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Discover The Dutch Culture In A Budget Hotel Amsterdam

The best way to life new experiences in the old continent is visiting Amsterdam. A lot of attractions are waiting for you. As first step, visit a Budget Hotel Amsterdam to stay in the city. A tour for the most important museums would be great to begin your exploration in Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Stedelijk Museum and Rembrandt Museum are home the best art collection of the country.

Another popular tour in the tulip’s city is a tour by the canals. With an affordable price, you can hire a boat to go through canals. If you are in group or with your couple, you also can rent a big boat to feel comfortable. At night, the tours are romantic because thousands of lights illuminate this part of Amsterdam. Fortunately, tourists can find a Budget Hotel Amsterdam close to the canals.

The Anne Frank House is another traditional place to visit in Amsterdam. This house is like a museum due its rich history. Here, Anne Frank wrote her famous daily about the German occupation during the World War II. Don’t miss the chance to visit this house and take pictures.

Cycling in Amsterdam is a cheap way to move around the city. If you like to workout, there is not anything better. Bike’s rent is very common in the country, you would find more bikes than cars and it is not a joke. Remember to rent a lock too, because the bicycles theft is frequent. Never leave a bicycle unlocked, not even for two minutes.

Holland is a country football’s fan. Its talent players play in the most recognized Europe football’s teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Arsenal, Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United, Milan, etc. Visit the Ajax’s stadium in Amsterdam and don’t forget to book a room in your Budget Hotel Amsterdam.

Budget Hotels Amsterdam, Perfect Lodgings

You are in Amsterdam, first than nothing; you must change your money to Euros. The official Netherlands currency is the Euro, don’t forget that. You can also exchange currency at the airport. Then, you will need a good hotel and there is not anything better than Budget Hotels Amsterdam, book a room in one of them. If you do these basic steps, it is time to explore the city.

Anne Frank house is a historic place in Amsterdam. Here, the popular Anne Frank wrote her renowned dairy during the World War II. She and her family lived hard months during the German occupation in Netherlands. If you have the chance to buy her book, buy it and you will appreciate this house much more. The house is located in the downtown, in the same place of the Budget Hotels Amsterdam.

Summer is the best season for visiting Amsterdam. Thousands of visitors explore the city with their bikes. Remember that Dutch people use this kind of vehicle even more than cars or another kind of transport. Usually, tourists also hire bicycles when they arrive to the town. It is a healthy habit that other cities and countries should imitate. If you ride bike during one hour you will have a good physical condition.

Walking in Amsterdam is another pleasant activity to discover the city. But, you will need a map; you can get one in any Budget Hotels Amsterdam. Bloemenmarkt Flower Market is the unique floating market in Netherlands where you can find a diversity of flowers and plants. The specialty is no doubt, the tulip. It is the national flower, recognized in the entire world.

Dutch have many habits that identified them. Visit Amsterdam and share experience with local people. Welcome to the Netherlands.

Holland Travel – Amsterdam, Van Gogh, Anne Frank

Holland certainly has a reputation with travelers. Known for having a very liberal attitude on social issues such as prostitution and drugs, the reputation is not always deserved. Yes, marijuana and prostitution is legal, but there is so much more to the country. Many look at Amsterdam as Holland, but visitors know there is much more. If you desire to travel to Holland, also known as the Netherlands, don’t miss these attractions.


Simply put, Amsterdam has something for everyone. The city is an incredibly beautiful collection of old world European architecture elegantly partitioned by canals. In truth, the city is built on roughly 90 small islands, although you can hardly tell. Transportation is best undertaken on foot or by bicycle. With a cool climate, you’ll barely break a sweat.

Contrary to popular opinion, Amsterdam is not just a city of liberal policies. Yes, coffee bars sell things other then just coffee. Yes, there are women in windows that are awfully friendly. Still, there is so much more to experience in the city.

Van Gogh Museum

The Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh houses the world’s largest collection of the work of Vincent van Gogh. From his early work, the museum contains 700 artistic works and 850 letters. After moving to Paris in 1886, van Gogh entered an impressionist period, of which the museum contains a large collection. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the collection is the organization. The entire collection is arranged chronologically from the first to last work. As you walk, you can clearly see the evolution of this master’s skill.

Anne Frank House

Who hasn’t read the intense diary of Anne Frank? Hiding from the Nazis, she and her family lived in an annexed section of an apartment in Amsterdam for two years. In 1957, the house was donated to the Anne Frank Foundation and turned into a museum. A visit will send chills through your spine. The museum contains films, the annexed area and the original notes of Anne Frank. A must see for anyone traveling to Amsterdam.

Beyond Amsterdam

For those needing a break from Amsterdam, there is much to be seen in Holland. If you are looking for a color explosion, consider taking the bulb cycling tour out of Noordwijk. Windmills your thing? Head to the De Zaan district to see them in action. Prefer to spend a night in a castle? Try the Castle Hotel Engelenburg, which even lets you ruin a good walk by playing golf.

Travel to Holland and you won’t regret it. Whether you want to “investigate” the countries liberal policies or simply bike through fields of tulips, Holland will satisfy.

Fantastic Vacations In A Cheap Hotel Amsterdam

Tired of the same routine! Amsterdam is a completely different city in Europe. Dutch are very tolerant in comparison with other people in the old continent. Remember to book a room in a cheap hotel Amsterdam. Youll save money with this decision.

About transportation, something that will surprise you in Amsterdam is the popularity of bicycles. Dutch have far more bicycles than automobiles. Here, its the most efficient way to get around the city, and its a good exercise too! When you visit the town, dont forget to hire one but with a lock. Unfortunately the most common crime in Holland is bike theft. Take your precautions.

Amsterdam has more than 300 coffee shops, so it’s difficult to decide which ones to visit. For more information, you should ask people of the coffee shops zone.

In many places you can find a cheap hotel Amsterdam with all the service that you need.

A good place to know is the Anne Frank House, where she wrote her famous book, the dairy of Anne Frank. If you have the opportunity, you should buy this book. It would be an excellent gift.

Amsterdam is a historic capital that is an amazing destination containing more than 6,000 momentous buildings, colonial houses, restaurants, shopping malls, markets, museums, gardens, cafs, bars and nightclubs. There isnt way to feel bored in this city. But the question here is, where do I begin my exploration? The answer is easy, after you leave your luggage in your cheap hotel Amsterdam, visit the places that are near to your hotel. Amsterdam is a small city, dont worry for that.

If you want to see something different, visit the Amsterdam Sex Museum. It has the large global collection of historic erotic pictures, pornographic artistry, paintings, objects and sculptures of the city.

With a couple days more, you can discover Amsterdam attractions, enjoying each moment. Give you a chance and visit the Netherlands.

Budget Hotels Amsterdam Good Places To Stay

Visit Amsterdam is a magic experience; youll never regret this decision. A popular activity is taking a canal cruise. Teenagers, adults and old people visit the canals during all the year because the view is terrific at night. You should hire an individual boat and explore the canals.

Fortunately the train service in Amsterdam is very good. All the schedules are accurate and the tickets are cheap. A map of the town would be very useful; maybe you can find one in Budget Hotels Amsterdam.

Ajax is the soccer team of the capital. Ajax has the largest number of championships won in Holland. Famous players like Johan Cruyff, Edgar Davis, Van Basten and Clarence Seedorf played in this team years ago. Unfortunately for Ajax, its rival, PSV Eindhoven won the last four championships. You should visit the Ajax Stadium; it has a small museum inside it.

If you want something natural, you ought to visit the Vondelpark. It is the most famous and big park in Amsterdam. A wide variety of activities are undertaken within the park, especially during the summer and spring. Remember to book a room in any Budget Hotels Amsterdam to stay in the city.

Another traditional place in Amsterdam is Anne Frank House. During the world war II Anne Frank was hiding in the attic where she wrote The Diary of Anne Frank. Today her house is a museum that receives many visitors every day.

Perhaps the only bad thing in Amsterdam is the food. It doesnt have too much variety. Dutch people prefer to eat foreign food, especially Chinese food but you should not worry about meals, Budget Hotels Amsterdam can offer to you a complete menu to cheap price. Dont forget to buy souvenirs.

Amsterdam Hotels-low Cost Hotel in Amsterdam

Welcome to the horizon of stunning scenic beauties! Welcome to the world of grand architectures! Welcome to the land of fantastic entertainment avenues! No need to think twice. It is none other than Amsterdam. A place which is full of thrill, excitement and opportunities to explore diverse things! A capital city that deserves this status!

A destination with a host of wonderful surprises in its bags! Worried about accommodation? Not an issue. Amsterdam hotels are at your disposal to make everything easy for you.

If you like biking, it is somewhere you must come to for a fulfilling day of enjoyment, exploration and adventure. Come out of your hotel and rent a bike and start for the adventurous journey of Amsterdam to explore the beauty of the city. Or you can make it on foot too. Exciting, isn’t it? Only a few strides in any direction from your hotels get you to your favorite spot. Benefit the most strategic location and unparalleled amenities at the Amsterdam hotels. View the stunning ambience of the city through the window of your room. Avail the superb room services and experience both internal and external grandeur of the hotel. World class amenities await you at each of the hotels.

Continue your celebration in the nicely decorated city, studded with canals and bridges. A city with that asks you to explore it on bile or foot. Visit the Anne Frank House, see the masterpieces at the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum and shop the Waterlloplein flea market. Measure a small distance to the flower market. Amsterdam Hotels render you all such opportunities that enhance the beauty of your travelogue. Courteous staff, superb hospitality and on affordable ranges greets you as soon as you land in the city. Satisfy your palate with mouth watering dishes at fabulous restaurants both inside and outside the premises of the hotels. Come to know some of the most reputed names like, seven Bridges Hotel, Banks Mansion, Black Tulip, Amsterdam Escape and many more……..