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Cultural Sights In Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a wealth of culture that has been revealed this year with its 2008 “Amsterdam Hidden Treasures” theme. It has proven itself to be an interesting and entertaining city with its wealth of arts, performance, history and fashion and it is well the most visited city in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam will keep any visitor entertained with their dam, semi-circular rings of canals crisscrossed by around 400 bridges and its many churches. These sights are highly worthwhile to spend time seeing, but the city is most famous for its museums. It is home to over fifty museums, including the renowned Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum. Some lesser known museums include the secret attic church, “Ons Lieve Heer op Solder,” the new Bag and Purse Museum, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum and Anne Frank House.

A visit to the Oude Kerk, which is an old church with little houses that cling to its sides, is recommended. Its architecture is interesting as it has an octagonal bell tower which is built in a Gothic-Renaissance style. Dam square is another interesting place to visit as it is home to the dam that lies at the center of the city, as well as the beautiful Royal Palace. The Palace was originally built in the 17th century as the town hall and was later converted by Napoleon into a palace. It is still used by the Queen for official functions and is open to the public during the summer months. One of Amsterdam’s hidden treasures can be found if you follow the narrow vaulted passageway that leads to Begijnhof. It is a quaint garden which is surrounded by old houses. It is host to a medieval church and the oldest house in Amsterdam.

You can take a boat cruise or canal tour along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. You can do a bike, boat or walking tour of the city that will show you many of the historical sights that there are to see. You can visit the Concert building. The Concertgebouw is said to have among the best acoustics in the world and to be home to one of the world’s greatest orchestras.

If you are visiting Amsterdam, you will have many accommodation options to choose from. You can stay in a luxury styled or a small boutique styled hotel. You can choose to stay in one of the hotels that can be found near a famous landmark or in one with a view over one of the canals. You can find self catering rental apartments that range from small single-roomed apartments to large luxury places situated along the banks of one of the canals. If you are a backpacker or have a tight budget, you may decide to stay in a youth cnter. These can generally be found conveniently located in the center of the city. During the summer months, campgrounds are opened. Some campgrounds offer bungalows in case of bad weather. Even though the campgrounds are outside the city, they are often in cycling distance from town so you can still visit the attractions.

What To Expect In Amsterdam Hotels

If this is your first trip to Amsterdam, there are going to be many hotel choices for you to consider. You may not know what to expect and that can be a big problem. First off, one of the nice things is that most hotel concierge will speak some English, if that is your native tongue. That gives you one main advantage. You can ask questions before you leave to learn what actually can be offered and how to get it. With an Amsterdam hotel world full of possibilities, there are plenty of choices for you to make.

As for what to expect, one thing is for sure. There are plenty of differences. Each hotel has its own feel to it. If you are looking for a familiar style, something more home like, then you will want to consider the big name hotels, the ones that are spread across the globe that we all know. But, if you are looking for more of a traditional Amsterdam feel to it, select a more localized hotel. It is even understandable to want to stay at a local hotel so that you can really experience what Amsterdam is actually about, rather than staying in a hotel that is about the same as any other.

When it comes to amenities, you can expect to find more choices than in other locations. In some of the better hotels in Amsterdam, you will find more recreational things to do including bowling, tennis courts and swimming. But, don’t think that these hotels are not up to date with the latest features. They regularly feature WiFi and laptop connections. Still, one thing to take notice of when booking your hotel in Amsterdam is their beauty. The city is well known as being one of the most beautiful in the world and the hotels can add to that as well.

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Amsterdam Hotels, Helping You Make the Most of Your Visit

Amsterdam, being the capital of Holland, is a popular European location for all walks of life.  Obviously Amsterdam is famous for its “relaxed” atmosphere but with many art galleries and the tulips there’s plenty more to the country and the city than the “coffee bars”.

Amsterdam is built around a network of canals and has plenty of boat tours which traverse the city at a leisurely pace, but if you’re feeling a bit sportier then there are plenty of locations with bicycles for hire throughout the city, which is one of the main forms of transport in this city.  

A lot of the main attractions of Amsterdam are within walking or cycling distance and so you won’t have to ride too far to get to where you want to be but there is also the picturesque countryside that would be perfect at this time of year with the tulip fields and windmills providing an amazing backdrop for your bike ride.

Many of these rental stands are located close to hotels sometimes even run by hotels so you won’t have any trouble finding means of transportation and of course it works out cheaper than hiring a car but also much more kinder to the environment.  

When it comes to the hotels themselves they are grandiose buildings that befit the city’s architecture but still offer all the comforts that you expect when on holiday.  There are many modern hotels with interesting designs such as single rooms that have a shower head in one corner and a drain all within your main room, minimalist designs have obviously spilled over from the many art museums in Amsterdam and have made hotels in Amsterdam as interesting as the art and design of the city itself.  

Of course if you have a more traditional taste you can still get the old world hotel rooms with large wooden beams to give you a nostalgic feeling when staying in Amsterdam.

There’s so much more to Amsterdam than the features made famous in movies and hearsay, despite it being a fun and vibrant city there is still a rich culture and artistic element to the city that can appeal to many types of traveller.  cheap hotels in European cities such as Amsterdam are very popular at the moment and highly recommended if you want something more than lounging on a beach this summer or would rather take your holidays in autumn or Winter.

View the Majesty of Amsterdam

by Roy Witman

Anyone who has been to Amsterdam will quickly tell you there are three major attractions: museums, canals and tulips. All three offer their own unique range of beauty that continues to draw flocks of tourists from around the world. Before booking your next trip to Amsterdam, take a closer look at the wonders this ancient city has to offer.

Museums in Amsterdam

While most people with even a vague familiarity with Amsterdam will recognize the names Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum, this regal city has many others from which to choose.

Located at the center of Dam Square, the Amsterdam Historical Museum was once the city’s orphanage. Focusing on what those native to Amsterdam call its Golden Age (in the 17th century), this museum highlights more prosperous times when Amsterdam was the richest city in the world.

There is even a museum for kids. The NEMO museum focuses on science and technology and offers children four floors of experiments and exhibitions to explore. This giant, green, boat-shaped building is easy to spot.


No trip to Amsterdam is complete without a tour of the canals. Bearing a striking similarity to Venice, Amsterdam has a landscape swirled with waterways. The four main city center canals are Prinsengracht, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Singel; however, smaller versions are found throughout Amsterdam.

Because the canals take you right up to much of the city’s stunning architecture, they are the perfect way to tour the sites. This is why many cruise lines, including Holland America, offer canal excursions. With towering church steeples, majestic buildings and apartments built with strict space-saving engineering, Amsterdam is truly home to the brownstones found so commonly in New York City. Called Canal Houses, you’ll see these remarkable structures dotted all over Amsterdam.

One site you’ll certainly want to view is the Centraal Station. Easily mistaken for a palace by tourists, the twin clock towers (one is actually a chronometer) are just part of its magnificence. Made of red stone, the Centraal Station is adorned with architectural adornments including carvings and spires. It is truly amazing!

Tulips in Full Bloom

According to some accounts, tulips made their way from their native Russia to Holland in 1562. The original color of the tulip is red. However, through pre-engineering and a few accidents, the Dutch crossbred an entire rainbow of colors including yellow, orange, purple, pink and white plus variegated and other varieties.

After many years of bulb development, tulips finally became a prosperous trade for Holland. In fact, tulips became so quickly acclimated to the atmosphere and thrived so gloriously that Holland (especially Amsterdam) is now known as the tulip capital of the world.

From lavish gardens filled with tulips and other blooms to the Artis Zoo to splendid buildings, Amsterdam offers both education and entertainment for the entire family.

Travel destinations: Amsterdam – Part 1

Whenever I arrive in Amsterdam I truly become Alice in Wonderland. It is the greatest feeling in the world.

I first stumbled upon my Wonderland aged 20. It was the summer of 2002 and I decided to travel to Denmark to pick strawberries on a farm. It seemed like a good idea at the time but after nearly a week of having conversations in my head (no one spoke a word of English) and eating virtually nothing but strawberries, I packed up camp and headed cross-country, back to Copenhagen with no idea what to do. I knew I couldn’t very well go back to England since I had told everyone I’d be gone for a few months I would of felt like a failure to arrive back after a week.

Somehow I found myself buying a one way ticket to The Dam. I had just enough money for the flight and a little to keep me going for a few days, but after that I had no idea what would happen. I had no plan B. All I did know was that I had heard that a girl who had been a few years above me at school was living there and working in one of the most famous bars/coffeeshops, The Grasshopper. I had never spoken to her but I seem to remember that I had no doubt that I would find her. Like I said, I had no plan B therefore I had no expectation of any kind of failure.

I will never forget the moment when I emerged from Centraal Station on that warm June evening. After living in silence, in a tent surrounded by horny Spaniards in Denmark, the noise, the smells, the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam was a gift from God. Always trust your instincts anywhere you go.

So, after finding a cheap hostel I ventured through the beautiful city to find The Grasshopper. Somehow in Amsterdam, things often just work out. Good things will happen to you if you have courage in your convictions. I walked into the Grasshopper and immediately recognised the girl behind the bar as my old school associate, and she recognised me, which made things even better.

Within a couple of days I had managed to find a waitressing job in an Argentinian steak house. It is easy to find casual work in Amsterdam if you arrive early in the summer season. It helps if you have a SoFi number (a social identification number which any EU national can obtain very easily, all you need is your passport. If you do not belong to an EU country don’t panic, you can very easily find work such as cleaning hostel dorms where you will usually work 4-5 hours a day in return for your bed. Then all you need is food and entertainment money!

Where To Stay In Amsterdam

If you have been planning a holiday for a long time then the most important thing to agree on, aside from where you are going to go on holiday, is where you are going to stay for the time that you are there. The best way to see what a city has on offer in terms of accommodation is to scour the Internet for holiday accommodation sites. These websites specialize in specific cities so you can be rest assured that wherever you stay will be a place you will be happy with.

You do not want to arrive at your hotel in Amsterdam to find that it is not what you intended. Most travel websites carry pictures of the accommodation on offer you will be able to see exactly what you are getting yourself into.

You should also keep in mind the type of holiday you want when booking accommodation. Amsterdam is a city that is filled with so many different facets that you will have to choose your accommodation wisely.

If you are looking for a holiday that is filled with as much night life as possible then it would be in your best interests to find a hotel which is situated in close walking distance to the hub of the city. By hub, we mean the area that is renowned for the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Although Amsterdam is blessed with abundant nightlife, there are some areas that are more renowned for this than others.

On the other hand, if you are more into touristy things like museums and flower parks then you may wish to find yourself a hotel. Most hotels will arrange day tours to see the different historical areas of the city so you do not have to worry too much about where you stay in relation to everything else. The area you cover will be quite vast, but you will be in the company of a tour guide or a coach driver.

Having a candle lit dinner on the canals at sunset is a must no matter who you are. Even if you plan on partying up a storm in Amsterdam, you have to experience at least this. The cruises will not take up too much of your precious time so you will not miss too much of the famous Amsterdam nightlife.

When booking your accommodation, you can choose between hotels, backpackers or self-catering holiday rentals. It all depends on your budget and how much privacy and freedom you wish to have while you are there. The best place to visit in terms of nightlife is Nomads. This is the current toast of the town and will lead you to party places you have never experienced before. Just make sure you know where you are staying before trying to return home at 4am.

Comfort And Tranquility In Budget Hotels Amsterdam

Art is part of Amsterdams culture, several museums and historic houses can be found in the town. Anne Frank House is very popular in the entire world because in this place, Anne Frank wrote her famous daily. Dont miss the opportunity of visit it. Book any Budget Hotels Amsterdam in the downtown, majority of Amsterdams attractions are close to the downtown.

If you want to save money, you ought to rent a bike to get around in Amsterdam. However, there are different ways to move in the city. Centraal Station connects the entire town by buses, trams and trains. Be punctual or youll miss your ticket. Please, dont forget to buy a chain if you pretend to rent a bicycle.

During the year, Amsterdam offers a variety of cultural events and festivals. The most famous are Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival (9 – 20 April 2008), Queensday (Every year 30 April), Art Amsterdam (7 – 12 May 2008), Amsterdam Literary Festival (16 – 18 May 2008), Vondelpark Open Air Theater (1 June – 24 August 2008), Amsterdam Roots Festival (Mid – June 2008), Amsterdam International Fashion Week (19 – 27 July 2008), Grachtenfestival (16 – 27 August 2008), etc.

Plan your visit according to the festival that you want to enjoy. Always remember to book Budget Hotels Amsterdam. If you dont speak Dutch, you will need to speak English to communicate in Amsterdam. Approximately 85% of the population speaks English, German and French.

Nightlife in the Red Light District is popular both for tourists and for residents. Here, prostitution is legalized and the sell of soft drugs (marijuana) is permitted. Red Light District also has an attractive architecture, atypical squares and a vibrant cosmopolitan mix of inhabitants. Amsterdam will come true your dreams visit it and stay in Budget Hotels Amsterdam.

Finding A Great Place To Stay In Amsterdam!

However, you will be surprised to know that Amsterdam is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and boasts one of the most exciting nightlives.

If you happen to find yourself in Amsterdam then the best thing you can do for yourself is to find accommodation as close to the city centre as humanly possible. This is where you will see the best of the city. The problem, however, is that the city is so vast that wherever you stay you will be missing out on something somewhere else in the city. That is the beauty of a city like Amsterdam.

Some of the most popular accommodation places in Amsterdam are the backpackers and small holiday apartments. This is due to the fact that most of the tourists are younger and are therefore traveling on smaller budgets, or more accurately are those who wish to spend their money on having a good time on not on a bed to sleep in at night.

Although this may seem wise, there is no substitute for good night’s sleep if you have been out the whole day and still wish to party. Amsterdam has all the world class accommodation one would come to expect from a world class city. It has all the top hotels in the world as well as a wide variety of self-catering and holiday rental apartments. By being at the centre of Europe, Amsterdam offers more than most other cities.

There is plenty to do in Amsterdam during the day. You can do the typical touristy things like take trips down the canal at dinnertime to see the sunset. This is one of the most beautiful things to do in Amsterdam. There are also so many museums and flower parks to choose from that the choice of what to do during the day will not be an easy one.

It is at night, however, that Amsterdam comes alive and when you see people from all walks of life emerging from the cracks ready for another big night on the town. These are the people who generally stay in the backpackers and lower budget accommodation. So if you want to be a part of this side to Amsterdam then there is no better place to stay than in the backpackers. This is where you will meet some of the most interesting people with different stories. Although most of these people will be students, you will also find older travelers who want to know what it is like to feel young again.

Amsterdam is one of the most underrated cities in the world. If you have not already been there then you should get onto a travel site right now and book your accommodation. It is not as pricey as you may expect, especially with so much budget accommodation available.

A Wonderful Day In A Budget Hotel Amsterdam

When you visit a new country, which is what you expect? Generally, people want to life new adventures. Amsterdam can offer to you this and more. If you pretend to visit Holland for many days, a Budget Hotel Amsterdam is a good alternative to stay in the city. Now, it is time explore the Netherlands.

You ought to take a walk through the Vondelpark. This green space has 120 acres of gardens where Dutch people and tourist can enjoy free concerts, open air theater and other performances.

Amsterdam is a cultural city, if you want to know the major museums of Amsterdam and save time and money. You should visit the Museumplein. It is the name for three of Amsterdam’s most renowned museums, which are all situated near one another. They are Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum.

A good idea is find a Budget Hotel Amsterdam in the downtown. This decision will help you a lot because all the interesting places in Amsterdam are located specifically in the city centre.

Fortunately, transportation in Amsterdam is first class. The train service is punctual and this kind of transport connects the town, therefore, is very easy to find the place you’re looking for. Another option to move around Amsterdam is renting a bike, obviously if the distance is not too long. You will contribute with the ecology with this option.

The only bad in Amsterdam is the food. It doesnt have too much variety and some restaurants are expensive so you can eat in your Budget Hotel Amsterdam for less money. Maybe you can get a map there.

Finally, a visit to Amsterdam not is complete unless you go to the coffee shop. They are traditional in the city and many tourists visit them because adults can legally purchase and consume cannabis. Be careful.