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Begin Your Vacations In Amsterdam Hotels

Europe is a small continent but with many countries. Holland is located in the North of Europe and Amsterdam is the main city of the country. Its time to explore Amsterdam.

A week is enough to discover all Amsterdam attractions. Remember, you are in a different country, follow the rules and avoid problems. For example: dont walk in bicycle lanes, dont smoke in public areas, drive your car with care, etc. Always is better to prevent than lament.

If you have questions, ask information in Amsterdam Hotels. Dont forget to change your money to Euros. It is the most common currency accepted by the European Community. Dutch is the national language of the Netherlands. If you dont speak Dutch, you should know that everybody in Amsterdam speak English, German and French.

Amsterdam has a good reputation in Europe. The city is safe and there is nothing to fear when walking in any part of the town. However, don’t leave your possessions unattended, especially if you are in bike. Bicycle theft is common in the capital. When you rent a bike, rent or buy a lock too.

Do you know what the symbol of Holland is? Probably yes. Tulips are the answer. Amsterdam has a small museum about tulips. This place is located in near to the Anne Frank House. There, youll see a fascinating multimedia presentation about the history of tulip. Tickets are cheap come and have a good time.

At night the children do not have to stay at the hotel, unless you want to visit the Red Light District. Pubs, night clubs, coffee shops are open all the night. Fortunately, Amsterdam Hotels are located in the downtown near to the Holland attractions.

Finally you should visit Ajax museum. Ajax is the most famous soccer team of the Netherlands with more international holdings.

Cultural Sights In Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a wealth of culture that has been revealed this year with its 2008 “Amsterdam Hidden Treasures” theme. It has proven itself to be an interesting and entertaining city with its wealth of arts, performance, history and fashion and it is well the most visited city in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam will keep any visitor entertained with their dam, semi-circular rings of canals crisscrossed by around 400 bridges and its many churches. These sights are highly worthwhile to spend time seeing, but the city is most famous for its museums. It is home to over fifty museums, including the renowned Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum. Some lesser known museums include the secret attic church, “Ons Lieve Heer op Solder,” the new Bag and Purse Museum, the Amsterdam Tulip Museum and Anne Frank House.

A visit to the Oude Kerk, which is an old church with little houses that cling to its sides, is recommended. Its architecture is interesting as it has an octagonal bell tower which is built in a Gothic-Renaissance style. Dam square is another interesting place to visit as it is home to the dam that lies at the center of the city, as well as the beautiful Royal Palace. The Palace was originally built in the 17th century as the town hall and was later converted by Napoleon into a palace. It is still used by the Queen for official functions and is open to the public during the summer months. One of Amsterdam’s hidden treasures can be found if you follow the narrow vaulted passageway that leads to Begijnhof. It is a quaint garden which is surrounded by old houses. It is host to a medieval church and the oldest house in Amsterdam.

You can take a boat cruise or canal tour along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. You can do a bike, boat or walking tour of the city that will show you many of the historical sights that there are to see. You can visit the Concert building. The Concertgebouw is said to have among the best acoustics in the world and to be home to one of the world’s greatest orchestras.

If you are visiting Amsterdam, you will have many accommodation options to choose from. You can stay in a luxury styled or a small boutique styled hotel. You can choose to stay in one of the hotels that can be found near a famous landmark or in one with a view over one of the canals. You can find self catering rental apartments that range from small single-roomed apartments to large luxury places situated along the banks of one of the canals. If you are a backpacker or have a tight budget, you may decide to stay in a youth cnter. These can generally be found conveniently located in the center of the city. During the summer months, campgrounds are opened. Some campgrounds offer bungalows in case of bad weather. Even though the campgrounds are outside the city, they are often in cycling distance from town so you can still visit the attractions.

The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Highly accessible by air, land or sea, the Amsterdam is basically one of Europe’s top destinations. Affordable flights from within Europe, as well as direct flights from outside of the continent are readily available with the service of Europe’s fourth largest airport – the Amsterdam airport Schiphol.

The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol sees itself as far more than an airport. As claimed on its miniguide, which is obtainable from the information desks of the airport, the Amsterdal airport Schiphol is the Netherlands newest city as it caters to an audience wider than the humble trekker.

What sets the Amsterdam airport Schiphol apart from the other European airports is that, it offers a number of great attractions. Included in the list are the casino, the sauna and massage service. There was even a time that one entrepreneur was interested in opening a discreet licensed brother at this Amsterdam airport, bur even the liberal Dutch required time on that.

Driving Directions

The Amsterdam airport Schiphol is actually situated off the A4 motorway, which connects the city of Amsterdam to The Haque, Netherland’s seat of government, and Rotterdam. The exit to the airport is clearly signposted.

Car Parking

There are two short-term car parks in the Schiphol: the P1 and P2. These two are both connected to the terminal and the Schiphol Plaza by covered walkways, and is recommended of stays for up to 48 hours. Aside from the short-term car parks, there is also an available long-term parking in the airport, at an open-air P3. This car park area is situated 4 kilometers from the terminal, and a 24-hour shuttle bus is servicing in this area to provide links between P3 and the terminal. A luxury car park is also available, including a valet service.

The Bad Marks and Plus Points of the Schiphol Airport

There are a number of reasons for choosing the Amsterdam airport Schiphol. One of those is the fact that all the offbeat attractions of the airport are housed under one roof, with none of the terminal hopping that causes minor panic in transfer passengers or sometimes confuses unwary first time users. Aside from that is the fact that every great things stems from the vast Schiphol Plaza, which is the central hall of this Amsterdam airport. It is actually the plaza which provides easy access to car parks and the conveniently located rail station. In addition, it is the plaza which places pressure on your wallet as it provides a number of shops, with 40 shops currently on record.

The Schiphol airport further scores highly for its catering service that is offered both before and after passport security. It is even noted for its great thoughtful touches like a nursery for people traveling with young children. What’s more, the Amsterdam airport Schiphol is just so close to the city of Amsterdam with good transport links. It even has the best viewing terrace designed and built for aircraft enthusiasts at any major European hub airport.

However, just like many other airports in different areas in the world, the Amsterdam airport Schiphol has a reputation for baggage handling problems that greatly affected transfer passengers. And, for many people, its business center which is located airside only serves as bad mark for the airport.

Don’t Make A Mistake, Book Any Budget Hotels Amsterdam

Located in the south of Amsterdam, Vondelpark is the bigger green area in the entire country. Vondelpark is within walking distance from the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum. With approximately 10 million visitors a year, the Vondelpark is the most famous park in the Netherlands, you must visit it. Diverse activities are developed in this park. If you have any question about the city, the staff of Budget Hotels Amsterdam will help you immediately.

Today, soccer is the sport with more adepts in the globe. The Netherlands has a competitive team that always plays at the end. Usually, this team plays with the following players: Van Der Sar (Manchester United), Boulahrouz (Seville), Ooijer (Blackburn), Mathijsen (Hamburg), Van Bronckhorst (Feyenoord), Heitinga (Ajax), De Jong (Hamburg), Sneijder (Real Madrid), Van Der Vaart (Hamburg), Afellay (PSV) and Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Real Madrid). Its pattern of play is (4 – 2 – 3 – 1). If you like soccer, you will enjoy Amsterdam as much as Budget Hotels Amsterdam.

Have you ever seen a Windmill? Holland is home of these popular landmarks. Any visit to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete if you don’t see the windmills. Unfortunately, majority of windmills are in reconstruction, just one receives visitors, it is the Sloten windmill. Even, Amsterdam has is own National Windmill Day (11 May). Now, you know where begin your exploration in Amsterdam, yes, Budget Hotels Amsterdam would be your first stop and then the way of the windmills.

If you are not European, don’t worry, Dutch people also speak English to communicate with visitors. Budget Hotels Amsterdam have professional service with all the facilities that you looking for. Invest your money visiting these hotels. Amsterdam will surprise you.

Budget Hotels Amsterdam, Perfect Lodgings

You are in Amsterdam, first than nothing; you must change your money to Euros. The official Netherlands currency is the Euro, don’t forget that. You can also exchange currency at the airport. Then, you will need a good hotel and there is not anything better than Budget Hotels Amsterdam, book a room in one of them. If you do these basic steps, it is time to explore the city.

Anne Frank house is a historic place in Amsterdam. Here, the popular Anne Frank wrote her renowned dairy during the World War II. She and her family lived hard months during the German occupation in Netherlands. If you have the chance to buy her book, buy it and you will appreciate this house much more. The house is located in the downtown, in the same place of the Budget Hotels Amsterdam.

Summer is the best season for visiting Amsterdam. Thousands of visitors explore the city with their bikes. Remember that Dutch people use this kind of vehicle even more than cars or another kind of transport. Usually, tourists also hire bicycles when they arrive to the town. It is a healthy habit that other cities and countries should imitate. If you ride bike during one hour you will have a good physical condition.

Walking in Amsterdam is another pleasant activity to discover the city. But, you will need a map; you can get one in any Budget Hotels Amsterdam. Bloemenmarkt Flower Market is the unique floating market in Netherlands where you can find a diversity of flowers and plants. The specialty is no doubt, the tulip. It is the national flower, recognized in the entire world.

Dutch have many habits that identified them. Visit Amsterdam and share experience with local people. Welcome to the Netherlands.

How to Use Bucket Shop Airfares: Very Carefully

Bucket shops, or “travel consolidators,” are travel agencies who have arrangements with specific airlines to sell international tickets for considerably less than the airline’s published fares.

You can indeed save money on bucket shop fares, and experience a completely successful trip abroad. However, this segment of the travel industry contains enough landmines that you should use bucket shops only if you follow the tips given in this article.

Although financially secure vendors like Priceline may match or exceed bucket shop international discounts, and provide you with a more comfortable purchasing experience, the bucket shop option is still worth exploring. Their tickets often permit you to change your destination or dates for a fee, which Priceline “Name your own price” tickets, for example, never allow.

But, study these guidelines and proceed with caution!

How to find a reputable bucket shop:

You may see ads for bucket shop airfares in major newspapers and on the Internet. However, even though the newspaper or website may have a good reputation, the bucket shop which advertises there could be at best, disorganized, and at worst, downright dishonest.

Over the years, I have heard many tales of fly-by-night, shady bucket shops (and have had run-ins with several myself), and so I use these only if I have a solid recommendation from:

• a friend who has used the same bucket shop over time,

• a report from the Better Business Bureau, or

• an article in a respected travel journal, such as Frommer’s Budget Travel.

One of the best sources for a reliable bucket shop referral is a friend from the same ethnic group as your destination. If it’s comfortable, ask your friend to obtain the price quotation. On many routes, travelers whose families originally came from the destination country get the lowest quotes.

A Cautionary Tale: Follow these tips before using bucket shops:

• If you are reside in the U.S., just use American bucket shops. It could be very difficult to pursue a transaction that turned sour if you use a foreign travel consolidator.

• Shops tend to specialize in specific countries. The one you use for Australia is not necessarily the one you want to use for Kenya.

• Bucket shop discounts excel at Asian, Australian, Middle Eastern, eastern European, and African destinations. Discounts are less competitive to western European cities, such as Amsterdam and Paris, because airlines frequently publish specials to these destinations.

• Realize that bucket shop advice may often be biased. Airlines that give bucket shops special deals expect them to push business their way. A bucket shop may not tell you if another shop sells a cheaper or more convenient itinerary.

• Request that quoted fares include all taxes and fees. Extra fees can be a way for a sketchy bucket shop to amp up the price considerably. So get the total price before making a reservation.

• Savings tend to be greatest when you deal with a company that writes its own tickets, instead of an agency that orders tickets from somewhere else. Confirm this with the agency. A good question is, “Can I pick up my ticket today?”

• Pay with a credit card. If the bucket shop turns out to be a scam, you may be able to stop payment with a credit card, but you can’t with cash.

• Ask to have their rules for canceling or changing flights in writing. These can be emailed or faxed to you if you cannot get to their office. Some bucket shop tickets may allow you to change flights and dates, others may not. Also, fees for changes may vary considerably.

• Try to buy travel on one airline (or its partners), with as few connections as possible. Any time you increase your number of connections or airlines, you increase your risk of complications, especially if you’re traveling with separate tickets for each airline.

Suppose you’re flying to Delhi via Moscow on separate airlines. If you miss your Delhi flight because the Moscow flight was late, the Delhi airline in Moscow may tell you it’s not responsible for re-booking fees, a hotel overnight, etc.

• In addition, bucket shop tickets are often marked “non-endorsable.” This means that if you miss a connection, you can’t be rerouted on another airline. On top of that, you may not have the visa required to leave the airport terminal if you have to wait a day or two. So it’s always best to fly with as few connections and airlines as possible.

• If possible, pick up your ticket at the bucket shop, instead of having it sent to you, so that you can examine it carefully before leaving the store. Make sure that you have coupons for each flight, correct dates, etc.

Have I scared you off?

Some bucket shops are reputable and some are not. I am not promoting them, nor am I saying to stay completely clear. I just want you to be armed with the best strategies for protecting yourself and setting up a comfortable trip when you find a reputable one. (And, remember – the best source is a trusted friend who has used the same bucket shop many times.)

Let’s say better safe than sorry, rather than better save than sorry!

Travel destinations: Amsterdam

Clinging bicycle bells welcomed us as we stepped out of Amsterdam’s Centraal Station into the cool late night air. The streets were buzzing with mingling tourists, smart cars and blue and white trams that roll down the centre of the main streets. An intimate network of small streets can be walked from one side to the other in 30 minutes. Carefully, of course, as there are 600,000 bicycles to contend with along the way. Webbed with weathered bridges and houseboat-lined canals, Amsterdam is a quaintly exotic oasis of culture. It is not only a city, but a way of life.

After a quick stop in St. Christopher’s Inn The Winston on Warmoestraat, our hostel and home for the weekend, we set out to explore our surroundings in the Red Light District. I felt a bit sad for the women dancing under the glow of seductive lights in large windows, on main streets and in alleyways, but maybe that’s just the feminist in me because they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Fat City, now a pool hall and pub, was our first stop. My parents met there long ago before it changed from a club and youth hostel where my dad was a DJ and my mom was a backpacker. Being in Amsterdam where coffeeshops dot every street, we stepped into a smoky den and then made our way past whispering drug dealers back to The Winston, where we spent the rest of the night dancing in the club run by the same management as the hostel.

The next morning, our first full day, we started with a hostel breakfast followed by tea at a caf called Bagels and Beans (coffee beans, that is) then the obligatory canal tour that starts outside the Heineken Experience. From there, we walked along the canal, up through the grassy space near the Van Gogh museum and got distracted with hot waffles, cherries, ice cream and Chocomels to wash it all down.

Eventually, we made it to Vondelpark, a welcoming green space with joggers, Frisbee players and more bikes. Back on the other side of town, we dined at a pancake house and walked through the Bloemenmarkt flower market before heading out for an unforgettable night at The Paradiso, a huge club converted from an old church.

In one room, we caught a show called The New Young Ones, which featured six hot new Dutch rock bands. In another room, the sold out Willy DeVille, bluesy rock that was around back when my mom saw him in Buffalo in the 70s under the band name Mink DeVille. A new crowd filed in for a techno dance hall and DJs till 5am, complete with an acrobat woman who

Reflections: Nightmare vacations

Dear Granddaughter,

Thank you for inviting me to your wedding. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world but this being the third trip back to the U. S. within four months did dampened my love of flying. These trips will have to count as my vacation for this summer.

It was lucky that the Peace Corps paid for my trip in April when I had to be med-evacued to D. C. to have a breast biopsy. The mammogram I had taken in January showed a spot they wanted to check out. I wasn’t very worried about it, but it did give me a start when I read the letter in Kiev (before I left) saying they couldn’t rule out cancer. That word seemed to stand out on the page. But it turned out ok and I just had a cyst that they aspirated and I was back in Ukraine within 10 days.

The second trip was the only one I had planned to take this summer. It was good to see you and your family at your cousin’s graduation in Oklahoma City in May. You remember how worried we were about her because of the auto accident she had about 10 days before I got there. Her injuries were more severe than the other kids in the car as she had a lacerated liver. After a week in the hospital, she was able to go to graduation. I was glad she had so many of her family there since her father was in Iraq and couldn’t attend.

The trip from Ukraine to Nebraska and back again for your wedding about did me in. At the start, my flight didn’t leave until later that night, but I knew from experience that I had to start the trip early. My tutor left a message for the taxi driver to pick me up early in the morning to drive me to the bus in my city. That part went well. I can’t say as much for the rest. The bus only went to the center of Kiev so I had to find a way to Boryspyl Airport several miles from there. Nothing is easy when one doesn’t speak the language. Finally I was able to locate a bus that went to the Airport. From then on the journey went pretty well. Your mother picked me up at the Kansas City Airport and we drove in a rain and hail storm to their home in Manhattan, Kansas.

Your wedding in Nebraska was beautiful and it was great seeing the family members that were able to attend. You can be happy that the rehearsal, wedding and reception went off without a hitch.

Going back to Ukraine turned into the worst nightmare of the three trips. I felt things might not go well when I learned that the flight from Kansas City to Chicago was delayed. Sure enough, when I got to Chicago the plane to Amsterdam was loaded and my seat had been given away because I wasn’t there to claim it. The service personnel tried to be helpful by rerouting me to Detroit thinking I might be able to get a flight out of there to Amsterdam. I did get on that plane. There was only one problem when I arrived in Amsterdam the flight to Kiev had already departed. So ok, I’ll take the next one. That’s fine but there is only one flight a day from Amsterdam to Kiev which meant I had about 22 hours to wait. I did not want to go into Amsterdam since I was alone so I chose to spend the night in the airport. I found that a person can sleep, not well, but get some sleep in the airport chairs. There is a section set aside for just that. The next afternoon I was able to board the plane to Kiev.

All in all it took me three days to get back to my apartment. I was so glad to get back I didn’t want to see an airport for a while.

Honey, I hope you are very happy with your new husband. I wish you the best of luck and I am so happy to have been there to see you enter this new life. All the trouble was worth it.




Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the official name of the airport here. It is situated in the Netherlands at 1118 G Schiphol. They can be telephoned on (020) 794-0800 or 0900-0141. You can naviagate directly to their webpage at . This airport only has one terminal and is located approximately 15km or 9 miles southwest of the city of Amsterdam. This area is on GMT +1.

The Airport offers two short-term parking areas that are both connected to the terminal. This makes access a lot easier for those using the airport. These car parks are recommended for short stays such as 48 hours. There is long term parking also available for longer stays if needed. You may need to check and see if reservations are required.

You will find that there are car hire or rental services available in and around Amsterdam Schiphol so you will have plenty to choose from when it comes to getting a car whilst visiting Amsterdam. There is also the tried and true public transportation such as the railway stations, public buses are available should you need to use them. There are plenty of help desks around that you can go to with any questions that you may have. The locals are happy to help you and point you in the right direction should you need their guidance.

You will find plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars located throughout the airport so you do not have to worry about being hungry when you get off of your flight. You can also relax in one of the many airport lounges to pass the time if you have an extended wait yet are unable to leave the airport. There will be a 55 unit hotel accommodation facility that will be available sometime in 2008, which will make it very convenient to stay right at the airport.

Tips for Affordable Last Minute Travel

Many times, people have to travel places without having suitable planning and flight bookings. The last minute traveling has become frequent in recent times, as life is getting faster, both at the personal and the professional ends. People have to visit places in cases such as, an emergency visit that may be official or personal, or a change in honeymoon planning etc. However, the advancements in Internet have brought a revolution in the lifestyles of people, as one can shop from home and that too at the best available prices. Internet has also enabled advance booking of tickets for flights and rooms in hotels. The technology is a great aid, especially to people, who need to get flight tickets at the last moment, and that too without the help of bugging travel agents. Many websites are also providing last minute services, which include, booking hotel rooms, if needed, along with, flight tickets. These websites take customer online requests, process these requests through their links with various airlines, and hotels, and search for suitable options, which have not been filled to the capacity. These various alternatives so found are then offered to customers, who may choose accordingly, while making payments through their credit cards.

Travelers can look out for both luxury flights and cheap flights, and in the same manner for accommodation, in a faster and efficient way. Web portals are providing customers with bookings in Flights to Amsterdam, Las Vegas, New York, and other such prominent destinations, along with low profile places. However, travelers need to be aware of various hidden costs associated with a deal. Also, one has to be careful while making choices, as these are final in most cases, and the deals are non-refundable. Along with this, credit cards should be used carefully, and personal details should not be disclosed in any manner.