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How to Book Cheap Flights to Europe

Run away from all the chains that follow you and bind you to responsibilities and burdens. Make way for a wonderful and heart melting trip to Europe. Places like Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, London, Paris, Prague, Stockholm and Vienna, are amongst few places that come to one’s mind thinking of Europe. Who has the caliber to resist all these overwhelming and beautiful cities! Walk out of your comfort zone only to enter another paradisiacal world- Europe.

Keep all worries regarding air fares and flights at bay as many travel sites are working really hard to make your trip as economical as you would have ever imagined. You are lucky enough to make use of the technology at hand and get set to enter the vicinity of these beautiful cities. These travel sites will arrange for you various flying options and air fare packages. With a flight to Europe from almost all major cities all around the world, traveling becomes a cake walk.

With some of the best packages and the most economical deals on your palate, it becomes much easier for you to pick the one that suits you. It offers you an option to see all discounts and offers given for the travelers by various airlines in a single go which makes you better equipped to decide. Click your way to that dream trip as your computer does all the necessary work for you. By following some easy steps as indicated on such sites, you can navigate to the desired options. It not only books for you the air tickets, but also manages hotel accommodations, currency changes, sight seeing and transportation and many such things which will make your trip a long and relaxing venture.

If it is only the fear of wasting your hard earned money and time that is compelling you to delay this much awaited trip, you have struck jackpot which should not be left. All these cities offer the vibrant colors of their culture. Where Amsterdam offers a peaceful retreat, Berlin attracts you for its lifestyle; where Paris lulls you for its fashion, London calls you for that perfect royal treatment that it offers you; Prague flaunts its customs, and Rome is all set to mesmerize you with its beauty. It takes much more than worrying about money to delay all such beautiful feelings that nature has to offer you.

Indulge yourself in the most stunning possessions that world has to offer, and give that perfect holiday as a gift to your loved ones. If business is what calls you there, don’t worry! East travel options are available for you too. Choose the option that suits your requirements and be sure that the travel managers will make your trip nothing less than the best.

Travel smart and get the comprehensive information about all the cities in advance. Plan your travel according to the season you love the most and give a chance to the websites to guide you through the travel high tides unscathed. Travel safe, fly high!

Best cities in the world

Do not let the XXX scare you when you see the Amsterdam flag. Yes it is one of the biggest, most notorious cities for legal prostitution and consumption of marijuana, but Amsterdam is also known as a city rich with history and culture. Please, I beg you; reconsider the other side of Amsterdam.

For a cheap hostel I suggest The Flying Pig (located down at the beach and on Leidsplein St.) They have multiple accommodationssingle rooms, double rooms, even squeezing in a remarkable eight beds in one room. However, the more isolated you want to be, the pricier it becomes. I suggest getting a bed in an eight person room, that way you can meet other travelers and see what brings them to Amsterdam. One of the important aspects of traveling is meeting other people.

I understand Amsterdam’s reputation, but it holds a much better place in my heart. I have spent many a nice afternoon sitting in Vondel Park (runs parallel to Leidsplein) and watching the numerous cyclists speed down the pathways. There usually is a hotdog vendor that isn’t too far off from the most eastern exit of the park. They are served in a delicious, warm bun that is softer than a normal bunexquisite for a snack. Sometimes they have small concerts set up by local artists in the park. They are free to sit down and watch the musicians play. As well, along the northern edge of the park there is a caf where people can sit outside and enjoy the weather with an espresso or caf latte. The deserts are magnificent and if you are willing to splurge, I suggest you stop in and have a bite of cheesecake.

There are a few key spots that you must visit while in Amsterdam. First Madame Tussaud’s in Dam Square: a wax museum that exhibits sculptures of famous people. It is a world famous museum that has other locations, like in London. Also in Dam Square, if you are looking for a cheap hotel (not a hostel) you should try Hotel Doria. They have quality rooms for reasonable rates, however, the rooms are not what make this hotel so great, the location does. Check them out for booking info:http://www.intris.nl/hote ldoria/

Another stop is the Van Gogh Museum. It is four levels of nothing but Van Gogh art, including the infamous “Starry Night.” The cost of admission is rather hefty if you are traveling on a budget, however, if you can afford it, I recommend it highly.

One of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets: the zoo. If you are staying at either the Flying

How to Find Cheap Flights to Europe

So you want to visit Europe. Well you do not have to spend a fortune on your dream vacation. Flying to Europe can be as inexpensive as flying almost anywhere else if you keep a few tips in mind.

First of all if the time of year is not important to you, try and pick a time that is more off season. You will find flights to Europe much cheaper during the winter months than you will during the summer. If you are concerned about sight seeing during this time don’t. There is actually more to do there during the fall and winter than there is during the summer with all of the wine festivals, and the skiing and so on.

The first stop should always be your local travel agent when you are looking for good cheap flights to Europe. These travel agents work pretty much the same way as the internet travel sites. However your local travel agent can personalize your flight more to your liking. Make sure to compare prices at all of your big travel websites such as Travelocity and Orbitz. You will find that their discounts will usually be much cheaper than what you can get on your own. Remember to have all of your information such as dates and numbers ready so that you can fill in the forms. If you are a student, check with the airlines and see if they have any special student discounts. Almost every city that has a large college will have agencies that are set up just to handle special student discounts. If you are planning on traveling with a group, make sure you ask about group discounts. Most airlines will give group discounts, however, they aren’t going to offer these cheaper prices unless you ask for them.

Another way to get cheap flights to Europe is get with a chartered flight. Now most chartered flights will offer the full package. You will get a hotel, meals, sight seeing trips and more. But, if you are only interested in the flight, they will usually discount the package and you will end up with a cheap flight. You can find these charter agencies in most any city in the world.

When planning your trip look for cheaper flights into other cities or even countries. Traveling within Europe is very inexpensive by train. So if you find, for instance, that it is much cheaper to fly into Amsterdam that to Frankfurt and your final destination is going to be Frankfurt, you can save hundreds of dollars taking the train the rest of the way. Not only will this save you a lot of money, but it will also make the trip a lot more fun. Riding the trains in Europe is not like riding them in the U.S. You will meet some very interesting people and have a great time in the process.

So as you can see, getting cheap flights to Europe is not a difficult task at all. All it takes is a little bit of research and planning.

Tips for booking a flight online

If anyone knows about getting a cheap flight deal, it’s me. I am the deal sleuth – the go-to person for anyone around me who plans any travels. I am the master at stretching travel dollars the furthest. But mastering the art of cheap online bookings is not difficult. Anyone can do it. It is simply a matter of knowing where to look in the increasing link pool that is the internet.

First off, everyone has to realize that they are not the first to seek a great deal. Others have come before them, and many deals have been devised to do just that.

The first amazing deal is the RTW ticket – fares start from as low as a $1000 (US). Know to inquire about them, or search for them on booking sites. Essentially, RTW tickets are a tool that allows airlines to network together and pool passengers, and in the process better fill their seats. After all, every filled seat means more revenue, even if it is offered at a discount. These tickets are win-win for both the passenger and the airline, not to mention a phenomenal bargain for long-haul flights. After all, RTW stands for “Round the World,” essentially a round-trip with as many stops as you want along the way. Thus, while many extended-term travelers or “backpackers” use these tickets, they are not the only ones who can benefit from them. They are great for anyone who might want to factor included stopovers into the flight route, to break up what would otherwise be a long-haul flight. A series of shorter flights can include great sight-seeing opportunities. One important note is that RTW tickets generally only work for people who have a minimum of 10 days for their travels. RTW flights are very flexible though -times/dates can be changed along the way and the tickets are valid for a full year.

The two main RTW airline alliances are One World and Star Alliance (www.staralliance.com). Airtreks.com is currently advertising a RTW route starting at $799US plus taxes. This fare route is: New York – Reykjavik – London – Amsterdam – Prague – Rome – Munich – Paris – New York. So it is a great way to fly to many European cities with one great fare. While it would be a rushed two weeks, if one is limited for time, it would a great European sampler nonetheless, and not much more than a direct single flight to any given European city. Imagine spending a day each in Reykjavik, London, Amsterdam, Prague, Rome, and Munich en route to a main destination of Paris. As long as one has 10 days, so many world sightseeing opportunities

Flights to Galway Â? Fly into the West!

Galway airport was officially opened in 1987 and this year (2008), it celebrates its 21st Birthday. In the last 21 years it has serviced the West of Ireland very well and has doubled its number of passengers. On the 8th of October last year Galway Airport welcomed customer number ?2 million? to its terminal. At the moment Aer Arann is Galway Airport?s only airline.

Unfortunately there’s very little public transport available to and from Galway Airport with just a bus service operating once a day from the city centre. There is however an excellent taxi available at the airport.

A very large number of Irish, British and European destinations are serviced by Galway Airport. New destinations were announced this year in January for the following locations; Amsterdam – Schiphol, Bordeaux, Malaga and Faro. Galway Airport provides the business traveller and community with very important access to “Hub” airports including Dublin, Manchester, London Luton and the latest, Amsterdam Schiphol. Galway Airport also provides a daily and weekly schedule for locations in Ireland and the UK.

Galway Airport does not have the facilities or the runway to attract the larger aircrafts used by the many budget airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair. It has however recently acquired new routes from Aer Arann with very competitive rates.

Aer Arann took to the skies in 1970, its aim was to provide transportation to 1,000 islanders on Inishmore, a little island off the West coast of Ireland. Over the years Aer Arann certainly has done that and expanded to the airline that it is today. In the 1980?s it commenced a service from Galway to Dublin and the many other routes that operate today followed. Aer Arann operates over 600 flights per week and to destinations both national and international and is an extremely popular and customer service oriented airline. It has received numerous awards including The ISO 9000 Quality Award, and Aer Arann received “The Palme D?Or European Regional Airline Award” recently for Excellence in Customer Services. Aer Arann state that they have no hidden extras and offer the following:

No baggage charges for bags under 15kgs.
No check-in fees.
Lowest check-in time in Ireland – 30 minutes on most routes!
No more paper ? Free SMS Itineraries sent to your mobile phone.
Allocated seating ? no scrums to get your seat!
Complimentary newspaper onboard every flight.
Fly direct to where you want.
Service with a smile.

Galway Airport operates a service to and from the following destinations, via Aer Arann, both national and international:

London Luton
Belfast City
Amsterdam Schiphol

The past, present and the future of both tourism and general industry in the West of Ireland depends greatly on Galway Airport, and whether you’re visiting on business or pleasure you are assured an excellent standard of service when you arrive or depart at Galway Airport.

Whatever takes you to Ireland West, the stunning views and rugged hills of Connemara, the breathtaking Atlantic views or the colourful and vibrant Galway city, you won’t be disappointed. Galway city, also known as the ‘City of the Tribes’ is famous for its cobbled streets, wonderful little restaurants and cafés, excellent shopping, friendly people and top class accommodation.

Mairead Foley writes for the Ireland travel and accommodation website http://www.GoIreland.com

Visit GoIreland for all you need to know before visiting Galway and Ireland, like what to see and where to go. You can also view B&Bs, guesthouses, self catering and hotels all over Ireland as well as Galway hotels.

Finding the Cheapest Flights

Finding cheap flights when traveling is always an adventure. I have found a couple techniques work well for me. I recently booked tickets from Calgary to Moscow and I will show you the comparison of prices using the techniques there.

I personally use Expedia, Travelocity, EasyJet (Europe), the individual airline websites, and travel agents when trying to find the cheapest arrangements. You might know of other resources to try as well.

Local Tour Agents
I usually get together a rough itinerary for a travel agent and then email a number of the tour shops around my city. They should get back to you with quotes. If they do not get back to you soon, they don’t want your business.

Go Online
Next it is time for online research. This is where I almost always find the cheapest flights. Go to one of the sites I listed above or another one you have heard of.

Type in Your Start and End Destination
This is the worst thing you can do, but it is the easiest and will show you the worst price you are looking at. For Calgary (YYC) to Moscow (SVO) on July 10 2007, the cheapest quote on Expedia was $1,837. It was for Air Canada and Aeroflot-Russian Airlines.

Why is this so expensive? Expedia is going to book you all on one ticket. I am not certain, but I think this can only be done through associated airlines. There are a couple positives to this.

  1. If there are cancellations or other problems, they will make sure you get to your end point regardless. They airline you are on and the airline you will be connecting on will know your flight status and can sometimes even make arrangements for you before you land.
  2. You do not have to pick up your checked luggage and re-check it in.

If you even want a bigger scare, do a round trip or multiple destination trip with your "going there flight" and your "coming home flight". My wife and I were going Calgary, Canada to Moscow, Russia and then Beijing, China to Calgary, Calgary. The tickets are over $3,200 now and were over $5,000 when we first looked a month ago.

Note: I am showing one way trips because of the nature of my trip. Try round trips on the online sites if that suits your needs. Then try each way of your round trip separately. Why? If there is more than 8 hours between your stopover or you will already be retrieving your checked luggage, there is no advantage to being on the same ticket. So booking a return ticket with the same company makes absolutely no sense unless it is cheaper. Find the cheapest round trip and then find the cheapest one way in each direction.

Break up the Flights Using Connection Cities
There are a million possibilities here, but you can start guessing based on your own knowledge of geography or by the stopovers you see in the previous list of "more expensive" flights.

Pick cities to go to that are large and will have large airports with a lot of flights to choose from. I usually look at London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Houston, Toronto, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Seoul, Tokyo, and Copenhagen (just for my Russia trip).

You will not have your flights on the same ticket so keep that in mind. This means you must retrieve your checked luggage and re-check it in. They will not compensate you for your missed connector necessarily (they will on flights all on the same ticket). I like to have at least 3 hours between international flights if possible.

I already did this for myself so I am going to use the cheapest flights I found. I typed in Calgary (YYC) to London (LGW). I found a flight leaving the evening of July 10th, 2007 for $588 including taxes with Air Transat. It arrives the next morning and there is a flight 3 hours later going from London (LGW) to Amsterdam (AMS) with EasyJet for $59 including all taxes and fees. You arrive at 3:20PM, see a bit of Amsterdam, and stay the night in a hotel. The next day there is a flight from Amsterdam (AMS) to Moscow (SVO) for $259 including taxes.

Result: Now it takes me longer and I have to stay in Amsterdam for a night. They total cost is $906 all taxes included. This is half the price of our original quote with Expedia. You are taking an extra day, but saving over $900 per person. I think that is worth the hassle really.

Go Back to the Travel Agents
No doubt, the travel agent will have quoted higher than this. Go back to them with your number and get their opinion. They might think the stopover is to short or something else. They should match it and try to get it all on the same ticket for you. If they cannot, no biggie, just try and get them to match. Then you will have a travel agency that can help you if have any more problems.

A good one to try in Canada is Flight Centre. These guys will price match and then give a $10 discount per person for you. For a family of 4 that will give you $40 back on your trip to use for something else. Another one I have used it Travel Cuts

There is an order to which I have found the cheapest flights. I will list them from the most expensive to cheapest. I am using my recent flight purchase example. I needed to fly from Calgary to Moscow and from Beijing to Vancouver.

  1. Book a complete round trip online using only your starting and end destinations. This would be a round trip or using the multi-destination feature. i.e. Multi-destination flight of Calgary to Moscow and then Beijing to Vancouver. Both flights on the same ticket.
  2. Book each part of the one-way online using just the start and end destinations. i.e. One ticket with Calgary to Moscow. One ticket from Beijing to Vancouver. This is the most expensive of the "no hassles" option. There is no reason for me to have both sections of my flights on the same ticket because they are almost a month apart and I will be retrieving my checked luggage.
  3. Book through a travel agent. They will be doing number 2 on their own, but have better resources to look.
  4. Book individual one ways flights on separate tickets through connection cities to your final destination. i.e. Ticket from Calgary to London, ticket from London to Amsterdam, ticket from Amsterdam to Moscow, ticket from Beijing to Vancouver.
  5. There are lot of other possibilities out there. If you know of other good techniques and good websites, post a comment and I will give you a link back.


How to Use Bucket Shop Airfares: Very Carefully

Bucket shops, or “travel consolidators,” are travel agencies who have arrangements with specific airlines to sell international tickets for considerably less than the airline’s published fares.

You can indeed save money on bucket shop fares, and experience a completely successful trip abroad. However, this segment of the travel industry contains enough landmines that you should use bucket shops only if you follow the tips given in this article.

Although financially secure vendors like Priceline may match or exceed bucket shop international discounts, and provide you with a more comfortable purchasing experience, the bucket shop option is still worth exploring. Their tickets often permit you to change your destination or dates for a fee, which Priceline “Name your own price” tickets, for example, never allow.

But, study these guidelines and proceed with caution!

How to find a reputable bucket shop:

You may see ads for bucket shop airfares in major newspapers and on the Internet. However, even though the newspaper or website may have a good reputation, the bucket shop which advertises there could be at best, disorganized, and at worst, downright dishonest.

Over the years, I have heard many tales of fly-by-night, shady bucket shops (and have had run-ins with several myself), and so I use these only if I have a solid recommendation from:

• a friend who has used the same bucket shop over time,

• a report from the Better Business Bureau, or

• an article in a respected travel journal, such as Frommer’s Budget Travel.

One of the best sources for a reliable bucket shop referral is a friend from the same ethnic group as your destination. If it’s comfortable, ask your friend to obtain the price quotation. On many routes, travelers whose families originally came from the destination country get the lowest quotes.

A Cautionary Tale: Follow these tips before using bucket shops:

• If you are reside in the U.S., just use American bucket shops. It could be very difficult to pursue a transaction that turned sour if you use a foreign travel consolidator.

• Shops tend to specialize in specific countries. The one you use for Australia is not necessarily the one you want to use for Kenya.

• Bucket shop discounts excel at Asian, Australian, Middle Eastern, eastern European, and African destinations. Discounts are less competitive to western European cities, such as Amsterdam and Paris, because airlines frequently publish specials to these destinations.

• Realize that bucket shop advice may often be biased. Airlines that give bucket shops special deals expect them to push business their way. A bucket shop may not tell you if another shop sells a cheaper or more convenient itinerary.

• Request that quoted fares include all taxes and fees. Extra fees can be a way for a sketchy bucket shop to amp up the price considerably. So get the total price before making a reservation.

• Savings tend to be greatest when you deal with a company that writes its own tickets, instead of an agency that orders tickets from somewhere else. Confirm this with the agency. A good question is, “Can I pick up my ticket today?”

• Pay with a credit card. If the bucket shop turns out to be a scam, you may be able to stop payment with a credit card, but you can’t with cash.

• Ask to have their rules for canceling or changing flights in writing. These can be emailed or faxed to you if you cannot get to their office. Some bucket shop tickets may allow you to change flights and dates, others may not. Also, fees for changes may vary considerably.

• Try to buy travel on one airline (or its partners), with as few connections as possible. Any time you increase your number of connections or airlines, you increase your risk of complications, especially if you’re traveling with separate tickets for each airline.

Suppose you’re flying to Delhi via Moscow on separate airlines. If you miss your Delhi flight because the Moscow flight was late, the Delhi airline in Moscow may tell you it’s not responsible for re-booking fees, a hotel overnight, etc.

• In addition, bucket shop tickets are often marked “non-endorsable.” This means that if you miss a connection, you can’t be rerouted on another airline. On top of that, you may not have the visa required to leave the airport terminal if you have to wait a day or two. So it’s always best to fly with as few connections and airlines as possible.

• If possible, pick up your ticket at the bucket shop, instead of having it sent to you, so that you can examine it carefully before leaving the store. Make sure that you have coupons for each flight, correct dates, etc.

Have I scared you off?

Some bucket shops are reputable and some are not. I am not promoting them, nor am I saying to stay completely clear. I just want you to be armed with the best strategies for protecting yourself and setting up a comfortable trip when you find a reputable one. (And, remember – the best source is a trusted friend who has used the same bucket shop many times.)

Let’s say better safe than sorry, rather than better save than sorry!

Tips for Affordable Last Minute Travel

Many times, people have to travel places without having suitable planning and flight bookings. The last minute traveling has become frequent in recent times, as life is getting faster, both at the personal and the professional ends. People have to visit places in cases such as, an emergency visit that may be official or personal, or a change in honeymoon planning etc. However, the advancements in Internet have brought a revolution in the lifestyles of people, as one can shop from home and that too at the best available prices. Internet has also enabled advance booking of tickets for flights and rooms in hotels. The technology is a great aid, especially to people, who need to get flight tickets at the last moment, and that too without the help of bugging travel agents. Many websites are also providing last minute services, which include, booking hotel rooms, if needed, along with, flight tickets. These websites take customer online requests, process these requests through their links with various airlines, and hotels, and search for suitable options, which have not been filled to the capacity. These various alternatives so found are then offered to customers, who may choose accordingly, while making payments through their credit cards.

Travelers can look out for both luxury flights and cheap flights, and in the same manner for accommodation, in a faster and efficient way. Web portals are providing customers with bookings in Flights to Amsterdam, Las Vegas, New York, and other such prominent destinations, along with low profile places. However, travelers need to be aware of various hidden costs associated with a deal. Also, one has to be careful while making choices, as these are final in most cases, and the deals are non-refundable. Along with this, credit cards should be used carefully, and personal details should not be disclosed in any manner.

Travel destinations: Amsterdam – Part 6

Amsterdam. Home of Dutch pancakes, little wooden shoes and tulips. While this is true, Amsterdam is home to so much more, including remarkable history, friendly people and distinct culture.

My visit to Amsterdam last summer was my first. Although my husband had been there once before, while back-packing Europe with friends, this was a decidedly different experience for him.

On the drive from the airport, I immediately was charmed by the gorgeous tree-lined canals and stunning old-world architecture. We arrived at our hotel near the Flower Market and were wowed by the view our balcony afforded us. Eager to see as much as we could in our brief, two-day stay, we headed out to explore the city.

We decided to make good use of the remaining daylight hours with a brief jaunt through the city’s famed Red Light District. It was brief, because the District was not a place I wanted to hang around for too long. But during the day, it was as quaint and unassuming as the rest of the neighborhoods, with the exception of the scantily clad females sitting in the windows of the beautiful facades, beckoning to the onlookers below.

I decided I had seen enough, so we wandered back through the maze of streets and canals, which were surprisingly easy to maneuver on foot. That is, except for the adept local cyclists zooming in and out of traffic, a true nightmare for slow-moving pedestrian tourists. A quick ring of the bell on the handlebar usually did not afford you much time to react before a cyclist would fly by in a flash. Blink and you may miss them. Step the wrong way and you may never forget them.

To round out our first day, we strolled around Dam Square, considered to be the city’s center, took in the smells at the floating Flower Market, and shopped for souvenirs. While we passed on the wooden shoes, we did purchase another popular item that we thought symbolized the city: miniature houses that are actual replicas of the beautiful, restored facades lining the canals. The hand-painted replicas are of houses, businesses and Amsterdam landmarks, each numbered on the bottom according to the street address it represents.

We also purchased Delftware, the classic blue-and-white pottery made in Delft, a town just a few hours from Amsterdam. There were many stores specializing in this signature item, carrying pieces ranging from expensive antique Delftware to modern, less expensive styles.

While shopping, we asked a storekeeper for a dinner recommendation.

Kenya Airways flights: the pride of African airlines

Kenya Airways flights: the pride of African airlines

In the next 10-20 years, Kenya Airways aims to grow into a decidedly dominant carrier in Africa with a notable presence in Asia, Europe and the America’s while operating a modern fleet of new airplanes. Kenya Airways was on pace to become a world-class network airline by 2005.

Kenya Airways growing fleet

Despite the downturn in the aviation industry caused by events in 2001, the last three years have been a period of continued growth and innovation for Kenya Airways.

The airline began its growth spurt with delivery of its first Boeing 767-300ER followed by 2 additional 767s in June and July of 2001. In 2002, the carrier renewed its regional fleet with the addition of four new 737-700s, making Kenya Airways the first airline in Sub-Saharan Africa to operate 737-700 with blended winglets, retiring its last A310.

The Boeing 777s specs

The 777 is the most technologically advanced airplane in the world and is available in 5 models: the 777-200, a 777-200ER (extended range), a larger 777-300 as well as two as two longer ranger models, the 777-200LR and the 777-300ER. The 777s seat from 301 up to 368 passengers in a three-class configuration with a range of 5,210 nautical miles (9,649 km) in the 777-200 to 9,280 nautical miles (16,983km) for the 777-200lr (longer range).

The growth of Kenya Airways

As Africa passenger traffic growth to Kenya continues, so does the need for airplanes that offer more range, carry more passengers and that offer an improved level of comfort.

Kenya Airways is naturally following the growth path of many other long-haul carriers in the industry by improving its regional and international routes. Passenger demand is creating the need for more frequency and point-to-point routes to and from Kenya. With its new 767-300ERs and the recently acquired 777-200ER, Kenya Airways is improving its long-haul route networks from Nairobi to London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Kenya Airways Partnerships

Kenya Airways has grown its partnership with KLM, Northwest AIRLINES, Precision Airlines, East African Airlines and Air Malawi, giving passengers a choice of destinations in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Not only are these partnerships beneficial to the passengers, the relationships also connect Kenya Airways to many global distribution networks that benefit its daily business operations. Kenya Airways continues to expand its horizons with partnerships and extending its route networks with the addition of new Boeing 777.

The U.S Awards for the 777 jetliner

On May 30, 1995, the 777 became the first airplane in aviation history to earn U.S Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to fly 180-minute extended range twin engine operations (ETOPS) at service entry. On May 4, 1998, the 777-300 achieved another historic milestone by becoming the first commercial airplane to receive type certification and 180-minute ETOPS approval on the same day.

The new distinct look of Premier Class

Kenya Airways new Premier Class flat bed seats are giving passengers more comfort on long haul routes. It also includes large overhead compartments to provide passengers with increased stowage capacity. Out bound as well as centre stowage units are designed to open downward for convenient loading. When closed, they allow ample overhead clearance.

In-flight Service system

For improved more efficient in-flight service, Kenya Airways 777s are equipped with an advanced cabin management system. Linked to a computerized control console, the cabin management system assists cabin crews with many tasks and allows airlines to provide new services for passengers, including a digital sound system comparable to the most state of the art home stereo or disc players.

The 777 Awards

The industrial Design Excellence award was awarded to the passenger cabin of the new Boeing 777 jetliner, the first time the industrial Designers Society of America honored an airplane interior.

A world-wide survey of passengers flying long-range routes in first, business and economy classes revealed an overwhelming preference for the 777. The survey found that more than three out of four passengers who had flown aboard both the 777 and the airbus A330/340 airplanes preferred the Boeing 777.

The airline of the Year… i.e. 4 years in a row

Over the last three years, Kenya Airways was awarded the airline of the year by the African Aviation, Africa’s leading industry journal for its continuous improvements of its products and services and upholding the highest safety standards of its products.

Kenya Airways is the flag carrier of the republic of Kenya operating scheduled regional and international passenger, cargo and mail services from Nairobi to Europe, India, Asia and the Middle East.