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Taking Your Partner To Amsterdam

When you are on holiday, it does not mean that you should stop being yourself. In fact, being on holiday with your girlfriend means that you will be spending all your time with her so she will have more opportunity to get mad with you if you step out of line. There are some things that you can do, however, that should keep her happy. This will allow you to enjoy your trip to Amsterdam without getting into too much trouble.

The first thing that you can do to avoid a fight is to let her choose where you be staying. There is quite a wide range of places that you could stay in Amsterdam, so you will be spoiled for choice. You can let your girlfriend choose all on her own, but then you run the risk of her saying that you did not put any effort into it. If you choose by yourself, then she will feel left out. The key to success is finding the right balance. If you source a few hotels that you think will do the trick, and then let her choose, then she will have it in her mind that she was the decision-maker. There are a few good points to this. Firstly, you will keep her happy. Secondly, you will be staying in a place that you are comfortable with.

Now that you have the accommodation sorted, you have to think about where you would like to eat. Keep in mind that you will be eating at least three times a day if not more so you will have a lot of pleasing to do. Luckily for you Amsterdam is tremendously cosmopolitan so finding food that you both like to eat will not be that hard. If your other half is a vegetarian then try not to take her to the back room of a butchery because you feel like a rare steak. Just use common sense and everything will go smoothly. Nobody knows her better than you, so it’s up to you to just remember what she likes.

If you manage to keep the peace with regards to food and accommodation, then the rest of your holiday will be a breeze. Keep the details in mind when you are out on the town. Amsterdam has a great nightlife, so when you find yourself in a nightclub try not to make it too obvious when you are ogling the other girls. Always make sure you give your girlfriend all the attention she needs, open doors to restaurants and cabs for her and never let her think you are only buying yourself a drink and not for her. If you stick to the basics, then you will wake up every morning in your hotel room bed looking forward to another day of great fun and games in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Alternative to Hotels

Think Amsterdam and you might envision Old-World buildings nestled around curving canals, the bright lights of downtown’s Red Light District and a host of cultural opportunities awaiting the avid tourist. With so much to do, where should you stay?

Amsterdam offers a housing option that few European cities can boast – houseboats.

Why deal with a noisy hotel when you can float peacefully on your own private boat?

Having visions of sleeping in bunks and taking turns at a leaky head? Have no fear. Amsterdam houseboats are built like miniature yachts and offer their guests every amenity a hotel can provide – and more. Amsterdam houseboats are built with living rooms complete with entertainment systems, kitchens, spacious bedrooms, and real bathrooms (No claustrophobic water closets here.) Some houseboats also include terraces and even mini gardens where guests may sit, relax, and watch the activity on the waterway.

When choosing an Amsterdam houseboat for rent, you’ll want to make sure you’re near the center of town, not docked so far away that you’ll need a bus or taxi to take you to your touring destination. On Prinsengracht Canal, in the heart of Amsterdam’s charming and popular Jordaan Quarter, is docked “The Astarte Temple” Nearby is the Noorderkerk Marketplace and some of Amsterdam’s famous night-clubs, cafés, shops and galleries. “The Lilly Houseboat” also waits to take weary travelers away from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam’s busy streets, and then back again the next day.

Located close to the newly renovated Westerpark, “The Lilly Houseboat” is within walking distance of the shops and Cantraal Station. “The Nina Houseboat” has been recently renovated and is docked just outside the city’s center. Guests on the “Nina” will enjoy beautiful views and still be close to the Waterloosquare, Rembrandtsquare and the longest market in the Netherlands. Downtown Amsterdam is a short 10-minute bicycle ride away.

When renting a houseboat, plan your vacation well in advance and plan to stay for a while. Smaller houseboats begin with three-day rentals while the larger luxury boats may require monthly commitments. However long you plan to stay, plan to relax and let the gentle sway of the canals rock you to sleep in your own Amsterdam houseboat.

This location is very popular worldwide and citizens here like their stay, the unsurpassed stay offered by this station. The region is not greatly costly also and you group with lesser budgets can enjoy their stay. Always believe renting one of numerous stylish apartments. Holiday lodging rental is a relaxing and more affordable choice touring this part families and travelers with pets should check with their travel agents to secure that all the rentals are secured before leaving home, People would love to take up a Travel provided their accommodation is affordable. There are zillions holidaymakers from all over the planet visiting to this amazing and amazing and revel for their holiday here with is complete of fun and enjoyment so start your journey today.

The history of Amsterdams red – Part 1

The Dutch are moral realists. They don’t believe that making so-called vices illegal will cause them to go away, or result in fewer people indulging in them. In the Netherlands, both prostitution and the purchase and smoking of marijuana are legal, based on the theory that since many people will pursue these activities anyway, you might as well create safe and comfortable venues for them.

When I visited the 800-year-old red-light district, or Rossebuurt, of Amsterdam in 1984, I was coming from a city well-known in the U.S. for its moral liberalism: San Francisco. Yet even in San Francisco, as in every other town and city in America, prostitution is against the law. Sex workers either hide away, reachable only by phone or the Internet, or they lurk on street corners in the seedier parts of town, where they are the victims of beatings, robberies, murder, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. In contrast, Amsterdam red-light prostitutes pay taxes, have access to medical care if they want it, and even have their own union and information center.

Like other tourists, I was amazed at the apparent cleanliness and orderliness of the sex worker industry in Amsterdam. Here were prostitutes in alluring outfits openly offering sex to tourists and locals from the windows and glass doors of their one-room apartments. I was surprised that there was a 14th century church, the Oudekerk or Old Church, in the same historic neighborhood that featured brothels, sex shops, sex clubs, and marijuana and sex museums. And I was amused by the Disneyland-like atmosphere of the prostitutes’ colorful, brightly lit bedrooms facing an otherwise ordinary street.

But in the intervening years since I visited, clouds have appeared in the controlled atmosphere of Amsterdam’s red-light district. Not everybody in Amsterdam approves of prostitution, and there is discrimination against them, particularly economic discrimination. There are also many illegal immigrants working as prostitutes. According to Amsterdam vice cops, two main groups of human traffickers now flourish in the area and try to take advantage of young women by forcing them into prostitution. Many of these women are lured to Amsterdam from Eastern Europe. A 2004 Amsterdam study found that many prostitutes are not independent workers and have a pimp who is either a former boyfriend (called a “loverboy”) or involved in human trafficking (called a “Turk”).

For the past five years, Amsterdam has

10 Things For Families To Do In Amsterdam

Your Amsterdam is – Amazing, Marvelous, Sensuous, Terrific, Excellent, Ravishing, Darling, Arresting, Magnificent! It really is a fantastic vacation destination for the architecture lovers where each monument stands better than the other. Its stunning structural designs, striking mansion houses, exquisite canals, big shopping malls, and elegant hotels just make it the most desired tourist destination.

The Dutch capital has lots of charms, something for every traveler’s taste. You can have complete fun and do lots of things in the city, if you are out to take family vacation in Amsterdam. You may start your Amsterdam exploration from DAM SQUARE, which is typically the first port of call for tourists, located in the historical center of Amsterdam, south of the main transportation hub, Centraal Station. It is famous for its notable buildings and frequent events.

Leidseplein, a lively square situated in central Amsterdam, is one of the busiest hubs for nightlife. You can enjoy nice night out at the square and the surrounding streets, full of bars, restaurants, outdoor cafes, theaters, dance clubs, are nice places for hang out. Street performers and fire eaters are major attractions of the square, which is located in the southwest of the central (canal) district, immediately northeast of the Singelgracht canal.

If you are art lover, visit the Stedelijk Museum (City/Urban Museum), located at Museum Square (Museumplein), close to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. The museum is home to the city’s modern and contemporary art from the 19th century till the present day, and features the works of Picasso and Monet.

Jordaan, a district in Amsterdam is famous for fine streets, charming canals, brown coffee shops, and exclusive shops. It is home to many art galleries, particularly for modern art. You really can have nice time out at this place and its neighborhood, which is also studded with specialty shops and restaurants, and markets.

The real tourist magnet, Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square) is perfect place to enjoy real Dutch nightlife. The vibrant square is particularly famous for nightlife, reputable diamond dealers and the unavoidable tacky souvenir shops. It’s your place for excellent night clubs, gay venues, public houses, eating places, coffee shops, cafés, and hotels. Here, you can find typical chock-a-block Dutch pubs and Dutch music.

Situated in the Pijp district, the Albert Cuypmarkt is the best place for shopping. It is possibly the most familiar and most engaged outdoor marketplace in Europe. Surrounded by lots of pleasant cafes and small shops, the place attracts thousands of visitants each day; particularly popular on Saturdays. There are more than 300 stalls offering goods ranging from fresh produce, to clothes, to odds and ends, with the cheapest prices in Amsterdam.

Right in the center of the city, Artis Zoo is the oldest zoo of Holland. It comprises four main areas including Zoo, Planetarium, Botanical Gardens and Geological and Zoological museum. It’s your place for watching varieties of old trees and statues of modern artists, geological & zoological wonders, and enjoying trips trough the universe at Planetarium.

Hortus Botanicus is a gigantic botanical garden established in 1632. It has 6000 plants and some of the plants are truly unique as 2000 years old agave cactus. It is near to Artis – Amsterdam ZOO, and remains a pleasing oasis of tranquility in the tiring and busy Amsterdam centre.

You can also enjoy shopping in Dutch style and visiting some of its famed street markets named as Albert Cupy, Waterlooplein, Bloemenmarkt Flower Market or Dappermarkt. Your trip to Amsterdam just wouldn’t be complete without visiting a Windmill. There are 8 eye-catching windmills in at the heart of the city just waiting to admire. Don’t forget to take your camera with you!

Celebrate Christmas in Amsterdam

If you have ever wanted to celebrate the Christmas season in a brand new and interesting place, you might want to think about celebrating Christmas in Amsterdam.

An Amsterdam city break is a great idea if you want to spend the Christmas season somewhere new. First of all, it is going to have a slightly cooler climate, which means that you will still feel as if you are in the middle of the winter. Yet, it will be much more mild, meaning that you can still enjoy walking and biking around the city, as well as traveling on the canal. These are the best parts about Amsterdam, so you want to be sure that you can do them during your visit.

Christmas City Breaks in Amsterdam

There are many great things about celebrating Christmas in Amsterdam. First of all, there are several churches that you can visit no matter what your particular affiliation is. This means that you will be able to still enjoy your favorite holiday services, without having to worry about not being in you home church. There are several religious monuments and shrines that you can visit during your stay, which will make your Christmas even more memorable.

The part of spending Christmas in Amsterdam that you will most likely enjoy the most is the fact that the city is one that is always wide open, welcoming, and full of joy. For the Christmas season, there will be carolers, Christmas parties, pageants, and celebrations no matter where you are going within the city. Not only that, but these celebrations are all very welcoming, which means you will be able to enjoy them no matter who you might be or why you might be in the city.

Amsterdam Christmas Breaks

While you are in Amsterdam for Christmas, be sure to rent a bike and ride through the streets. Also, a visit to the house of Anne Frank is a must for anyone who is in the city at any time. You will want to stroll along the canal, and visit all of the historical monuments that you can find along it. And be sure to stop into the small café s and coffee shops to get a taste of what Amsterdam is all about. You will be able to enjoy each moment of your Christmas season if you spend it in Amsterdam. The people are friendly, the houses are warm and safe, and you will feel as if you are directly in the middle of the joy of the season.

Amsterdam A City For Everyone

However, just relaxing nowadays is no longer good enough. We know that as busy people, we find it hard to do nothing for extended periods of time. You therefore need a holiday destination that will help you get away from it all and also give to the holiday of a lifetime in one of the quaintest cities around today.

Amsterdam has a lot to offer any type of traveller. There is the low budget accommodation for the younger travellers or for those who are travelling alone across the world. There are the top class hotels and the self-catering holiday apartments that appeal more to families. The bottom line is that there is somewhere to stay in Amsterdam no matter what your preferences.

If you are looking for a bit of culture while you are relaxing then Amsterdam has plenty of this to offer. Amsterdam’s most famous museum is the Rijksmuseum. This is where you will be able to see many masterpieces, including paintings by both Rembrandt and Vermeer. If this is not enough art to whet your appetite then you should head over to the Vincent van Gogh Museum where you will be able to learn all you’ve ever wanted about this artist anomaly. You can also get a taste of fresher art at the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art. For a more solemn historical visit, you should see Anne Frank’s house that still stands as a monument to the Jewish families that were snatched out of their homes by the Nazis during World War II.

Amsterdam also provides the complete extreme to historical culture although still very much a part of the Amsterdam culture. The city’s Red Light District is arguably the most famous in the world. Even if it is not exactly your cup of tea, you should take a walk through there at night and pop into a few of the bars and nightclubs. This is where you will see a nightlife that you will never see again. The streets are very safe and are crammed with tourists from all walks of life, especially in the summer months when the weather is still mild.

Dam Square will provide you will a true Amsterdam buzz and once again, this area is packed both day and night with people looking for fun. The fun is scattered throughout Amsterdam. Therefore, no matter where you decide to find accommodation, it should not make too much difference. The public transport is first class so you will have no problem getting to wherever you need to go. The earlier you book, the cheaper your holiday will be. So if you have not yet booked, you should do so.

Travel destinations: Amsterdam – Part 2

The Capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has many sights to see. Amsterdam offers many options for vacation plans regardless of whether you are traveling alone, with friends or with your family.


Offering museums such as Rijksmuseum, the “Stedelijk Museum, “Rembrandt House Museum, “Van Gogh Museum and the “Anne Frank House, to name a few, offer a variety of tours to entertain young and old alike.

Traveling with Children

For those traveling with children, the Artis (Natura Artis Magistra) is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands, founded in 1838. The Artis offers a Planetarium as well as a museum. You can also see various animal habitats, an African Savannah, an aquarium and is accessible year round by tram, train, and metro or canal boat.

With nearly forty acres, the zoo is home to approximately seven hundred species including amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals, and insects.

Biking in Amsterdam

Because of the narrowness of the streets of Amsterdam and the high cost of parking, this is a great tourist destination for those who love to ride bikes, as the area is bike friendly’, offering bike paths, and bike racks throughout the city. Interestingly enough there are more than one million bicycles in the city of Amsterdam.


Amsterdam offers two universities, the University of Amsterdam and Free University as well as the art school, De Rietveldacademi and research institutes primarily for social history.


For those who love to shop, Amsterdam offers a variety of open air markets. The Albert Cuyp market is a great open air food market. Waterlooplein which lies just south of the Rembrandt House Museum, offers food. Cloth is offered at the Dappermarkt. Amsterdam is home to the famous (and only) floating flower market, Bloemenmarkt.


Amsterdam is home to the world-class symphony orchestra (The Concertgebouworkest). They make their home at the Concertgebouw concert hall. There are a variety of other concert halls that offer shows that everyone is sure to enjoy.


While Amsterdam may be one of Europe’s smaller capitals, it has much to offer visitors. Amsterdam is home to perhaps one of the most famous systems of canals. They spread over the whole city.

Amsterdam has a variety of attractions to keep your entire group entertained. You will be busy during your trip there, be sure to visit the “Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board to plan your itinerary. With so much to offer you will not want to miss anything!

Amsterdam – enjoy treasures of art and history in a bicycle ride

The early days
Amsterdam was founded as a fishing village around the thirteenth century. During the 14th, but especially the 15th century, Amsterdam underwent a rapid development, which laid the foundation for the Golden Age, when the city became the staple market of the world. The year 1672 was a year of disaster for the Dutch Republic with the French and English attacking simultaneously. Nevertheless, Amsterdam managed to consolidate its prosperity during the period 1672-1795 and managed to retain its position as the financial center of Europe. During the French occupation (1795-1813), Amsterdam suffered badly from the economic recession, a state of affairs reflected by the stagnation of the demographic development. The period 1813-1940 is marked by economic recovery and, from 1870 onwards, by expansion and a rapid population growth, as result of the Industrial Revolution which triggered off a New Golden Age. Shortly before the First World War the city began expanding and new suburbs were built, but in 1940 Germans installed a Nazi civilian government in Amsterdam that cooperated in the persecution of Jews, throwing again the country in misery.
Any time can be the best time to visit Amsterdam. The peak of the tourist season is around Easter and July-August, when the weather is the finest. Weather, however, is never really extreme, and if you’re one of the growing numbers who favor off-season travel, you’ll find the city every bit as attractive during these months. Not only are airlines, hotels, and restaurants cheaper and less crowded during this time, but there are also some very appealing events going on. Winters are rarely extremely cold, and sheltering in the cosy pubs will give you a chance to meet “real” Dutch. The cultural season is in full swing between September and May.

Streets breathing history and culture
Amsterdam has a broad spectrum of recreational and cultural sights that range from fascinating old buildings, but of all this mosaic, museums are the main tourist attraction. Everyone knows the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum, but there is much, much more.
The pinnacle of sophistication and home to the three major and most important museums in Amsterdam is the Museum quarter (Museumplein), an art lover’s paradise which boasts the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art and the Van Gogh Museum. Without doubt, any culture vulture will be in their element in this recently renovated quarter. Also, in amongst the stylish hotels and cafés, lays the majestic Concertgebouw, renowned the world over for its breathtaking acoustics and locally, for its free lunch time classical concerts. The Museum quarter is arguably the cultural hub of the city, offering a kaleidoscope of activities and attractions. A stroll down the exclusive P.C. Hooftstraat, Pieter Cornelisz or Van Baerlestraat will take the you into some of the world’s most chic couture houses.
If you seek the natural beauties of Amsterdam, this botanical garden will surely reveal them to you – Amsterdam’s Hortus has from way back been known as “the town’s pride and joy”, an oasis of peace and beauty at the very centre of the bustling city. Established in 1638 as a herb garden for Amsterdam’s doctors and pharmacists, the garden is almost 400 years old and it has more than 6000 plants, some of them really unique, as 2000 years old agave cactus. The Museum of Life (“Museum van het Leven”) will tell you the history of life on Earth by very attractive means, and after visiting the zoo, the Geological Museum, the Zoological Museum, the Plant Houses, the Aquarium or the Planetarium are ready to reveal you ancient secrets.
As for the events you should not miss if you get to Amsterdam this summer, the 10th annual edition of the “Comedytrain International Festival” features the very finest in English language stand-up comedy, for six weeks in July and August. With the likes of Adam Hills (Australia), Eddie Bannon (Ireland), Adam Bloom (UK), Paul Provenza (US) and Ron Vaudry (Canada), you will leave Toomler in stitches, guaranteed. Beginning with the 11 of August, for five days, special locations in the heart of Amsterdam form the backdrop for more than 80 classical concerts, as the “Grachtenfestival” catches the public attention. The concerts can be enjoyed in houses and gardens of hospitable local inhabitants and in concert halls, historic buildings, museums and out of doors in the area around Prinsengracht.

A hippie heaven
And because shopping is one of the tourists favorite ways of discovering the city, you will find that there are several “shopping corridors” in the city and each one has it’s own charms and specialties. The first one is Nieuwedijk-Kalverstraat, a 1km pedestrian area full of shops, with no traffic other than a constant stream of tourists, students, scholars, excursionists and locals. On the other side of the square you will enter the Kalverstraat, the place where all mainstream brand names have one or more stores. In addition to this, flower markets, bicycles, restaurants, everywhere. If you like a little more luxury, the Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat is where you can do some serious damage to your credit card. As the evening falls, Amsterdam starts to sparkle, especially on the nice spring and summer days. While all cinemas and theaters are busy, city clubs, cafés and restaurants are full of joyful, friendly crowd. Between dips into artistic and historical treasures, be sure to take time out to absorb the freewheeling spirit of Europe’s most vibrant city.

Amsterdam Restaurants

Amsterdam Restaurants ( ) sure know how to spoil your taste buds, whether it’s the modest herring – made in the finest spices, or may it be the classic French Haute Cuisine. Of course all of us want to have good food, but not all can afford to empty our pockets on fancy cuisines. So, in keeping this fact in mind, I have tried to focus moderate prices still featuring good food.

The major aspects which one should keep in check are the whether the service provided is swift; if my curiosity regarding the menus was properly responded to; the presentation of the food, were my needful logistics met with generosity and humbleness, the taste and quality of; and lastly, Price-Point compared to value.

Most of the Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam offer good quality food in fewer prices. There are also exclusive ones, like Same Sebo.

Amsterdam Restaurant:
Based in a century-old water-pumping station, with diesel-powered engine, the Amsterdam has taken this monument of Victorian industrial good taste and made of it a model of contemporary good eats. Food is offered with a warm welcome and hospitality in brightly lit, former pumping hall, which had been so carefully leaned by the water workers that some of its stylish beautification didn’t even need repainting. It offers fabulous food at a refined cost, not to mention, the fried sweetbreads and half lobster with six Zeeland oysters are a specialty. The Amsterdam, though far from the Center, but tram ride would make it worth an adventure. Cafe Amsterdam, with the great ambience turns out to be the best place for families to be at on Sunday nights, which is a family night, also with a special menu for kids. They have 2 locations. The location on nuewespiegalstrat also serves lunch.

De L’Europe Restaurant – one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants under chef Jean-Jacques Menanteau’s Michelin-star cuisine, and superb service is indeed a place woth dining at. Crystal chandeliers, elaborate moldings, crisp linens, fresh bouquets of flowers, picture windows and soft music is played on the grand piano with great views on the Amstel River, epitomize this typically magnificent restaurant. They offer mouth-watering meals, aided by a meticulous and tactful staff, and even has a dress-code(jackets for men). If not affordable, try the three-course middagmenu (lunch menu), or the menu du théâtre (theater menu) in the evening, both of which make fine dining more reasonable. The menu includes foie gras, Dutch specialty smoked eel with dill, and marinated sweetbreads of lamb with salad to start with, filet of halibut with caper sauce or filet of veal with leek sauce as main courses, and desserts like French pastries, orange pie with frozen yogurt, and raspberry bavaroise with mango sauce.

Restaurant Café In De Waag:
Restaurant-Café In de Waag is an ideal place in the heart of Amsterdam for a lunch, reception, meeting or dinner. This magnificent historic building with an informal interior design, is indeed an affordable and yet

Restaurant Vijaya
Indian restaurant – Vijaya, located near the Amsterdam Central Station, offers great Indian food.

Japans Restaurant Hosokawa:
In a well-decorated dining area with a Japanese touch – the Teppan-Yaki restaurant, there are seven tables, each seating a maximum of ten people. A special part of the restaurant is arranged as a sushi bar. With extended opening hours, it is now possible to eat sushi during lunchtime. Interestingly, one can even see how sushi is made It is also possible to order sushi whilst dining in the restaurant.

Also famous Indian dishes like tandoori chicken, lam tikka masala , prawn rogan josh to our chef’s specialties.
For more information about Amsterdam Restaurants visit:

5 Days In Amsterdam

All was still. Around one hundred people had settled in the rest room for the overnight ferry crossing from Hull to Holland. It was pitch black and the only sounds were the faint humming of the engines and the odd snorer.

All the seats had been snapped up so I found myself lying in a vacant space on the floor with a couple of mates trying to get comfortable. About five minutes had passed and I could feel myself about to drop off.

You could hear a pin drop. Then my mate farted. It began as a kind of muffled snort and developed into a full crescendo. The whole process must have taken at least five seconds. I struggled for a moment, trying to contain my laughter. Eventually I had to leave the room, quickly followed by my two mates.

After docking in Holland we were ushered onto a waiting coach for the one-hour drive to Amsterdam. The landscape was full of all the quintessential things that make Holland so unique.

Windmills were liberally scattered throughout the land. Wonderful white structures whose arms spun endlessly in the wind. The undramatic flat countryside seemed to stretch forever. In fact, over a third of Holland lies below sea level.

The coach dropped us off in the heart of Amsterdam, deep amongst the network of canals that divide this old city into a million different pieces. We found ourselves stood outside the central train station debating our accommodation options. We had decided beforehand to wait until our arrival until finding a hotel.

Just as we were getting anxious, a middle-aged woman approached us. She walked with a swagger and wore an air of confidence.

“Are you lads looking for a room?” she asked in broken English.

“Yes,” we all replied simultaneously. We sensed a solution to our predicament was imminent.

“I have a bed and breakfast not far from here, just two stops on the underground. Would you like a room?”

The hotel was reasonable enough. A twenty-minute walk and we were back in town with all the other tourists, walking round in circles trying to get a bearing.

Amsterdam is a truly surreal place. Legalising cannabis has certainly raised an eyebrow from the rest of the world and is regarded with a certain fascination. As we sampled the local delicacy, one day pretty much blended into another like some sort of hazy dream. Before we knew it we were back home contemplating a quite bizarre vacation.