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European Vacation on a Budget

Organizing a European getaway? I am relatively absolute you have a destination in mind today. But if you haven’t selected one yet, ask yourself what you really want to see, what you like to attain on this travel. A vacation is a form of leisure and a chance for self-discovery. So take the most out of it as well as leave no room for disappointment. And one method to achieve that is to plan meticulously before the time. Get your date, coordinate your itinerary, and reserve your flights and accommodations before the time. Vacationing does not imply you must squander. When you can save on flight as well as hotel reservations, do so. You can book cheap hotels on the World Wide Web or cheap flights from United Kingdom to Amsterdam, for example, once you have the exact date identified.

When searching for cheaper hotels, you do not simply check out the costs and once you see that it’s within your budget, you go for it. Nope. Confirm if the amenities are right for you, if it’s got everything you may need on your vacation. If the accommodation you have in mind is a romantic bed and breakfast, ensure the room is in a secluded part of the area or it possesses a veranda that oversees the garden or the ocean or the room is just exact and the atmosphere of the room is sweet. If a Paris bed and breakfast that possesses an excellent look of the Eiffel Tower would suit you fine and the cost is just ideal, go ahead then book it before somebody else does.

Hotels or hostels in Amsterdam may be difficult to get by taking into consideration that this is a relatively little capital that is flocked by foreigners all year round, most specifically during the holidays. You may like to book an accommodation a couple of months ahead. This is also true with other cheap bed and breakfasts located in other European metropolitans that are well-loved among vacationers. Amsterdam transportation is largely dominated by trams, canal bus, as well as bikes. And cars are employing right-hand drive. You would want to take that into account to stop confusion and injuries.

London is another typical destination. Whether it is to tour the London Eye, the British Museum, Cathedral of St. Paul, or to watch the finals game of your well-loved team on the Stadium of Wembley, you are going to require a venue to stay. There are many budget hotels in London, yet finding a vacant one during peak times could be a dilemma. Better reserve one beforehand. You may find very affordable hotels in London that offer superb service, and you may book them online ahead of time.

Going on a vacation and spending extravagantly on hotel reservations doesn’t necessarily have to go along together. If it is possible to save a little on hotel rooms to make way for other programs or things that you might enjoy, like sampling the enticing cuisine at the Four Seasons in France or that little black Chanel dress you bought in Oxford St. in London. I would gladly surrender 5-star hotels in Berlin and make a less expensive Berlin hotel booking that also contains marvelous amenities for something truly unforgettable or to acquire something for my loved ones at home. Won’t you?

European Flight Travel Laws – Part 1

In a flight never carry any of the items mentioned below Under no situation carry drugs, heroine, brown sugar and any other kind of narcotics. Corrosives such as acids, alkalis, mercury and wet cell alkalis or fireworks, guns and flaresInside Countries Law If your luggage is expensive and you want to declare a higher value then please do it at the time of check in so that the airline will become liable in case of loss. The major car rental service provides free assistance if you have a flat tyre so dont forget to contact your company in case you face one of these situations Littering off in a garden or tourist attraction could end you up in heavy fines so always remember to use bins. Never overtake or drive fast they will levy a heavy charge on you. Always follow the traffic lights and road instructions which are very well organized in the European countries. Gay sex and lesbians are not encouraged at all places in this continent unless you are in Amsterdam (A city in Netherlands) where free sex is allowed. Never drink too much because if you get unconscious the police might catch you and jail you up.

Budget Travel And Vacation In Europe

Many budget travelers assume that a multi-city European vacation is beyond their means, but that is often not the case. The large number of budget airlines that have sprung up in Europe in recent years have dropped the average cost of airfare between many major European cities.

In some cases, the cost of coach airfare between major European hubs like London and Amsterdam is lower than a comparable first or even second class train ticket.

And of course flying between cities is far less time consuming than taking the train or driving yourself, and that means more time to explore the places you’ve always wanted to see, as well as more money to spend once you get there.

The key to getting the best airfares, both from the United States to destinations in Europe, and between European destinations, is to shop around and compare carefully.

Most major American air carriers have partnerships with one or more European airlines, and therefore it is often possible to shop airfares between European cities from the web sites of these airlines.

In addition, the major European only airlines all have their own web sites, and most provide for online booking and confirmation as well. This makes it easy to line up all your airfare before you leave the United States.

This is an important consideration, since it is often more difficult, and more expensive, to book airline tickets or train tickets after you have arrived in Europe.

The choice of European cities you plan to visit can also have a major impact on airfare between destinations. Many of the low cost European air carriers are based in London, so it is often considerably less costly to fly from London than to fly from many other major European cities.

Therefore, many budget travelers choose to make London their primary destination, and to take two and three day trips from there to the places they have always wanted to see.

While it is possible to get great deals from other European gateways, it is often more difficult than flying to and from London.

Just as American airlines have their own major gateways, such as New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, so too do budget European airlines.

Planning your visit around these hub cites is often the best way to get the lowest possible airfares between European cities.

Flying within Europe is surprisingly affordable for way for many budget travelers to get around.

Many first time travelers to Europe, and some seasoned travelers as well, are shocked to find just how affordable it is to fly around Europe.

How to Use Bucket Shop Airfares: Very Carefully

Bucket shops, or “travel consolidators,” are travel agencies who have arrangements with specific airlines to sell international tickets for considerably less than the airline’s published fares.

You can indeed save money on bucket shop fares, and experience a completely successful trip abroad. However, this segment of the travel industry contains enough landmines that you should use bucket shops only if you follow the tips given in this article.

Although financially secure vendors like Priceline may match or exceed bucket shop international discounts, and provide you with a more comfortable purchasing experience, the bucket shop option is still worth exploring. Their tickets often permit you to change your destination or dates for a fee, which Priceline “Name your own price” tickets, for example, never allow.

But, study these guidelines and proceed with caution!

How to find a reputable bucket shop:

You may see ads for bucket shop airfares in major newspapers and on the Internet. However, even though the newspaper or website may have a good reputation, the bucket shop which advertises there could be at best, disorganized, and at worst, downright dishonest.

Over the years, I have heard many tales of fly-by-night, shady bucket shops (and have had run-ins with several myself), and so I use these only if I have a solid recommendation from:

• a friend who has used the same bucket shop over time,

• a report from the Better Business Bureau, or

• an article in a respected travel journal, such as Frommer’s Budget Travel.

One of the best sources for a reliable bucket shop referral is a friend from the same ethnic group as your destination. If it’s comfortable, ask your friend to obtain the price quotation. On many routes, travelers whose families originally came from the destination country get the lowest quotes.

A Cautionary Tale: Follow these tips before using bucket shops:

• If you are reside in the U.S., just use American bucket shops. It could be very difficult to pursue a transaction that turned sour if you use a foreign travel consolidator.

• Shops tend to specialize in specific countries. The one you use for Australia is not necessarily the one you want to use for Kenya.

• Bucket shop discounts excel at Asian, Australian, Middle Eastern, eastern European, and African destinations. Discounts are less competitive to western European cities, such as Amsterdam and Paris, because airlines frequently publish specials to these destinations.

• Realize that bucket shop advice may often be biased. Airlines that give bucket shops special deals expect them to push business their way. A bucket shop may not tell you if another shop sells a cheaper or more convenient itinerary.

• Request that quoted fares include all taxes and fees. Extra fees can be a way for a sketchy bucket shop to amp up the price considerably. So get the total price before making a reservation.

• Savings tend to be greatest when you deal with a company that writes its own tickets, instead of an agency that orders tickets from somewhere else. Confirm this with the agency. A good question is, “Can I pick up my ticket today?”

• Pay with a credit card. If the bucket shop turns out to be a scam, you may be able to stop payment with a credit card, but you can’t with cash.

• Ask to have their rules for canceling or changing flights in writing. These can be emailed or faxed to you if you cannot get to their office. Some bucket shop tickets may allow you to change flights and dates, others may not. Also, fees for changes may vary considerably.

• Try to buy travel on one airline (or its partners), with as few connections as possible. Any time you increase your number of connections or airlines, you increase your risk of complications, especially if you’re traveling with separate tickets for each airline.

Suppose you’re flying to Delhi via Moscow on separate airlines. If you miss your Delhi flight because the Moscow flight was late, the Delhi airline in Moscow may tell you it’s not responsible for re-booking fees, a hotel overnight, etc.

• In addition, bucket shop tickets are often marked “non-endorsable.” This means that if you miss a connection, you can’t be rerouted on another airline. On top of that, you may not have the visa required to leave the airport terminal if you have to wait a day or two. So it’s always best to fly with as few connections and airlines as possible.

• If possible, pick up your ticket at the bucket shop, instead of having it sent to you, so that you can examine it carefully before leaving the store. Make sure that you have coupons for each flight, correct dates, etc.

Have I scared you off?

Some bucket shops are reputable and some are not. I am not promoting them, nor am I saying to stay completely clear. I just want you to be armed with the best strategies for protecting yourself and setting up a comfortable trip when you find a reputable one. (And, remember – the best source is a trusted friend who has used the same bucket shop many times.)

Let’s say better safe than sorry, rather than better save than sorry!

Reflections: Nightmare vacations

Dear Granddaughter,

Thank you for inviting me to your wedding. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world but this being the third trip back to the U. S. within four months did dampened my love of flying. These trips will have to count as my vacation for this summer.

It was lucky that the Peace Corps paid for my trip in April when I had to be med-evacued to D. C. to have a breast biopsy. The mammogram I had taken in January showed a spot they wanted to check out. I wasn’t very worried about it, but it did give me a start when I read the letter in Kiev (before I left) saying they couldn’t rule out cancer. That word seemed to stand out on the page. But it turned out ok and I just had a cyst that they aspirated and I was back in Ukraine within 10 days.

The second trip was the only one I had planned to take this summer. It was good to see you and your family at your cousin’s graduation in Oklahoma City in May. You remember how worried we were about her because of the auto accident she had about 10 days before I got there. Her injuries were more severe than the other kids in the car as she had a lacerated liver. After a week in the hospital, she was able to go to graduation. I was glad she had so many of her family there since her father was in Iraq and couldn’t attend.

The trip from Ukraine to Nebraska and back again for your wedding about did me in. At the start, my flight didn’t leave until later that night, but I knew from experience that I had to start the trip early. My tutor left a message for the taxi driver to pick me up early in the morning to drive me to the bus in my city. That part went well. I can’t say as much for the rest. The bus only went to the center of Kiev so I had to find a way to Boryspyl Airport several miles from there. Nothing is easy when one doesn’t speak the language. Finally I was able to locate a bus that went to the Airport. From then on the journey went pretty well. Your mother picked me up at the Kansas City Airport and we drove in a rain and hail storm to their home in Manhattan, Kansas.

Your wedding in Nebraska was beautiful and it was great seeing the family members that were able to attend. You can be happy that the rehearsal, wedding and reception went off without a hitch.

Going back to Ukraine turned into the worst nightmare of the three trips. I felt things might not go well when I learned that the flight from Kansas City to Chicago was delayed. Sure enough, when I got to Chicago the plane to Amsterdam was loaded and my seat had been given away because I wasn’t there to claim it. The service personnel tried to be helpful by rerouting me to Detroit thinking I might be able to get a flight out of there to Amsterdam. I did get on that plane. There was only one problem when I arrived in Amsterdam the flight to Kiev had already departed. So ok, I’ll take the next one. That’s fine but there is only one flight a day from Amsterdam to Kiev which meant I had about 22 hours to wait. I did not want to go into Amsterdam since I was alone so I chose to spend the night in the airport. I found that a person can sleep, not well, but get some sleep in the airport chairs. There is a section set aside for just that. The next afternoon I was able to board the plane to Kiev.

All in all it took me three days to get back to my apartment. I was so glad to get back I didn’t want to see an airport for a while.

Honey, I hope you are very happy with your new husband. I wish you the best of luck and I am so happy to have been there to see you enter this new life. All the trouble was worth it.



Travel destinations: Amsterdam – Part 6

Amsterdam. Home of Dutch pancakes, little wooden shoes and tulips. While this is true, Amsterdam is home to so much more, including remarkable history, friendly people and distinct culture.

My visit to Amsterdam last summer was my first. Although my husband had been there once before, while back-packing Europe with friends, this was a decidedly different experience for him.

On the drive from the airport, I immediately was charmed by the gorgeous tree-lined canals and stunning old-world architecture. We arrived at our hotel near the Flower Market and were wowed by the view our balcony afforded us. Eager to see as much as we could in our brief, two-day stay, we headed out to explore the city.

We decided to make good use of the remaining daylight hours with a brief jaunt through the city’s famed Red Light District. It was brief, because the District was not a place I wanted to hang around for too long. But during the day, it was as quaint and unassuming as the rest of the neighborhoods, with the exception of the scantily clad females sitting in the windows of the beautiful facades, beckoning to the onlookers below.

I decided I had seen enough, so we wandered back through the maze of streets and canals, which were surprisingly easy to maneuver on foot. That is, except for the adept local cyclists zooming in and out of traffic, a true nightmare for slow-moving pedestrian tourists. A quick ring of the bell on the handlebar usually did not afford you much time to react before a cyclist would fly by in a flash. Blink and you may miss them. Step the wrong way and you may never forget them.

To round out our first day, we strolled around Dam Square, considered to be the city’s center, took in the smells at the floating Flower Market, and shopped for souvenirs. While we passed on the wooden shoes, we did purchase another popular item that we thought symbolized the city: miniature houses that are actual replicas of the beautiful, restored facades lining the canals. The hand-painted replicas are of houses, businesses and Amsterdam landmarks, each numbered on the bottom according to the street address it represents.

We also purchased Delftware, the classic blue-and-white pottery made in Delft, a town just a few hours from Amsterdam. There were many stores specializing in this signature item, carrying pieces ranging from expensive antique Delftware to modern, less expensive styles.

While shopping, we asked a storekeeper for a dinner recommendation.

Flights to All Destinations

People with a penchant towards traveling to exotic global locations can opt for the flights to all destinations. These flights take tourists to various travel destinations around the world within a short time.

There are many holiday destinations across the world where travelers flock in large numbers. Some of the most preferred holiday spots of the world are Barcelona, Melbourne, Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels, Sydney, Paris, Rome and London.

Providing attractive offers on ticket bookings many budget airlines operate cheap flights to the top holiday destinations on earth. Some of the budget airlines are Hansung Airlines (Asia), Blu Roma Express (Europe), Zoom (Transatlantic), Avolar (United States of America), Kulula (Africa) and Air Arabia (United Arab Emirates).

Travelers can avail several other airlines that offer regular flights including charter planes to the popular tourist destinations. Among others, British Airways has been declared as one of the best airlines offering flights to almost all the holiday destinations. Some other airlines, which operate flights, are Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Booking airline tickets is a vital part of traveling. Tourists who wish to save time can go for online booking of tickets. Those who want to get cheap airfares have to book flights well in advance. Some of the flights including the budget airlines also offer the option of frequent flyer miles to the passengers traveling to various spots of the world. Initiated by Western Airlines, today this option is exercised by many premier airliners like British Airways, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines and others.

Providing the option to obtain airline tickets, book flights and frequent flyer miles, the budget airlines as well as other air carriers like British Airways make the journey to various global destinations enjoyable and comfortable.

The World is your Playground With World Resort Vacations!

If you’re seeking unique vacation destinations, then World Resort Vacations is your resource for exotic and adventurous getaways abroad. Focused on Canada-wide service, our Canadian travel agents are well versed on every facet of your ideal trip, in practically any part of the globe. Not a timeshare, we are an exclusive vacation membership company that works with major international resort chains scattered all across our planet. Never are our members limited to where they can travel or by time of year. No other Canadian travel agency is as focused on providing opportunities for you to fulfill your perfect getaway in a more economically feasible manner.

Whether you’re looking to wander the canal streets of Amsterdam or capture some relaxation in the Caribbean, the Canadian travel agents are focused on making your dream destination a reality. If you’re looking to save thousands on your travel experiences, then you should look no further. From three-day getaways to three-week excursions, you’ll enjoy wholesale airfares, luxury resorts and cruises at cost. And with that in mind, you’ll never have to worry about travel times because you will always are the one who chooses when you travel. From 114 countries and more than 5,000 resorts in our network, our Canadian travel agents will surely be able to help you find whatever it is you’re truly after.

Many vacationers quite like you have already begun taking full advantage of these great travel opportunities. Much different than a timeshare or any other Canadian travel agency, we are able to open the door to the entire globe and help you fulfill your dream escape vacations. Another great thing to keep in mind, no matter if it’s two hours or two years in advance, the Canadian Travel Agents allows you to schedule your travel times whenever you want – quite unlike a timeshare. You can even take family and friends with you, in that they too will enjoy the same low rates and benefits when they travel with a member. And there’s simply so much to choose from – including 25 different cruise lines with over 20,000 itineraries, more than 2,800 ports and 150 ships. The best part about being a member is there is never a limit on how much you can travel – you simply save more the more you travel.

Whether it’s a gondola ride in Venice or a full African safari, no other Canadian travel agency is able to fulfill your vacation desires like us. This is your opportunity to visit the places you’ve only ever dreamed of before. So if you’re looking for a little rest and relaxation, now is the time to pack your bags and start skipping across the globe. So if you’ve got your passport ready, go ahead and unlock the door to these amazing travel destinations all over the world.

Vacationing in Europe on a Budget

Organizing a European vacation? I’m relatively certain you have a destination in mind right now. Yet if you have not decided yet, ask yourself what you practically like to see, what you want to attain on this travel. A vacation is a method of entertainment and an opportunity for self-discovery. Thus, take the most out of it as well as leave no room for discouragement. And one manner to attain that is to organize carefully ahead of time. Get your date, organize your itinerary, and reserve your flights and accommodations before the time. Vacationing doesn’t imply you must spend extravagantly. If you can save on flight and hotel bookings, do so. You can book cheap hotels on the Internet or cheap flights from United Kingdom to Amsterdam, for instance, once you have the actual date identified.

When seeking for less inexpensive hotels, you do not just check out the costs and once you observe that it’s within your budget, you go for it. No. Double check if the amenities are appropriate for you, if it’s got everything you might want on your travel. If the accommodation you have in mind is a romantic bed and breakfast, make sure the room is in a secluded portion of the location or it possesses a veranda that overlooks the garden or the sea or the space is just enough and the mood of the room is romantic. If a Paris bed and breakfast that has a good view of the Eiffel Tower will suit you fine and the price is just right, go ahead then reserve it before somebody else does.

Hotels or hostels in Amsterdam might be hard to get by considering that this is a relatively little city that is flocked by vacationers all year round, most specifically on the holidays. You may want to book an accommodation a couple of months ahead. This is also applies to other affordable bed and breakfasts found in other European metropolitans that are well-favored among foreigners. Amsterdam transportation is largely controlled by trams, canal bus, and bikes. And cars are employing right-hand drive. You would want to take note of that to prevent puzzlement and injuries.

London is another common destination. Whether it is to observe the London Eye, the British Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, or to watch the finals game of your well-loved team on Wembley Stadium, you are going to require a place to stay. There are countless budget hotels in London, but discovering a vacant one during peak season could be a problem. Better secure one beforehand. You could find very affordable hotels in London that offer excellent service, and you can reserve them on the Internet ahead of time.

Going on a vacation and splurging on hotel reservations doesn’t necessarily have to go along together. If it is possible to save a little on hotel accommodations to pave the way for other activities or things that you might enjoy, as in sampling the delicious gourmet at the Four Seasons in France or that small black Chanel clothing you spotted in Oxford Street in UK. I’d gladly give up 5-star hotels in Berlin and make a cheaper Berlin hotel reservation that also contains fantastic facilities for something definitely memorable or to acquire something for my family at home. Wouldn’t you?

Cheap Weekend Break

One of the most significant aspects of vacation travel in Europe has been the recent explosion of interest in the short break vacation market. No-frills airlines have led the way to opening up cheap routes from London and regional airports to destinations all over Europe. A short weekend break in some thrilling city has now become a viable alternative to sitting home in front of the television set.

A UK survey of Britain’s vacation habits recently shows that this weekend escape plan is now worth a phenomenal £34 billion a year. People are spending an average amount of £760 a year on these short breaks, flying off to European cities, cultural festivals and sporting events.

The three-day break is most popular, with 21% of respondents taking Friday off work to fly out and 34% arriving back late Sunday evening, giving them some 55 hours away.

Edinburgh and Glasgow were some of the most popular weekend break locations in UK, while Paris, Amsterdam, Palma, Dublin, Brussels, Venice, Nice and Madrid were their most popular European weekend destinations. Other airlines have reported strong interest in Prague, Rome and Barcelona.

The key ingredients to a successful weekend break away were spending quality time with a partner, sampling local food and drink, cultural sightseeing, weather and, (for the ladies), shopping. Nightlife, perhaps unsurprisingly, was more important to the younger travelers than the more elderly.

Psychologist Dr. Aric Sigman said, “The results indicate that the British have now developed proper escape plans to counterbalance the fact that they work the longest hours in Europe. The low cost and accessibility of short haul travel now enables people to act out the growing need to be physically and geographically removed from their everyday surroundings in order to truly get away psychologically and emotionally. In fact it has been found that when it comes to dealing with stress, frequent short breaks are more effective than infrequent long holidays. What is interesting is that most people spend their weekend breaks in a low-key way involving time alone with their partner, dining and R&R as opposed to the frenetic activity and nightlife sought by previous generations.”

Whatever the reason, many UK residents are now taking advantage of rock bottom no-frills prices to spend four or more short breaks in the thrilling cities of Ireland, Scandinavia, Europe and the Mediterranean during the summer months, the German Christmas Markets and Alpine or Spanish ski slopes in winter. Visitors to the UK from North America are also taking advantage of these no-frills flight options, spicing up their vacation in England with short breaks in cities as far afield as Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague in the Czech Republic, Spain’s Barcelona and Athens in Greece.

Given the astronomical prices charged by West End restaurants where dinner for two can set you back £250 or more, it makes sense to take off for a paella to the sound of Spanish guitar in Barcelona, a spaghetti and a bottle of Bardolino under the stars at a pavement restaurant in the Piazza Santa Maria in Rome’s Trastevere, or a more expensive romantic dinner for two on a Seine bateau mouche in Paris. Before only the jeuness dore and the jet setting glitterati could afford such extravagances. But things have changed and many prefer to take a number of such fun jaunts through the year rather than undergo the hassles concomitant with organizing a long vacation.