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Magic Vacations In Budget Hotels Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city very tolerant, Dutch people have open mind. Amsterdam is a European capital different from the other, discover it, alone or with your friends but dont lose the opportunity. Remember to book a Budget Hotels Amsterdam before you arrive to the town.

The best season to visit the Netherlands is in summer; during the spring, Amsterdam receives many visitors too. If you prefer to visit the city in winter, take your precautions because the temperature low up to 0C.

Perhaps you are a soccer fan. Holland has famous soccer clubs such as Ajax, PSV Eindhoven, Feyenord, AZ Alkmaar, Sparta Rotterdam, SBV Excelsior, etc. Ajax is the club of the capital. It was the only soccer team that won the Champion League (1971-1973). Johan Cruif was the most popular player of Ajax and Holland.

Dutch is the native language and the currency is the Euro, dont forget these important tips. If you dont speak Dutch, doesnt matter, lots of people speak English, German and French. A map will be very useful, if you want to discover the entire city. Ask for one in Budget Hotels Amsterdam.

Food in Amsterdam is not so good, Dutch people and visitors prefer to eat foreign food, especially Chinese and Thailand food. After eat, you can go to shopping and buy some souvenirs to your relatives or friends. Take your precautions and dont spend all your money in the Red Light District.

Canals are part of the Holland culture. It is a perfect place to visit in couple. Rent a boat and explore canals.

Things To Do In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous as one of the greenest cities in Europe. Parks are quite relaxing and are also a source of great entertainment here. Greenery of parks gives a fresh feeling and refreshes the mind of a person from the busy life. Different parks have different source of amusement. In addition to these many parks are featured with large variety of trees and flowers, sports facility, water features paths for cyclists and many more. Another tourist attraction spot of Amsterdam are its museums. Amsterdam is well known as the home of a number of varieties of museums. More than 40 museums present here reflect the cultural diversity of the city. A wide range of European art collection could be observed here. To visit the sightseeing it is quite easy to travel on foot as most of the museums lies close to each other. Another way is to use the Canal Cruises or Museum Boats. Water taxis, trams or ubiquitous bicycle could also prove to be helpful for long excursion. Churches in Amsterdam are the beauty of the city. They are the unique examples of various architectural styles and patterns. Amsterdam is a place well known for its market besides its natural beauty. Thus it is famous as ‘Shopper’s paradise’. The markets have their own pleasing impression and attractiveness. One can easily purchase a variety of product from this place, whether it’s antique items, second hand clothing, fruits, vegetables or some biological products. The best part of the place is that most of the shopping centers lie nearby at walking distance from Dam Square so it’s quite easy to visit the market at foot. Thus one can save both his time and efforts. Amsterdam is also famous as the center of world diamond industry also. The departmental stores and malls in Amsterdam offer unique choice of products as the products are imported from various countries. Dining in Amsterdam is a great experience as the food is not only unique but also unimaginative. It ranges from fast food to world-class cuisine. One can find a number of Indonesian, Chinese restaurant and European, South American and Asian cuisine are well represented in Holland. Among them most popular is the Italian food. Cuisines of other nations as China, Japan, France, Turkey, Spain, Italy, India, Yugoslavia and other can also be discovered easily. Amsterdam is a beautiful city and famous not only for the outer attraction but is also well known for the various events and celebration helps you to get familiar with all the events, spots, hotels and many more attractions in Amsterdam. Thus it’s not a problem to choose any particular time to visit Amsterdam because it is ever beautiful and enjoyable as it is. Although most of the travelers visit here in between April and September as the days are longer and temperature is milder as compared to other months. As the weather is unpredictable here so the Dutch carry on with the festivals, events and celebrations according to the plan. Visitors who are interested towards traditional side or the modern era both can enjoy the events held here.

Dining in Amsterdam, Netherlands – Part 1

Are you going to Amsterdam and will you go eating out there? Here some advices.

If you are in a hurry you may ask for an “uitsmijster” a sandwich consisting of bread buttered and topped with cold slices of roast beef or ham and one or two fried eggs; but if you are looking for a relaxed breakfast you may ask for a “pannenkoeken en poffertjes”: these are the equivalent of French crepes, served flat on a dinner plate and topped with plain sugar, confectioner’s sugar, jam, syrup, hot apples or hot ginger sauce. “Pofferjes” are small “puffs” of a fried pancake mixture with confectioner’s sugar. The so called “bitterballen” are fried potato balls, or crocquettes, that are generally quite spicy. Instead a “capucijners met spek” is a marrow beans with bacon; cabbage are served as “stamppot” that is cabbage with smoked sausage. If you wanna try some dutch bacon ask for a “zuurkool met spek en worst” that is a sauerkraut with bacon and sausage.If you desire to eat some fish you may try an herring: ask for “nieuwe haring” the fresh-caught fish that is eaten whole or chopped with minced onion at stands all over town during summer; during the rest of the year it is eaten pickled. There is another way to eat a herring in Amsterdam, it is called “maatjesharing”, that means “young herring”: this food can be stored for one year in salt. The herring tastes its most delicious from an authentic herring stall: Amsterdam has many of these stalls, most of them traditionally found on a bridge over one of the canals. Because fresh herring are stored deep-frozen they do not have to be so heavily salted. That’s why this delicacy still taste “like fresh catch” in the springtime’s. If you got a typical dutch restaurant you may ask for a “hutspot”, a stew made of ribs of beef, carrots onions and potatoes, often mashed together. Someone may prefer a roll: so try the “saucijzenbroodie” a Dutch sausage roll.

In case you wish to eat meat you may try the “krinketten”, some fried croquettes of meat, prawns or cheese also called “kaassouffl” that may be gooey inside but are at their best when served piping hot with a blob of mustard. If you prefer a soup, in a late afternoon meal, you may try a “erwten soep” a pea soup, thick and creamy an chock-full of chunks of ham, carrots and potatoes It is mostly served in winter.

Amsterdam’s Affordable Hotel Rates

Looking for an economical place to stay while in Amsterdam is so easy with so many hotels that offer very low rates with great amenities. You can choose from the many hotels in any area of your choice.

Amsterdam has many attractions to offer for its visitors. It is a place which is rich with historical places and abundant of fascinating canals which passes throughout the midst of the city. It had been named as “Venice of the North” and has been alluring millions of tourists all throughout the year.

Looking for cheap hotel in Amsterdam is quite easy with so many hotels available ranging from the most extravagant to the least expensive ones. You can have your early reservation through the websites and have an overview of the hotel features and amenities of your choice.

Hotel de Filosoof

Hotel de Filosoof is a three- star hotel located in the middle of a peaceful community with 19th century old houses. The 38 guestrooms are fully- decorated with a wide array of cultural setting. Rooms are equipped with cable TVs and telephones.

The hotel has a library ideal for reading your favorite novel or browse in the many book collections available. A beautiful and spacious garden is a good place for relaxation and reminiscing.

The hotel caters to different corporate gatherings or any occasion. The conference hall is equipped with modern equipments.

Walking distance from the hotel are wide variety of museums, parks, shopping malls and many other attractions which visitors can enjoy and have a treat of your life.

Hotel Amenities:

•Conference halls


•Paid Parking


•Currency Exchange

•Free High- Speed Internet Access

•Paid parking

Victoria Hotel Amsterdam

This four- star deluxe hotel is strategically located in the busy area of shopping centers very near the Dam Square, Royal Palace and many other places ideal for touring. It is one of the renowned historical buildings in the city.

There are 305 guestrooms which includes Executive, Business and Deluxe Suites.

Hotel Amenities:

•Conference Facilities

•Hair Dryer

•Mini bar


•In- Room Movies

•Modem Jack


•Room Service


•Swimming pool

•Safety Deposit Box

Adriaen van Ostade B&B

The Adriaen van Ostade B&B is a two- storey townhouse type hotel located at the De Pijp. It offers a reasonable rate for accommodation, with simple amenities but assures a pleasant and comfortable place to stay while on vacation.

Guestrooms are decorated with a modern day design with a combination of traditional wood flooring and fine lighting. Rooms come with complimentary wireless Internet. There is a private balcony right next to the guest rooms which is an ideal place for relaxing while having an overview of the surroundings.

Other Guestroom Amenities:

•Safety deposit box

•Satellite TV

•Coffee maker

•Alarm clock

•Climate control


•Hair dryer

•Complimentary toiletries

A communal dining area is located at the fourth floor wherein guests do the preparation of their own evening meals. Breakfast is served daily with a charge.

Guests can have the option to visit many restaurants, bars, cafes or can purchase some food for cooking at the Albert Cuyp Market which is located near the hotel.

Bellevue Hotel

The Bellevue Hotel is one of the modern hotels centrally located in Amsterdam.

The hotel features 75 guestrooms which are all climate- controlled, and has an interior of modern- day design and decorations. All the guestrooms are equipped with satellite TV, hair dryer and safety deposit box.

Other Amenities:

•Dry cleaning service



•Complimentary buffet breakfast

Hotel guests can visit two of the renowned museums which are less than four kilometers away, the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. There are plenty of tourist attractions which visitors can go for sightseeing.

Travel destinations: Amsterdam – Part 2

The Capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has many sights to see. Amsterdam offers many options for vacation plans regardless of whether you are traveling alone, with friends or with your family.


Offering museums such as Rijksmuseum, the “Stedelijk Museum, “Rembrandt House Museum, “Van Gogh Museum and the “Anne Frank House, to name a few, offer a variety of tours to entertain young and old alike.

Traveling with Children

For those traveling with children, the Artis (Natura Artis Magistra) is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands, founded in 1838. The Artis offers a Planetarium as well as a museum. You can also see various animal habitats, an African Savannah, an aquarium and is accessible year round by tram, train, and metro or canal boat.

With nearly forty acres, the zoo is home to approximately seven hundred species including amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals, and insects.

Biking in Amsterdam

Because of the narrowness of the streets of Amsterdam and the high cost of parking, this is a great tourist destination for those who love to ride bikes, as the area is bike friendly’, offering bike paths, and bike racks throughout the city. Interestingly enough there are more than one million bicycles in the city of Amsterdam.


Amsterdam offers two universities, the University of Amsterdam and Free University as well as the art school, De Rietveldacademi and research institutes primarily for social history.


For those who love to shop, Amsterdam offers a variety of open air markets. The Albert Cuyp market is a great open air food market. Waterlooplein which lies just south of the Rembrandt House Museum, offers food. Cloth is offered at the Dappermarkt. Amsterdam is home to the famous (and only) floating flower market, Bloemenmarkt.


Amsterdam is home to the world-class symphony orchestra (The Concertgebouworkest). They make their home at the Concertgebouw concert hall. There are a variety of other concert halls that offer shows that everyone is sure to enjoy.


While Amsterdam may be one of Europe’s smaller capitals, it has much to offer visitors. Amsterdam is home to perhaps one of the most famous systems of canals. They spread over the whole city.

Amsterdam has a variety of attractions to keep your entire group entertained. You will be busy during your trip there, be sure to visit the “Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board to plan your itinerary. With so much to offer you will not want to miss anything!

Amsterdam – enjoy treasures of art and history in a bicycle ride

The early days
Amsterdam was founded as a fishing village around the thirteenth century. During the 14th, but especially the 15th century, Amsterdam underwent a rapid development, which laid the foundation for the Golden Age, when the city became the staple market of the world. The year 1672 was a year of disaster for the Dutch Republic with the French and English attacking simultaneously. Nevertheless, Amsterdam managed to consolidate its prosperity during the period 1672-1795 and managed to retain its position as the financial center of Europe. During the French occupation (1795-1813), Amsterdam suffered badly from the economic recession, a state of affairs reflected by the stagnation of the demographic development. The period 1813-1940 is marked by economic recovery and, from 1870 onwards, by expansion and a rapid population growth, as result of the Industrial Revolution which triggered off a New Golden Age. Shortly before the First World War the city began expanding and new suburbs were built, but in 1940 Germans installed a Nazi civilian government in Amsterdam that cooperated in the persecution of Jews, throwing again the country in misery.
Any time can be the best time to visit Amsterdam. The peak of the tourist season is around Easter and July-August, when the weather is the finest. Weather, however, is never really extreme, and if you’re one of the growing numbers who favor off-season travel, you’ll find the city every bit as attractive during these months. Not only are airlines, hotels, and restaurants cheaper and less crowded during this time, but there are also some very appealing events going on. Winters are rarely extremely cold, and sheltering in the cosy pubs will give you a chance to meet “real” Dutch. The cultural season is in full swing between September and May.

Streets breathing history and culture
Amsterdam has a broad spectrum of recreational and cultural sights that range from fascinating old buildings, but of all this mosaic, museums are the main tourist attraction. Everyone knows the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum, but there is much, much more.
The pinnacle of sophistication and home to the three major and most important museums in Amsterdam is the Museum quarter (Museumplein), an art lover’s paradise which boasts the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art and the Van Gogh Museum. Without doubt, any culture vulture will be in their element in this recently renovated quarter. Also, in amongst the stylish hotels and cafés, lays the majestic Concertgebouw, renowned the world over for its breathtaking acoustics and locally, for its free lunch time classical concerts. The Museum quarter is arguably the cultural hub of the city, offering a kaleidoscope of activities and attractions. A stroll down the exclusive P.C. Hooftstraat, Pieter Cornelisz or Van Baerlestraat will take the you into some of the world’s most chic couture houses.
If you seek the natural beauties of Amsterdam, this botanical garden will surely reveal them to you – Amsterdam’s Hortus has from way back been known as “the town’s pride and joy”, an oasis of peace and beauty at the very centre of the bustling city. Established in 1638 as a herb garden for Amsterdam’s doctors and pharmacists, the garden is almost 400 years old and it has more than 6000 plants, some of them really unique, as 2000 years old agave cactus. The Museum of Life (“Museum van het Leven”) will tell you the history of life on Earth by very attractive means, and after visiting the zoo, the Geological Museum, the Zoological Museum, the Plant Houses, the Aquarium or the Planetarium are ready to reveal you ancient secrets.
As for the events you should not miss if you get to Amsterdam this summer, the 10th annual edition of the “Comedytrain International Festival” features the very finest in English language stand-up comedy, for six weeks in July and August. With the likes of Adam Hills (Australia), Eddie Bannon (Ireland), Adam Bloom (UK), Paul Provenza (US) and Ron Vaudry (Canada), you will leave Toomler in stitches, guaranteed. Beginning with the 11 of August, for five days, special locations in the heart of Amsterdam form the backdrop for more than 80 classical concerts, as the “Grachtenfestival” catches the public attention. The concerts can be enjoyed in houses and gardens of hospitable local inhabitants and in concert halls, historic buildings, museums and out of doors in the area around Prinsengracht.

A hippie heaven
And because shopping is one of the tourists favorite ways of discovering the city, you will find that there are several “shopping corridors” in the city and each one has it’s own charms and specialties. The first one is Nieuwedijk-Kalverstraat, a 1km pedestrian area full of shops, with no traffic other than a constant stream of tourists, students, scholars, excursionists and locals. On the other side of the square you will enter the Kalverstraat, the place where all mainstream brand names have one or more stores. In addition to this, flower markets, bicycles, restaurants, everywhere. If you like a little more luxury, the Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat is where you can do some serious damage to your credit card. As the evening falls, Amsterdam starts to sparkle, especially on the nice spring and summer days. While all cinemas and theaters are busy, city clubs, cafés and restaurants are full of joyful, friendly crowd. Between dips into artistic and historical treasures, be sure to take time out to absorb the freewheeling spirit of Europe’s most vibrant city.

Amsterdam Restaurants

Amsterdam Restaurants (http://www.amsterdam-hotels-deals.net/amsterdam/Amsterdam-Restaurants/index.aspx ) sure know how to spoil your taste buds, whether it’s the modest herring – made in the finest spices, or may it be the classic French Haute Cuisine. Of course all of us want to have good food, but not all can afford to empty our pockets on fancy cuisines. So, in keeping this fact in mind, I have tried to focus moderate prices still featuring good food.

The major aspects which one should keep in check are the whether the service provided is swift; if my curiosity regarding the menus was properly responded to; the presentation of the food, were my needful logistics met with generosity and humbleness, the taste and quality of; and lastly, Price-Point compared to value.

Most of the Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam offer good quality food in fewer prices. There are also exclusive ones, like Same Sebo.

Amsterdam Restaurant:
Based in a century-old water-pumping station, with diesel-powered engine, the Amsterdam has taken this monument of Victorian industrial good taste and made of it a model of contemporary good eats. Food is offered with a warm welcome and hospitality in brightly lit, former pumping hall, which had been so carefully leaned by the water workers that some of its stylish beautification didn’t even need repainting. It offers fabulous food at a refined cost, not to mention, the fried sweetbreads and half lobster with six Zeeland oysters are a specialty. The Amsterdam, though far from the Center, but tram ride would make it worth an adventure. Cafe Amsterdam, with the great ambience turns out to be the best place for families to be at on Sunday nights, which is a family night, also with a special menu for kids. They have 2 locations. The location on nuewespiegalstrat also serves lunch.

De L’Europe Restaurant – one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants under chef Jean-Jacques Menanteau’s Michelin-star cuisine, and superb service is indeed a place woth dining at. Crystal chandeliers, elaborate moldings, crisp linens, fresh bouquets of flowers, picture windows and soft music is played on the grand piano with great views on the Amstel River, epitomize this typically magnificent restaurant. They offer mouth-watering meals, aided by a meticulous and tactful staff, and even has a dress-code(jackets for men). If not affordable, try the three-course middagmenu (lunch menu), or the menu du théâtre (theater menu) in the evening, both of which make fine dining more reasonable. The menu includes foie gras, Dutch specialty smoked eel with dill, and marinated sweetbreads of lamb with salad to start with, filet of halibut with caper sauce or filet of veal with leek sauce as main courses, and desserts like French pastries, orange pie with frozen yogurt, and raspberry bavaroise with mango sauce.

Restaurant Café In De Waag:
Restaurant-Café In de Waag is an ideal place in the heart of Amsterdam for a lunch, reception, meeting or dinner. This magnificent historic building with an informal interior design, is indeed an affordable and yet

Restaurant Vijaya
Indian restaurant – Vijaya, located near the Amsterdam Central Station, offers great Indian food.

Japans Restaurant Hosokawa:
In a well-decorated dining area with a Japanese touch – the Teppan-Yaki restaurant, there are seven tables, each seating a maximum of ten people. A special part of the restaurant is arranged as a sushi bar. With extended opening hours, it is now possible to eat sushi during lunchtime. Interestingly, one can even see how sushi is made It is also possible to order sushi whilst dining in the restaurant.

Also famous Indian dishes like tandoori chicken, lam tikka masala , prawn rogan josh to our chef’s specialties.
For more information about Amsterdam Restaurants visit: http://www.amsterdam-hotels-deals.net

Striking Vacations In Budget Hotels Amsterdam

Look around you. You are in Amsterdam in this moment, but you dont know where to begin your exploration. This is not a problem. You need to follow the next tips and you will enjoy your free days. If you can get a map everything will be easier. Youll find it in any budget hotels Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has many attractions for the tourist. Beautiful colonial streets, nice people, historic museums and the famous canals are waiting for you and your friends. Travel in group is the best way to save money especially in high season.

If you are exhausted after a tiring journey, rest. Where? Budget hotels Amsterdam are the answer. Its a new day in Amsterdam and you want to visit some museums. The Van Gogh Museum and the Rijks Museum are two of the more popular in the city. If it is your first visit to the Netherlands, dont forget to change your money to Euros. Also the dollars are permitted, but the euro is more common.

Amsterdam has a cultural festival during the summer. With concerts open air many young people of all Europe visit the town in June. In this cultural festival you can find street theater, opera and dance. Dutch have three weeks of entertainment. Obviously, the beer is more frequent drink in the Netherlands and in Europe too. The winter in Amsterdam is really cold. You shouldnt come in this season, unless you like to wear heavy clothes.

A walking in the morning is very relaxing. The Netherlands have many parks, particularly Amsterdam. The bicycle is another way to go parks, but with precaution because there are lots of child playing in the parks. It is time to eat. Visit the guide of restaurant and when you find a good restaurant, ask for a typical Holland food with a wine. Perhaps in budget hotels Amsterdam you can get the same food but cheaper.

There are many ways to enjoy Amsterdam; you only need imagination and good spirit. If you are in group everything is easier. Enjoy your trip and return soon.

Vibrant History and Modern Excitement at Curacao’s Forts

During the colonial period, Curacao was one of the Dutch Kingdom’s most treasured Caribbean outposts. As a result, the Dutch worked for more than three centuries to secure the island and protect their interests. While forts were constructed along the entire coastline, the Dutch were especially concerned with Willemstad and its harbor. With Fort Amsterdam serving as the island’s primary protecting structure, the Dutch built several smaller forts to protect individual sections of the capital city. Despite being under constant attack from pirate ships and competing British and French forces, this complex of forts was able to protect the Dutch colony for nearly 400 years. Today, eight of these forts still remain and most have found exciting new uses in modern Curacao.

Fort Amsterdam is the most significant of Curacao’s remaining forts. Located on the strategic point known as Punda, Fort Amsterdam once served as the defender of Curacao’s main harbor. Originally constructed in 1635, the imposing structure was able to protect the Dutch settlement throughout the colonial period. Today, Fort Amsterdam is one of the Caribbean’s most recognizable UNESCO World Heritage sites and serves as an important government center for modern Curacao. In addition to housing the Governor’s home, the island’s Ministry and numerous government offices, Fort Amsterdam also features a historic museum and the United Protestant Church, both of which remain open to the public. The museum at Fort Amsterdam also offers tours of the facility that allow visitors to learn about the structure’s unique history, take in breathtaking views from atop the walls and witness some truly odd sights such as the cannonball embedded in the fort’s southwestern wall.

While Fort Amsterdam is unquestionably Curacao’s most significant fort, Fort Beekenburg is one of the island’s best preserved colonial structures. Fort Beekenburg was built in 1703 on picturesque Caracas Bay. From the time of its construction until the the mid-19th century, the fort successfully fought off attacks from French and British fleets, as well as several bands of pirates. Visitors to Caracas Bay will find a charming beach with shallow, warm water perfect for water sports. After playing in the water or simply relaxing in the sun, visitors can tour the entire fort and learn about its important role in Curacao’s history.

In addition to Curacao’s largest forts, there remain a number of well-preserved colonial forts throughout Willemstad. In each case, these forts within Curacao’s historic capital protected strategic points of the island’s harbor and populated coastline and now house restaurants and shops. Two such examples are Fort Nassau and Fort Waakzaamheid, a pair of smaller forts built near the beginning of the 19th century.

Fort Nassau was constructed in 1797 to defend the small St. Anna Bay and parts of Willemstad. Today, the fort is home to a restaurant, but is usually recognized by tourists as the control tower that opens and closes Curacao’s famous pontoon bridge. Fort Waakzaamheid was built in 1803 and fell only one year later during a siege by Captain William Bligh and his British troops. As Fort Waakzaamheid offers an incredible view over the Otrobanda neighborhood and the shoreline, American troops mounted new guns and used the structure as an observation post and barracks during World War II. Today, Fort Waakzaamheid also houses a popular restaurant.

Another pair of forts in Willemstad have been converted into even more impressive destinations. The Riffort – a fort built in 1828 to protect a portion of the Otrobanda area – is now home to the Riffort Village, an impressive collection of shops, restaurants, bars and scenic terraces. Prior to its use as one of Curacao’s premier shopping and dining destinations, Riffort was home to everything from police and public works offices to Curacao’s boy scouts. Likewise, the Waterfort – an imposing fort with 136 turrets that was rebuilt in 1827 after the original 17th century structure was destroyed – is now home to some of Punda’s most popular eateries.

As Curacao is home to a wealth of historic architecture and exciting tourism opportunities, these forts serve as wonderful representations of the island’s unique allure. When staying in Willemstad, it is certainly hard to miss the forts that once protected this colonial city. Likewise, with so much now offered within these once-imposing buildings – from museums and historic tours to upscale shops and restaurants – Curacao’s forts are also hard to forget.

10 Attractions To Visit In Amsterdam

The Dutch Capital is playground of sensual delights. It is the city widely known for its generous atmosphere. Amsterdam is a historic city that is a wonderful destination containing more than 6,000 momentous buildings, ornate mansion houses, restaurants, shopping malls, gardens, markets, museums, cafés, bars, nightclubs and many more. The ten major attractions to visit in Amsterdam are as follows:

Stedelijk Museum, established in 1895 is a home to the works of Sophia de Bruyn, Matisse, Picasso, Mondriaan and Cézanne en Monet. Designed by A.W. Weissman in neorenaissance style, Stedelijk Museum is a national museum for contemporary sculpture designs since 1938. The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions on a regular basis.
Damrak is one the chief shopping streets in Amsterdam. This street is located between Centraal Station and Dam Square. This is a noisy and active street, where you will find large numbers of shopping options plus fast eating houses. Sex Museum and Beurs von Berlage are some must see places here.

Opened in 1985, the Amsterdam Sex Museum houses a large global collection of historic erotic pictures, pornographic artistry, paintings, objects, recordings, sculptures, Greek temple devotional items, Japanese carved erotic ivories and antique and modern fetish wear. There is a broad range of manuscripts and illustrations ranging from the Karma Sutra to 20th century comics and a vast film and pictorial store offering every sexual predilection and preference.

The Hortus Botanicus is a ‘Botanical Garden’, which exhibits thousands of different plant varieties in both the gardens and greenhouses. The garden has many different scenes to offer including a pond, a rock-garden, a rosarium, a herb garden and many monumental trees.

This neo renaissance style building, Amsterdam Central Station is rested on three artificial islands. It is constructed between 1882 and 1889. The building is 306 meters long and 30 meter deep. From the exit/entrance you can directly reach in the centre of the town. The frontage is dominated by two towers.

The Bloemenmarkt is the only floating market in the world. It is one of the most odoriferous places of Amsterdam during all year times. The flower stalls stand on the houseboats, and you will find all kinds of tulips, narcissus, dried flowers, bonsai, bulbs, bouquets and fresh-cut flowers.

Located in Red light District, the Sint-Nikolaaskerk (St. Nicholas’s Church) is the oldest church of Amsterdam. It was established in early 14th century in honor of the patron St Nicholas. Because of the whitewashed walls, the church’s interior is very vivid and dazzling. The church tower was built in 1565 & is one of the most glorious in Amsterdam.
Artis Zoo is a great place to visit with your children. It is one of the nicest Zoos in the world, home to about 700 animals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and insects. It is more than a zoo; it is also a Botanical garden, Aquarium, Geological Museum, Planetarium and Zoological Museum.

The Zuiderkerk is a well-known Amsterdam’s attraction. This is a Church located in the direction of the Rembrandt Haus and the Stopera. It was a Calvinist church, which was designed by Hendrick de Keyser, and was built in 1603-1611.
Leidseplein is an outstanding area of Amsterdam for several activities you may be seeking. There are hundreds of eating houses across the street offering a wide variety of cuisines. You can also find various shopping stores, bars, discos and coffee shops; the nightlife is great.