Comfortable Destination In Any Budget Hotels Amsterdam

Amsterdam also is well known as “The Venice of the North”, its canals covering a length of 76 km or 47 miles. Tourists can appreciate this natural beauty in the Netherlands capital. Tour boats are very common to see canals, take your precautions and carry a camera. If you don’t have a camera, you must buy one. Amsterdam is a city with many modern malls, perfect to lover’s shopping. The staff of the Budget Hotels Amsterdam can recommend you where to buy local products and other things.

Stedelijk Museum is the place with the best modern art collection in Holland. It is located at Museum Square, close to Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. If you want to see different art’s expressions, Stedelijk Museum is the right place. Probably, Amsterdam will be the city with more museums in the globe; it is good because culture is the first step to improve the education, for this reason Dutch people have a high level of instruction. Budget Hotels Amsterdam provides a lot of amenities to their guests.

Amsterdam is known for its flat streets, that because the bike is the main means of transport in the country. Children, businessmen, housekeepers and students use this kind of transport to get around in the city. Even tourists and visitors hire bikes when they visit Amsterdam, the experience is different than ride in another place, check it. Obviously, there are moments when a car is necessary but it is another theme. Remember, if you hire a bike, you can not keep it in any Budget Hotels Amsterdam, it is not allowed.

An essential part of Amsterdam is the coffee shops. These typical places receive a big amount of visitors during all the year. These small businesses can sell cannabis with freedom, but in specific amounts, just 5 grams per person. Remember, don’t buy any drugs in the street, you could have problems with the law.

Cultural Sights In Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a wealth of culture that has been revealed this year with its 2008 “Amsterdam Hidden Treasures” theme. It has proven itself to be an interesting and entertaining city with its wealth of arts, performance, history and fashion and it is well the most visited city in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam will keep any visitor entertained with their dam, semi-circular rings of canals crisscrossed by around 400 bridges and its many churches. These sights are highly worthwhile to spend time seeing, but the city is most famous for its museums. It is home to over fifty museums, including the renowned Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum. Some lesser known museums include the secret attic church, “Ons Lieve Heer op Solder,” the new Bag and Purse Museum, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum and Anne Frank House.

A visit to the Oude Kerk, which is an old church with little houses that cling to its sides, is recommended. Its architecture is interesting as it has an octagonal bell tower which is built in a Gothic-Renaissance style. Dam square is another interesting place to visit as it is home to the dam that lies at the center of the city, as well as the beautiful Royal Palace. The Palace was originally built in the 17th century as the town hall and was later converted by Napoleon into a palace. It is still used by the Queen for official functions and is open to the public during the summer months. One of Amsterdam’s hidden treasures can be found if you follow the narrow vaulted passageway that leads to Begijnhof. It is a quaint garden which is surrounded by old houses. It is host to a medieval church and the oldest house in Amsterdam.

You can take a boat cruise or canal tour along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. You can do a bike, boat or walking tour of the city that will show you many of the historical sights that there are to see. You can visit the Concert building. The Concertgebouw is said to have among the best acoustics in the world and to be home to one of the world’s greatest orchestras.

If you are visiting Amsterdam, you will have many accommodation options to choose from. You can stay in a luxury styled or a small boutique styled hotel. You can choose to stay in one of the hotels that can be found near a famous landmark or in one with a view over one of the canals. You can find self catering rental apartments that range from small single-roomed apartments to large luxury places situated along the banks of one of the canals. If you are a backpacker or have a tight budget, you may decide to stay in a youth cnter. These can generally be found conveniently located in the center of the city. During the summer months, campgrounds are opened. Some campgrounds offer bungalows in case of bad weather. Even though the campgrounds are outside the city, they are often in cycling distance from town so you can still visit the attractions.

Unforgettable Days In A Budget Hotel Amsterdam

If you are an explorer and research lover, this is your opportunity. Visit Amsterdam with all your friends. It would be an excellent choice. Amsterdam is an interesting place to enjoy in every moment. Before you arrive to the Netherlands, dont forget to check your book in a Budget hotel Amsterdam to avoid problems. The hotels in Amsterdam have high demand during all the year. After that, it is time to know the town.

In the first place, you should try to get a travel guide. Then, you can explore the city without troubles. Holland is famous around the world for its liberal drug policies and many tourists love visiting the Dutch coffee shops. The nights here are completely different than others countries. Dutch are so liberals.

About the transportation, you can choose between some alternatives such as: the train service, rent a car, hire a bicycle or simply walk. But you need a Budget hotel Amsterdam to be connected with the downtown. The majority of hotels have an excellent service for everybody. Here there is an important tip. It is necessary to speak English if you dont know the natives language.

Amsterdam is a small city, but it has a big history. One of the best ways to explore the city and get an idea how it became the Amsterdam we know today is a visit to one of Amsterdam’s many museums. Whether you want to see the great Dutch painters at the Rijksmuseum, or visit with the past at the Anne Frank House Museum, we have all the information you need on Amsterdam Museums. You can ask for extra information in a travel agency too, dont forget that.

Amsterdam is a very international city, with many people from all over the world living, working, and visiting the city. You shouldnt lose this opportunity to know an interesting country. If you visit Amsterdam for the first time you will come back again in little time. Thats for sure.

There are lots of great places to stay in Amsterdam, but Budget hotel Amsterdam is what you really need. The capital is a beautiful city full of picturesque streets, parks and canals. There is something sure, youll never get bored here.

The guide to Amsterdam

During the last decades, Netherlands also known as Holland has become the symbol of freedom due to its legalization of light drugs, euthanasia and marriages between gays and lesbians. Amsterdam, its capital, is the most visited city in the country but besides the access to the above-mentioned liberties visitors have a great chance to see very beautiful city with a lot of cultural attractions.
The government of Amsterdam now is trying to make the city one the world leading business centers and their efforts have a success – now Amsterdam hosts a significant number of international fairs, business meetings and conferences. Many of the influential multinational corporations have their headquarters in Amsterdam.
Netherlands’ capital is a mix of the new and old – ancient houses of the XVII century border with the up-do-date office buildings.
Amsterdam received its name in the honor of the river Amstel crossing the city. It was founded in XII century as a small fishing village. Now Amsterdam status has some paradox – although it’s a capital of the country, the capital of its province is Harlem and the country’s government is situated in Hague.
Amsterdam has rich, glorious history. It reached it highest peak in the XVII century the most of the historical attractions belong to that time. In XVII the famous Amsterdam channel net was created. Due to the huge number of channels Amsterdam has become a city of bridges. Now there are about 1200 bridges of different styles, sizes and beauty. A lot of Amsterdam’s canals were filled in the beginning of the 20th century because of the sanitary reasons.
The city has a numerous amount of the museums, some them are world-famous. The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum are the most renowned, but the full list counts about 50 names.
The centre and the heart of the city is Dam Square, a place with historical significance, still boasting beautiful buildings, one of which is Royal Palace. Koninklijk Paleis – The Royal Palace dates back to 1648. Another Dam square’s attraction is Nieuwe Kirk dating back to the 15th century.
Although Amsterdam is trying to escape the reputation of the world’s drug capital coffee shops belong to the things Amsterdam is famous for. There are few hundreds of coffee shops in Amsterdam. Popular ones are the commercial and franchised Bulldog and the Grasshopper. Coffee shops in the country are allowed to sell only small amounts of cannabis. Furthermore, coffee shops must not sell to anyone under 18 and they must not sell more than 5g to any customer. Hard drugs are strictly prohibited.
Another thing Amsterdam is famous for is Red Lights district. It occupies the significant part of the historical centre of Amsterdam.
The whole Holland is known for its love for flowers. Vondelpark is considered to be one of the most beautiful parks in the world. Its style reminds of the best examples of the English style of the XIX century. A lot of lakes, meadows, walking routes present the great opportunity to spend your free time.

Budget Hotel Amsterdam, An Authentic Offer

Holland is a small country located in the north of Europe. Maybe you don’t know, but the Dutch themselves are very traditional people. Nevertheless, they also are considered as liberal people. It is something weird. If you have the occasion to travel to Europe, you should choose The Netherlands as destination. First, book a room in a Budget Hotel Amsterdam and save money for something else.

Internationally, windmills are often directly associated with the Netherlands. It is true because the windmills contribute with the economical development of the city. For centuries windmills were the most important source of power in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, today many of them are in restructuration and don’t receives visits. The Sloten Windmills is one of the few that is functioning.

Budget Hotel Amsterdam has a currency exchange in its hotel’s facilities. Besides, the service is very efficient and one of the best in the capital. Don’t forget to carry a camera; Amsterdam deserves a lot of pictures. The largest museum in the Netherlands is the Rijksmuseum. A valuable art’s collection is located in this property. Great Dutch masterpieces and international paintings are part of this famous anthology. Tickets are not expensive, so, you can not excuse for not going.

Amsterdam’s transport is very particular. Usually, people prefer to use bicycles to move around the city, obviously, when the distance is not too long. Taxis are expensive, so, it is not a good idea to use them. If you want to travel for the capital, you must go to the Central Station. It is the right place for getting transport in Amsterdam. In your Budget Hotel Amsterdam you would find more information about the town. The Staff always is ready to help you when you consider it necessary.

If you want to rent a bike in Amsterdam, majority companies offer bicycle rentals for around €8 per day.

Hotels Amsterdam Comfort At Your Fingertips

Talking about culture in Amsterdam is talking about museums. The city has more than fifty museum of all kind. One of the most important is Rembrandt Museum. In fact, this museum was the Rembrandts house where he lived from 1639 to 1658. The building was opened as a museum in commemoration to the great artist in 1911. However, much of his works can be seen also in Rijksmuseum.

It is preferable to visit cultural places in the morning because during these hours the public affluence is less. Dont forget this recommendation. If you have another question, you should go to Hotels Amsterdam where the professional staff will help you. Ask for a good promotion.

A good option to enjoy of the environment is visit the Vondelpark. Its the largest park in Amsterdam and definitely the most popular park in the Netherlands. Vondelpark welcomes about 10 million visitors every year and it is located south of Leidseplein and near of the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum. Everybody enjoy Vondelpark, both Dutch as tourists. Dont miss the opportunity of visit it, there, youll feel very comfortable like in Hotels Amsterdam.

If you are hungry, there are many options to enjoy typical Amsterdam food. Usually, Amsterdam cuisine is fusion with foreign cuisine like Chinese and Indonesian food. If you consider that restaurants prices are expensive, you also can eat in Hotels Amsterdam because some rooms include meals.

In Amsterdam as all European city, soccer is the sport with more fans. A competitive championship attracts a large number of followers. The Teams more popular in the Netherlands are Ajax and PSV Eindhoven. Ajax is the team of Amsterdam and one of the most recognized in the entire world. There is a museum in the Ajaxs stadium where you can see the rich history of this soccer club and a complete biography of Johan Cruyff, the best soccer player in the Hollands history.

The New Paradise In Amsterdam Hotels

Time of vacation and you ask yourself. Where do I go? The answer is too easy. Amsterdam can give you everything that you look for. Amsterdam has beautiful landscapes and crazy nights for you. By day, you can see the city riding a bike or in boat. There are many ways to enjoy the town especially in Amsterdam hotels.

The Netherlands can offer you 200 museums and art galleries, 28 parks, over 10,000 shops and markets, and some 1,500 bars and cafs to cover, there’s no way to really know Amsterdam in just a short trip. But you cant leave Amsterdam if you dont visit the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Tropenmuseum, Rembrandt’s house and the Anne Frank House. After that you can take the canal cruise; stop into the Concertgebouw for a free music performance; stroll the Jordaan district; and shop the Nine Streets.

Dont forget to book your room in Amsterdam hotels, the service is very efficient and personalized. The city is considered ecological because there are many green areas around the capital. Dutch have Ecological conscience. The Hortus botanical gardens is very famous too, it receives a lot of visitants all the year. Therefore, you shouldnt lose this opportunity if you visit Amsterdam in your vacations.

Now it is time of explore the city and walk around the Amstel river. Then, depending on where you’re going, you can walk most anywhere quickly, but if you want to blend in with the locals, rent a bike with a lock and get a good city map from the tourist office. Rentals are available at MacBike (Central Station; 4.25 per day for 7 days, rates vary).

Amsterdam is a modern town but small and all the attractions are close to Amsterdam hotels, a centric hotel with budget prices. If you are planning to come to Amsterdam is preferable that you arrive in summer because the winter is too cold. Sometimes the temperature can go down up to -10C. You should take your precautions to avoid getting sick.

By the way, the central train station is the best mode to travel around the city in little time and the service is cheap. There is something curious in the downtown, the modern buildings contrast with the old churches of gothic style.

Amsterdam with an attitude

Amsterdam—the name inspires thoughts of impressionists and culture. Rembrandt and Vermeer in Rijksmuseum and the disturbing paintings of Van Gogh. The historic downtown, the culture and the canals are one reason to visit this great capital. Of course, for others it’s the spirit of “tolerance” for things like soft drugs(pot smoking) and legal red light district which make it an interesting destination. As an observer at least.
While Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands, the government is based out of the Hague. Fewer paper pushers per square mile, as a rule of thumb is propotional to the joie de vive of a city, and distinguishes Amsterdam from many other European capitals. Amsterdam has been able to maintain it’s compactness and old world charm through a conscious effort rather than a stroke of fortune.
There is another side to Amsterdam as well— its history as a mercantile power of the 17th century. The “Golden Age” of Amsterdam shows in its buildings, and the multicultural residents of Amsterdam are to some extent a result of the Dutch colonial history.
Most people are introduced to Amsterdam through the Schiphol airport. If you are unlucky enough to be stuck there due to a flight delay, you will notice that the gates don’t have bathrooms and have only eight seats for each planeload of passengers. While this Spartan introduction is unfortunate as well as uncomfortable(and not representative of the charm of Amsterdam), it gives an insight into the thought process of the Amsterdammers.
The Schiphol has a shopping area with the casino, and the airport authorities want you to spend most of your time there. Their hope is that you spend the time shopping and gambling, instead of taking up space in a comfortable lounge. Airlines love the arrangement too, given the cut rates offered by Schiphol as opposed to the more “full service” airports in Europe.
This unabashed capitalism goes hand in hand with the tolerant culture, making Amsterdam an enigma and a place to visit. For it’s beautiful tulips, as well as the memories of its famed Tulipmania, where the Dutch were trading tulip buds like .dotcom stocks!
The transportation system of Amsterdam is excellent, with the frequent tram service probably the best choice for traveling within the city. Renting a car therefore is usually a “very” bad idea, especially when compared to the ease of trams within this compact city. The less said the better about the parking situation in the city. A canal boat tour of the city, may also give you a look at the city from a different angle.
Anne Frank house, one of the most famous landmarks of Amsterdam, encompasses some of the painful history of this country. While the house is not remarkable, it is a monument to some terrible events. It’s worth a visit, especially if you have read the book.
Rijksmuseum, with its superb collection of paintings is reminiscent of the Central Station from the outside. That is, because they have the same architect! The main attractions are Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Steen, but there are more than 5000 paintings. The Van Gogh museum is right next door.
The Red Light District of Amsterdam is billed as a tourist attraction in most guide books. It’s actually quite safe to go there, if you keep your wits around you. The obvious things to remember is, to ignore the drug pushers or answer with a firm “NAY” and keep the camera in your hotel—taking pictures here is inviting trouble. An occasional pick pocket aside, you get to see fat women in windows and giggly tourists trying to soak in the scene.

Amsterdam does not have much in the way of Pensions or Bed/Breakfast. Therefore, we have a collection of hotels in Amsterdam at http://www.amsterdam-hotels-deals.net/ to give you the information that you need to make an informed decision.