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European Flight Travel Laws

In a flight never carry any of the items mentioned below

• Many flights do not allow to carry any kind of liquids or fluids including perfumes, hairspray, shampoos have been banned recently due to safety measures (please check with your air flight company)

• Under no situation carry drugs, heroine, brown sugar and any other kind of narcotics.

• Needless to mention although never carry any kind of compressed gas cylinders like oxygen, butane, and aqualung.

• Corrosives such as acids, alkalis, mercury and wet cell alkalis or fireworks, guns and flares

• Lighters, matches, magnetized materials, offensive irritating materials, medicines without prescriptions.

(there are few other items that are banned in certain countries that might even lead you to imprisonment so be extra cautious not to break any rules and never forget to ask for a travel law copy from an agent)

Inside Countries Law

• If your flight is full and you want to quit it voluntarily always ask for better incentives if you feel you are not offered well.

• If your luggage is expensive and you want to declare a higher value then please do it at the time of check in so that the airline will become liable in case of loss.

• In Europe rules are very strict, so if you get to know that you have victimed ‘bait and switch’ that do not forget to file a complaint with the attorney general of the state. The results are much faster for a traveler because tourism is a big business for Europe and they do not want to lose on the tourists.

• The major car rental service provides free assistance if you have a flat tyre so don’t forget to contact your company in case you face one of these situations

• European countries have strict rules against law breaking so incase if you break one don’t panic and always let them know that you are a foreigner you might be let go of.

• Littering off in a garden or tourist attraction could end you up in heavy fines so always remember to use bins.

• Never bribe a cop in the European countries that might lead you to severe fines or imprisonment.

• Never overtake or drive fast they will levy a heavy charge on you. Always follow the traffic lights and road instructions which are very well organized in the European countries.

• Always be polite to people and never trust a stranger in the Europe because there are thieves and bag snatchers at tourist locations

• Gay sex and lesbians are not encouraged at all places in this continent unless you are in Amsterdam (A city in Netherlands) where free sex is allowed.

• If you are caught with a prostitute or a whore you might end up in severe imprisonment.

• Never drink too much because if you get unconscious the police might catch you and jail you up.

Must Do Sites In Amsterdam

However, tourists are tourists and time is limited, so here are the top sites that you would be a fool to visit Amsterdam and miss.

Canal Cruise.

The canal cruises in Amsterdam come in all shapes and sizes and are an absolute must. The canal boats are a great way to see the city and many of its sites quickly and comfortably, as well as getting some kind of concept of how the city is laid out, and for this reason alone, making a canal trip a top priority is advised. If you are less interested in an introduction or overview of the city, a canal cruise is still recommended for one very good reason its fun, and there’s so many to choose from. You can pedal yourself around the city, go on a jazz cruise, a night time or sunset cruise, a private cruise, romantic dinner cruise or one of tens of other themed and un-themed cruises.

Van Gough Museum.

Whether you are a Van Gough fan or not, or even whether you are an art fan or not, the Van Gough Museum is a must. With the biggest collection of Van Gough paintings in the world, the museum is situated in the Museum quarter of the city and can be reached by the 2 or 5 tram.


The Rijksmusuem is again a must for art lovers and non-art lovers alike, the former will simply wish to spend more time there. Hosting examples of the Golden Age of European art, the Masterpieces collection at the Rijksmuseum is second to none, but this only makes up a part of the entire collection of exhibitions on offer. The Rijksmuseum is open every day with the exception of January 1st from 9am to 6 pm and until 9pm on Fridays, but the times do vary from section to section. Entry, as with most places of cultural interest in Amsterdam is moderately priced, at 10 euros for the Masterpieces collection.

Anne Frank’s House

Prinsengracht 263 means little to most people, but the name Anne Frank means a lot more; the girl who’s diary tells of her daily life hiding at this address from the Nazis for 2 years. Anne Frank has become a household name when it comes to the suffering endured across Europe at the hands of the Nazis and a visit to her house whether it be to pay respect or simply out of interest is a very worthwhile and moving experience. The queues at Anne Frank’s house are notorious and often stretch around the corner but don’t be put off by this, they move quickly and it’s worth a little wait. Entrance costs 7.5 Euros for adults.

The Cat Museum

If all this history and art is getting a bit much for you why not head to Herengracht 626 where you will find the Kattenkabinet. It is just what it sounds like; a Cat Cabinet! That’s right, Amsterdam boasts the only cat museum in existence, anywhere, and if you fancy something a little different, this is definitely the place for you.

Coffee shops

Any discussion of Amsterdam is not complete without even a mention of their infamous coffee shops. Whether you are all for it or dead against it, cannabis is decriminalized in Amsterdam meaning that it isn’t a free for all, but it is readily available in coffee shops and comes in the form of hash, grass and food products; so, if you see a special cake or special shake advertised, be warned that it may be a little more special than you are expecting.

The list could go on and on, but with hostels starting at 15 euros a night and hotels from 65 euros a night plus a bunch of alternative accommodation options like nearby camping and bungalow villages there is no reason why your first visit to Amsterdam shouldn’t be the first of lots.

In The City Amsterdam Hotels

If you are visiting Amsterdam, you will not be able to miss the canals. As part of the day to day function of those that live here, the canals are a much needed and enjoyable way to get around. And, some of the best hotels within the city of Amsterdam are situated right on these canals. Some of the very best, even five star hotels are those that allow you to gaze out over the canal in a breathtaking view of the water and the life that is Amsterdam. If you want to stay within the inner city, these are the hotels to take into consideration.Some of these hotels are also located ideally in the middle of all that Amsterdam has to offer. You are sure to find them located within walking distance of major attractions and motorways. You should find them located easily from your favorite parks and even the Amsterdam airport a well.

Amsterdam has many hotels that offer a wide range of choice located right in the heart of the city. With a flare of old world stay or of the most modern amenities, Amsterdam hotels are ideal for just about every type of trip business or pleasure.

How to make the most of a day in Amsterdam, Netherlands – Part 1

One day in Amsterdam is nowhere near enough, but if that’s all you have, pre-planning is essential to make sure you make the most of the day. What you decide to do depends entirely on the kind of person you are, but whatever you decide to do, you are guaranteed to have a great day in this wonderful city.

Note: Amsterdam is one of the few places where hotel prices are greater at the weekends than during the week. So if you have a choice well, you know what to do.

Some people want to spend their days soaking in the ambience and finding out what is unique about the place they are visiting. Others like to spend their time in museums or art galleries, basking in some of the greatest art and culture of the world. Some like walking or cycling and exploring by themselves, while others like to be guided so that they do not miss anything. No matter what kind of person you are, Amsterdam has plenty to offer.


Amsterdam is an old city with 165 canals and many narrow, picturesque streets. Spend at least some time during your day strolling the banks of the canals, and exploring the streets. Amsterdam is known as the Venice of the North because of its extensive network of canals, so take a ride on a canal boat too, preferably on a canal dinner cruise to end your overcrowded day in this beautiful city, or take a free cruise. Most canal rides (except the dinner cruises) take around an hour.

Just strolling through the old sections of the city reveals more about the city than you could find out any other way. Since you have only one day, take public transport whenever you can. (Buy a Nationale Strippenkaart with 15 tickets for about 6.5 Euros from the ticket office next to the Information Center (opposite Centraal Train Station)). Ask the conductor to help you validate your ticket.

If you are into marijuana, you could always finish your day at a cafe where you can sample the ‘weed’ quite legally. This isn’t recommended, but you won’t risk getting arrested.


There are 42 museums in Amsterdam, but without doubt the Anne Frank’s House at Prinsengracht 267 is the most emotional of all. The house is still as it was when young Anne Frank and her family were hidden there, and it is impossible not to be affected by the heart-wrenching experience of visiting the house. This is definitely not to be missed, but go very early or very late to miss the rush.

Since there is only one way through the house and there are steep stairways


Indonesia is derived from “indos nesos”, meaning islands near India. It is the world’s largest archipelago with exactly 17, islands spread between the Asian continent and Australia, and between the Pacific and the Indian oceans.

Air transport is the easiest and most comfortable means of travel in Indonesia. Domestic air service, including the remote areas are provided by Garuda Indonesia, Merpati Nusantara, Sempati Air, Bouraq and Mandala Airlines.

Garuda Indonesia, operates both international and domestic routes and the only airline with an all-jet fleet for domestic Indonesia operations. Garuda serves Honolulu, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Vienna, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, Manila, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Nagoya, Seoul, Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Port Hedland and Auckland.

The country’s second national carrier, Merpati Nusantara Airlines, flies to 110 local destinations and to Australia (Darwin), Brunei Darussalam and East Malaysia (Kuching).

The country’s three main gateways are Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Polonia Airport and Ngurah Rai Airport.

International airlines that serve Indonesia are Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines System (MAS), Qantas, Cathay Pacific, and JAL.


Citizens of most countries can stay 60 days without a visa.


Indonesia’s climate is tropical, hot, and humid but moderate in highlands.


The national language is Bahasa Indonesia (a modified form of Malay), English, English, Dutch, almost 600 local dialects, the most widely spoken of which is Javanese.


The official currency, Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is valued at IDR 9,704.7 per US Dollar.


Domestic rail service is available throughout Java, parts of Sumatra, Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya. There are comfortable sleeper trains that serve Yogyakarta, Solo, and Semarang.

Bus services are also available and ply the Bali – Banda Aceh route; many are air-conditioned with reclining seats as well as TV with video programs. Cars can also be hired, for longer out of town trips, from taxi or car rental companies.

Inter-island ships are comfortable and offer an alternative to flying. There are regular sailing schedules and routes at the main port of Jakarta.


International Direct Dial Country Code = 62

Fixed Lines = 10,000,000

Mobile Cellular = 30,000,000

Indonesia’s telecommunications service is generally good, provided by an inter-island microwave system, HF radio police net, a domestic satellite communications system and satellite earth stations.

Indonesia’s GSM cellular service providers are Telkomsel, PTT Saleti Palapa, Excelcom and PT Indosat.

Several prepaid calling card and phone card companies are available to call both to and from Indonesia.

Staying In Amsterdam

No matter whether one travels on business or leisure there are plenty of hotels in Amsterdam. From cheap Amsterdam hotels to luxury accommodation in Amsterdam, one can find everything. The choice is unlimited.

One of the hotels the Best Western AMS Museum is a three star hotel. It is part of a franchise ensuring the highest international accommodation standards. There are TV-SAT, phone, mini bar and hairdryer in each of the 110 rooms. Moreover, there is a private bathroom adjoining each room. There is also a safe deposit at the front desk. The hotel also features a relaxed bar and an excellent restaurant, “The Gallery”.

Another name to be recommended is the Bastion Amsterdam Airport. It offers convenient facilities, a welcoming environment and a personal approach to guests. The cozy, restored rooms are equipped with color TV and video, phone, modem plug, alarm clock, writing desk, safe deposit box, mini-bar, coffee and tea makers and a private bathroom with shower and WC. The large, airy rooms also offer sitting areas. Wake-up calls, laundry services, fax and photocopying are other free services which are offered.

Dikker & Thijs Fenice Sercotel is a 4-star hotel is housed in a century-old building on the bank of the Prinsengracht canal. There are 42 functional, restored rooms provided with bathrooms, web access and movies. De Prinsenkelder, the hotel’s restaurant, is housed in a splendid 17th century building, featuring elegant two-toned marble floors. Guests of the hotel are offered reduced rates at the nearby gym and the Vondelpark, which has an ice rink and is within walking distance. The hotel offers easy access to the Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum.

Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is housed in a landmark building, over a century old. It has been converted to a hotel by famous Dutch artists, architects and interior designers.

All these hotels are destined to become new home away from home. So relax and enjoy the cultural and historic feedback o Amsterdam.

Comfortable Destination In Any Budget Hotels Amsterdam

Amsterdam also is well known as “The Venice of the North”, its canals covering a length of 76 km or 47 miles. Tourists can appreciate this natural beauty in the Netherlands capital. Tour boats are very common to see canals, take your precautions and carry a camera. If you don’t have a camera, you must buy one. Amsterdam is a city with many modern malls, perfect to lover’s shopping. The staff of the Budget Hotels Amsterdam can recommend you where to buy local products and other things.

Stedelijk Museum is the place with the best modern art collection in Holland. It is located at Museum Square, close to Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. If you want to see different art’s expressions, Stedelijk Museum is the right place. Probably, Amsterdam will be the city with more museums in the globe; it is good because culture is the first step to improve the education, for this reason Dutch people have a high level of instruction. Budget Hotels Amsterdam provides a lot of amenities to their guests.

Amsterdam is known for its flat streets, that because the bike is the main means of transport in the country. Children, businessmen, housekeepers and students use this kind of transport to get around in the city. Even tourists and visitors hire bikes when they visit Amsterdam, the experience is different than ride in another place, check it. Obviously, there are moments when a car is necessary but it is another theme. Remember, if you hire a bike, you can not keep it in any Budget Hotels Amsterdam, it is not allowed.

An essential part of Amsterdam is the coffee shops. These typical places receive a big amount of visitors during all the year. These small businesses can sell cannabis with freedom, but in specific amounts, just 5 grams per person. Remember, don’t buy any drugs in the street, you could have problems with the law.

Flights to Cork, Ireland

Cork International Airport is the gateway to the beautiful Southwest of Ireland. Last year over 3.2 million visitors passed through its terminals – it has certainly come a long way since its first landing back in 1961. Cork Airport is now the 3rd largest airport in the Republic of Ireland. Located just 8 kilometres south from Cork City centre and ideally positioned on the N22, N20, N8 and N25, there’s easy access from all areas.

SkyLink and Bus Éireann operate a regular service between the airport and the city centre. The journey takes approximately 25 minutes. Bus Éireann also run a service to Kinsale, taking in Cork Airport. You’ll find a taxi rank outside the arrivals hall. You can also hire a car at one of the car rental desks. Our advice though is to book your car hire before you travel to Cork to avoid disappointment.

Just two years ago on the 15th August 2006, Cork Airport officially opened a new state of the art terminal. Designed by Jacobs Engineering Group and HOK, this new terminal is the first 21st century airport terminal of it?s kind in Ireland.

Located right in the centre of Cork Airport Complex you’ll find the Radisson SAS Hotel. This is a popular hotel ideal for those wishing to catch an early morning flight or who have a late arrival time. Offering first class facilities all rooms are en-suite and include satellite television, direct dial telephone, trouser press, hairdryer, tea and coffee making facilities, mini bar on request and all rooms are air conditioned. There’s also a 24 hour shuttle bus service to and from Cork Airport available. Two other excellent choices are the 3 star Travelodge Cork Airport and the 4 star Cork International Airport Hotel.

Which airlines fly to/from Cork?

A very large number of Irish, British and European destinations are serviced by Cork Airport, the complete list of scheduled flight destinations is as follows:

Alicante – Aer Lingus
Amsterdam – Aer Lingus
Barcelona – Aer Lingus
Belfast – Aer Arann
Berlin – Aer Lingus
Birmingham – Aer Lingus & bmi baby
Bratislava (Vienna) – SkyEurope
Brest – Aer Arann
Bristol – Aer Arann
Carcassonne – Ryanair
Cardiff – Aer Arann
Dublin – Aer Arann & Ryanair
East Midlands – Ryanair (until October 2008)
Edinburgh – Aer Arran
Faro – Aer Lingus
Galway – Aer Arann
Gdansk – Wizz Air
Geneva – Aer Lingus
Glasgow – Ryanair (until October 2008)
Jersey – Aer Lingus
Katowice – Wizz Air
Lanzarote – Aer Lingus
La Rochelle – Aer Arann
Leeds Bradford – Aer Arann
Liverpool – Ryanair
London Gatwick – Ryanair
London Heathrow – Aer Lingus
London Stansted – Ryanair
Lorient – Aer Arann
Malaga – Aer Lingus
Manchester – bmi baby & Aer Lingus
Munich – Aer Lingus
Nantes – Aer Arann
Newcastle – Jet2.com
Newquay – Air Southwest
Nice – Aer Lingus
Paris – Aer Lingus
Plymouth – Air Southwest
Prague – Aer Lingus
Rome – Aer Lingus
Southampton – Aer Arann
Tenerife – Aer Lingus
Warsaw – Wizz Air

For holiday destinations operating from Cork here is a listing of Charter Flights to/from Cork Airport:

Almeria – Falcon
Bodrum – Sunworld
Bulgaria – Sunway, Budget Travel, Falcon, Concorde.
Dubrovnik – Condorde, Sunworld.
Faro – Budget Travel, Sunworld, Topflight, Stein Travel, Panorama, Falcon.
Gran Canaria – Budget Travel, Sunway, Stein Travel.
Heraklion – Budget Travel.
Izmir – Budget Travel, Sunway, Sunworld.
Lanzarote – Budget Travel, Sunway, Sunworld, Stein Travel, Falcon, Topflight, Panorama Travel.
Majorca – Sunway, Stein Travel, Budget Travel, Falcon, Sunworld, Panorama.
Malaga – Stein Travel, Budget Travel, Falcon.
Reus – Budget Travel, Falcon.
Santorini – XL Airways.
Tunisia – Panorama.
Verona – Topflight.

Mairead Foley writes for the Ireland travel and accommodation website http://www.GoIreland.com

Visit GoIreland for all you need to know before visiting Cork, like what to see and where to go. You can also book B&Bs, hostels, guesthouses, self catering and Cork hotels.

Budget Hotel Amsterdam An Interesting Place To Visit

Holland is the right place to life new experiences. There isnt more tolerant city that Amsterdam in the entire globe. Museums are pretty famous in the town, especially Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum. Remember visit them, you will enjoy the spectacular paintings collection.

Budget Hotel Amsterdam is a good choice to stay in Amsterdam; the hotel service is one of the best of the city. If you have dollars, dont forget to change your money to Euros. Its the most common currency here and in all Europe.

Perhaps you heard about the bicycle culture in Holland. Well, it is completely true. Dutch people prefer to use bikes than cars, unless they want to travel long distance. You can rent a bike for few Euros and discover the city. If you want extra information about Amsterdam customs, you should buy a travel guide or visit any Budget Hotel Amsterdam.

Canals are the perfect place to explore with your couple, the view is romantic. Hire a boat and take a tour. After that, you can visit one of the many coffee shops of the city. Dont worry if you dont speak Dutch correctly. Almost the 95% of Dutch people speak English, German and French. Take your precautions and buy a dictionary. It would be a smart decision.

Red Light District is another popular place in Amsterdam. Night clubs and Pubs surround the district. Cameras are not permitted in this place, dont forget that. At night, you can go back to your Budget Hotel Amsterdam and sleep.

If you are with child, Artis Zoo is the right place. More than 5,000 animals can be seen in this Zoo. Tickets are cheap, try to visit the Zoo in the morning.

Amsterdam is a small and modern town. If you dont have enough money to visit the entire capital, take a walking tour. Good luck.

The History and Development of Edinburgh Airport

A look at how car hire services, shops and restaurants have been essential in the development of Edinburgh airport.

Edinburgh Airport is widely regarded to be the largest and busiest in Scotland. In the past twelve months it has handled around nine million passengers and in terms of UK airports is the seventh busiest. Its location is a mere eight miles from the city of Edinburgh and with a wide variety of auxiliary services such as shops, restaurants and car hire desks it employs a large number of local residents. But what is the history behind Edinburgh airport, how has it managed to assert a position of primacy over the other airports in Scotland?

Like many airports within the UK the origins of Edinburgh are military. It was during the First World War that the Turnhouse Aerodrome was constructed. 1915 saw the inaugural flights although the planes that flew into the site used a grass, rather than tarmac landing strip. The grass runway continued being used until the outbreak of the Second World War when the air ministry, once again requisitioning the site paved the runway to allow larger planes to land safely. It was not until two years after the end of the war that the Edinburgh site was finally retuned to civilian use.

In 1947 the airport was being used by British European Airways and five years later the runway had to be extended to accommodate the new larger passenger planes. At this time a new terminal was constructed with services such as shops, cafes, car hire desks and restaurants to improve the passenger experience. This process of expansion was continued in the seventies when the site had a further runway extension and another terminal built. One again this terminal was filled with the car hire provisions, cafes and shops that are hallmarks of the modern airport.

During these early years destinations available to passengers from Edinburgh Airport were limited to domestic airports within the UK. It was only in the eighties that flights to Amsterdam and Dublin were started although the popularity of international flying soon grew. By the nineties flights were available to many European destinations in France, Germany and Spain as well as transatlantic flights to two airports in the United States. To accommodate the greater passenger numbers a terminal extension had to be constructed, this contained all of the usual auxiliary services such as car hire desks and retail outlets to further enhance the profits of the airport.

Like all UK airports Edinburgh has had to produce an expansion plan that details the development of the site over the next thirty years. Part of this development includes an expansion of the departures lounges and other waiting areas complete with retail space for car hire companies and shops. In addition though the plan put forward by Edinburgh Airport executives included a new pier attachment to the terminal and a resurfacing of the runway that will comprise a billion pound investment in the site. Further in the future the site also expects to gain planning permission for an extended runway to allow for larger transcontinental aircraft and another terminal to cope with the increased passenger numbers.

Edinburgh airport has evolved from humble beginnings into a modern airport complete with all of the usual accoutrements such as car hire provisions, road and rail links as well as retail services. If the plans for expansion go ahead the primacy of the site within Scotland will be somewhat assured whilst the operability will be increased. As Scotland’s most important air transportation link development is a very important element to any future plans.