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Ten Fun Things to do in Amsterdam

One of the most popular things to do in Amsterdam, particularly among couples of all ages, is to take a long canal cruise. Open-top canal boats as well as canal bikes, which you pedal yourself, are available for this purpose. Guided canal boats can be rented for private trips. Sunset and night-time cruises come highly recommended.

Visiting one or more of Amsterdam’s varied museums is also a popular activity. Museum lovers usually purchase a museum card for free and quick entry to a large number of museums. As a city steeped in European history, Amsterdam is home to art, history, and science museums alike. Be sure to stop in at Anne Frank’s House to catch a glimpse of the life of the girl made famous by her wartime diary.

With all of the beautiful sights to take in, such as the range of medieval and modern architecture and gorgeous canals, a walking tour or cycling tour should find a place on your Amsterdam itinerary.

Amsterdam is also famous for its coffee shops. The prevailing atmosphere is relaxed and casual. Despite the name “coffee shop,” beer and even marijuana and other types of hallucinogens can be legally purchased at these establishments. The coffee shops are viewed as places to relax and socialize.

Don’t forget to visit the flower market and take home some of Amsterdam’s signature tulip bulbs or flowering cacti. In the summertime, visitors can purchase a large variety of flowers.

The Jordaan is one of the quieter parts of Amsterdam. It is filled with restored old houses and small canals. Small shops offer art, antiques, and pottery to visitors. There are also many cosy restaurants, cafes, and bars in the area.

Clubgoers will not be left out due to the widespread availability of hot and happening nightclubs. For a live band, check out The Waterhole near Leidseplein. The area has a busy city feel to it with its flashy neon lights and takeaway restaurants. For an energy-filled night of good times and good beer, visit the Irish Pub Slainte. There’s no hip hop or techno music and no marijuana, but the spirits are high and the flamboyant bartenders keep the crowd going.

A visit to any new city wouldn’t be complete without shopping. Tourists can shop till they drop at the numerous souvenir shops, street markets, and plazas. Everything from mini souvenirs to antiques is available at a range of prices.

Visit the windmills of Amsterdam for a terrific photo opportunity. While most of them are closed to the public, Sloten Windmill allows visitors to enter and is set up for easy accessibility for those in a wheelchair. Volunteers are on hand to explain how the windmill works and on occasion a miller is available to demonstrate. Sloten Windmill is also a popular site for nuptial celebrations.

Last on the list of things to do is a trip to the Heineken brewery. When the brewery was still active, visitors were given a guided tour of the brewing process that culminated in free beer and cheese. Today, for a few Euro, visitors have their pick of two top-notch bars and receive three large beers and a gift. The renovated old brewery still has many things to see, including a glass staircase, copper vats, theater, and a music video studio.

Begin Your Vacations In Amsterdam Hotels

Europe is a small continent but with many countries. Holland is located in the North of Europe and Amsterdam is the main city of the country. Its time to explore Amsterdam.

A week is enough to discover all Amsterdam attractions. Remember, you are in a different country, follow the rules and avoid problems. For example: dont walk in bicycle lanes, dont smoke in public areas, drive your car with care, etc. Always is better to prevent than lament.

If you have questions, ask information in Amsterdam Hotels. Dont forget to change your money to Euros. It is the most common currency accepted by the European Community. Dutch is the national language of the Netherlands. If you dont speak Dutch, you should know that everybody in Amsterdam speak English, German and French.

Amsterdam has a good reputation in Europe. The city is safe and there is nothing to fear when walking in any part of the town. However, don’t leave your possessions unattended, especially if you are in bike. Bicycle theft is common in the capital. When you rent a bike, rent or buy a lock too.

Do you know what the symbol of Holland is? Probably yes. Tulips are the answer. Amsterdam has a small museum about tulips. This place is located in near to the Anne Frank House. There, youll see a fascinating multimedia presentation about the history of tulip. Tickets are cheap come and have a good time.

At night the children do not have to stay at the hotel, unless you want to visit the Red Light District. Pubs, night clubs, coffee shops are open all the night. Fortunately, Amsterdam Hotels are located in the downtown near to the Holland attractions.

Finally you should visit Ajax museum. Ajax is the most famous soccer team of the Netherlands with more international holdings.

Travel experiences: Exploring our need for out of the ordinary places

There are two things desparately conspiring to take hold of my life. One is, like all others writing on this channel, to travel anywhere, anytime, and almost anyplace. Two is debt from these travels. I don’t regret these debts at all, they just make it a bit harder to take the next trip. At least when I lean back and think of Amsterdam, I have a fairly good story to go along with that trip’s rather large debt.

I was studying and teaching in Germany one spring and wanted to visit another country before I left Europe to fly back home. I thought why not Amsterdam, I had to stop there and change planes anyway. I called to change my ticket and could only arrange to spend a day in Amsterdam. Not nearly enough time, but I thought I’d take what I could get.

I was a bit naive about Amsterdam. I had heard of ‘hash bars’, but I didn’t realize they were also known as ‘Coffee Shops’. So as I was leaving Germany a student asked if I was going to go to a coffee shop while in Amsterdam, and I am a coffee addict, so of course the answer is, “Why, yes, Timo, I believe I will be going to a coffee shop while in Amsterdam.” I didn’t understand the looks my students gave me at the time. You live, you learn. I will never misread looks like that again; the “Sweet, our teacher’s a pot head” look.

So I packed up my things bought chocolate for my family for Easter to bring back home with all of my coins that I had acquired from being in Europe, boy do they like their coins. I had no more paper money at all and just enough change to buy a couple of meals and a bus ride to the airport. Thanks to my handy dandy credit card (which is now begging me to pay it back or I will have to deal with the collections agancy), I was able to take out a cash advance to have a bit of money in Holland as well.

I got on the plane and flew the 45 min or so from Berlin. Got off the plane and decided to then look for accomodation. Didn’t realize that Amsterdam was so popular over Easter. I though people would travel some place warmer. I thought, “Well you do have your sleeping bag with you, so if worse comes to worse, there’s always the park bench.”

I had a great dinner in a brewery when I got into the city. The first meal I had had in about a week that wasn’t from a Turkish fast-food place. I decided to walk around a bit and view the canals. I found some great cafe’s, had some coffee. I also saw all of these ‘coffee shops’ littering the streets. I thought that the

Travel destinations: Amsterdam – Part 4

The cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam is without doubt Holland’s jewel in its crown, with its charming medieval architecture and vast 17th century canal system that cuts through the city street by street, with 400 bridges linking together each street packed with vibrant restaurants, bars, shops, cafe bars and museums, and with over 3 million visitors a year Amsterdam offers something for everyone.

Flying to Amsterdam is by far the quickest and easiest way to get there, with all the major airlines offering great deals all year round. With the arrival of the low cost no frills budget airlines, fairs have been known to drop to as little as 99p plus taxes (one way) on a first come first served basis, not surprising it’s a popular destination with flight times just over 1 hour from all major UK airports.

Getting into the city center from Schiphol airport is very straight forward with regular trains running round the clock and takes 20 minutes to arrive, just walk out of the arrivals door and down the escalators onto the train station (don’t forget to purchase your tickets from the kiosk before boarding the very slick double deck trains) you will need to catch a train to the city center (Centrum), on arrival into central station you walk out of the main doors into the city center, only to be greeted by the local form of transport (bicycle) they are everywhere due to the narrow streets cars struggle to fit down them, so bicycles are the better option.

Amsterdam is one of the few places in the world where the use of soft drugs is legal or rather decriminalized is probably the correct term, it is legal to smoke marijuana in coffee shops only, and is not advisable to walk round the streets puffing away, most pubs/bars don’t allow anyone to smoke marijuana at all on the premises, but as of the 1st July 2008 smoking in any public place in Holland (and including Amsterdam) is not permitted. How this will effect the tourist industry is yet to be seen.

One of the largest tourist attractions by far is the Red Light District, with the Dutch having a very liberal approach on sex, the licensed prostitutes pay their taxes, and must have regular medical checks, which allow them to work legally in designated areas in the city, and with over 5000 prostitutes majority being female of all nationalities plying there trade in windows where soft neon lights gently illuminate the narrow streets and canals, (a word of warning prostitutes don’t take to kindly to having there photo being taken) regular police patrols make sure the prostitutes stay safe, and they will not tolerate anyone abusing them, be warned.

Budget Hotel Amsterdam The Dream Destination

Amsterdam has a well-earned popularity in the entire globe. Since famous museums up to traditional coffee shops and night clubs, Amsterdam receives thousands of tourists each day. You can be one of them, dont miss the opportunity and visit the Netherlands. It would be good if before reaching Amsterdam you book a Budget Hotel Amsterdam.

A vibrant atmosphere surrounds the city of Amsterdam, especially in the Red Light District, one of the few places in the world where prostitution is legalized. Obviously, you must have at least 18 years to access these services. Remember this tip, its prohibit to carry a camera; you could have problems if you take a picture.

There are many cultural places to visit in Amsterdam such as Anne Frank House, Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk museum. Evidently, these are not the only museums in Amsterdam but they are the most important. Downtown is well visited by tourists because you can find a Budget Hotel Amsterdam in anyplace.

The architecture of Amsterdam has a very attractive contrast. Modern buildings and traditional houses are intermingling. Summer is the favorite season of the visitors because during these months Amsterdam has many cultural activities in the parks and the most important thing is that the activities are free.

If you are come from America, dont forget to change your dollars to Euros. About the language, Dutch people speak English fluid. Its not a problem. The only problem is not finding a Budget Hotel Amsterdam, take your precautions.

You can not leave Amsterdam if you dont take a tour by the canals. There is not better view of the city that travel around the canals. Hire a boat and explore this part of the town by yourself.

Have a good time and good luck.