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Cheap Airplane Tickets to Amsterdam

A guiding star in a dark night can be soothing more than a brilliantly lit sun of the day! There are some cities across the globe where the city is more alive in the night; although the day too is very enticing and lovely. Amsterdam is a wonderful place to be in- enjoy the scenic beauty of the monuments and various fun centers and give a treat to all your senses by the night. Restaurants and bars and night clubs become some of the various retreats for you to rejuvenate and share some crazy moments with loved ones in. all this and much more, only for you! Buy super cheap airplane tickets to Amsterdam through Globester and strike the cleverest and the smartest bargain available online!

With both ready meal centers and exotic restaurants to choose from, you can pick the one that fits in your budget and liking! Easy grab outlets have seductive and tempting food to catch up with. You can get things packed and move out on a spree in the city with your loved ones, or you can share a romantic evening with loved ones. Zeedijk area is one of the smartest and quickest places for you to catch up with Chinese dishes, although various other places like the Albert Cuypstraat offer great Surinamese dishes. Asian, American, Spanish, Italian and many more cuisines move out on the night and become the indulgence of many travelers. Book cheap air plane tickets to Amsterdam and pave way for a great trip.

If you have been to Amsterdam and haven’t tasted the authentic cheese, then you have missed out on a heavenly indulgence. The cheese here is so tasty that it leaves you completely serene and calm. To add to the flavor is the wide range of wines that are served with the cheese. Different cheese to go with different types of wines will make you intoxicated with the absolutely stunning flavor. Experience the bliss around and dance your heart out at the various night clubs that are open late into the night to make it fun for you and your partners. Super cheap airplane tickets to Amsterdam will make your dream trip a reality and will also make you cherish the hordes of beautiful memories for lifetime.

Brown bars are famous for the wood interiors and rocking drinks. There are supermarkets for liqueurs and you can taste and pick the one you love. Irish pubs are famous for wild drinks and wilder music beats which form a deadly combo together. Get set to loose yourself into the arms of life and have a gala time. Globester can make this trip and unforgettable journey for you and your loved ones, and cheap airplane tickets just make it better and better. Within a few clicks of your mouse, you can get a list of the best air fare deals and discount flight fares bargains that various airlines have to offer. Navigating through is easy and booking airplane tickets becomes a very comfortable and easy task.

Amsterdam Getting to And From The Airport

The Schiphol airport website provides a travel planner from any location. For your information, Schiphol airport can be reached by train from both Germany and Belgium as well as Holland, with travel times varying on the location: points of embarkment in Belgium require a 2-3 hour travel time; Germany 2-11 hours travel time. If you are traveling by train from within the Netherlands, Schiphol airport is a mere 15 minute journey from Amsterdam, 1 hour from Rotterdam, and 1.5 hours from Eindhoven. Tickets can be purchased at the yellow machines by the platforms, at the ticket box, or online. There is also a night train service with trains leaving every hour linking Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Schipol in one direction, and Schiphol, Leiden, Den Haag, Delft, and Rotterdam in the other direction.

Bus: Bus access is just as easy, with 6 lines coming from Amsterdam as well as direct routes from Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, and Hoofddorp, amongst others.

Alternative: If you are going to Amsterdam the Connexxion Schiphol hopper may be the best option. An 8 seater air conditioned mini bus, this service leaves the airport every 10 minutes between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. and does a circuit around the majority of the main hotels in Amsterdam. You will see the hopper at platform A7 right outside the arrivals hall, and a seat can be booked for your return journey up till 2 hours before you wish to depart your hotel.

Facilities at the Airport

Business: Schiphol Amsterdam Airport provides its travelers with a communications area for computer and fax use, but as the whole building has wireless internet a laptop can be used anywhere.

Kids: Children’s play areas provides parents with a little relief from long waits; located between piers E and F and open between 6 am and 10pm they are equipped with slides and soft toys, computers, and educational games.

Shopping: The Schiphol shopping plaza is located before passport control making it accessible for travelers and well wishers a like. The duty free area after passport control is dubbed See Buy Fly, and consists of 75 outlets selling everything from cameras to delicatessen products, from designer coats, to top shelf whiskey. The major brands that one would expect are all represented, and a few others: Schiphol Amsterdam Airport boasts the only Rolex outlet outside of Switzerland.

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport website.

The website for Amsterdam’s airport, is both well laid out and informative providing a trip planner to aid arriving or departing from the airport, maps of the building, details of the particular lounges and their airlines, the routes served by the airport, information for disabled travelers, further information on bars, restaurants, and tax free shopping, airport hotels in Schiphol, luggage requirements, check in and security control, and up to the minute flight information.

Schiphol airport is one of the easiest airports in Europe from virtually every perspective and serves Amsterdam well.

How To Survive Amsterdam Without Going Broke

Amsterdam and especially Amsterdam hotels may not be known for affordability, but that doesnt mean it isnt possible to travel the country on a budget. The experienced thrifty traveler knows how to visit even the most expensive countries for less you just have to follow the insider secrets.The first thing you need to know is how to get around town. Fortunately, because Amsterdam is a compact area with beauty everywhere to be seen, getting from place to place isnt as difficult as you might expect it can actually be quite fun! Compared to everything else in the city, transportation is relatively inexpensive, especially if you know what to do.Whenever you can, forget about paying for transportation and walk. This is not only free (the best deal you can get) but the best way to take in the city. Again, because Amsterdam is small and easy to travel, follow the locals and walk as much as possible. This is also a lot of fun. You can use the free map from the VVV to find your way just watch out for the many cyclists traveling through the streets.For traveling longer distances, the tram system is an economical and efficient way to travel from point A to point B. You can purchase tickets in Stationsplein at the small office beside the VVV or from bus and tram conductors. Youll need to get a dagkaart, strippenkaart, or sterabonnement depending on how long youll be staying in Amsterdam.The railway or metro is another good possibility. To get from Schiphol airport to Centraal Station, the railway is the most direct connection, while the metro can take you to the outlying districts.For lodging, be sure to book your room in advance as this will no doubt save you a ton of cash.In Amsterdam, youre going to need to eat at some point in time. Its possible to enjoy some fantastic grub on a budget if you know where to look.Amsterdam is famous for its pancake houses – they are the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat for a good price. But dont expect American style pancakes the Dutch version, called pannekoeken, is made with many different ingredients, and can provide a very satisfying meal to hungry travelers.While youre on the move, grab some frites (which are just French fries). This snack is cheap and tasty, and is served in a paper cone with mayonnaise instead of ketchup. Or, if you dont mind the taste of herring, grab a herring on a bun (haring broodje) almost anywhere in the city for a decent price.Finally, avoid the eateries directly in tourist areas. Stray off the beaten path just a little and youll find much more affordable food that tastes delicious. Another tip: dine at one restaurant a day, and purchase the rest of your food from markets and grocery stores. This will pare down your food budget considerably and its a great way to cut down on vacation costs.

Amsterdam doesnt have to be expensive, so what are you waiting for? Start planning your next vacation to this wonderful city and youll be enjoying a vacation without paying through the nose.

Exploring Amsterdam By Numbers

The population of Amsterdam itself is 728,763 whilst the Greater Amsterdam area is more or less double that; 1,498,205. Now, amongst those 728,763 inhabitants there are 173 nationalities and a whopping 600,000 bicycles. To put that figure in perspective, that is the same number as bulb flowers in parks and gardens within the city. If you’re wondering just how many parks there are, the answer to that is 23, which play host to some of the 220,000 trees you can find in the city.

Getting around is no problem, even if you don’t have one of those 600,000 bikes, because with 232 city trams, 110 glass topped canal boats and saloon-boats, and 9 ferry boats, you’ll find a means of transport. If you would like to combine transport with living, you may choose to join the 2,500 houseboats which call Amsterdam home. As many people like shopping whilst on holiday, Amsterdam will not disappoint. Whilst there is only 1 flower market, there are 21 general markets and 10,334 shops, of which 165 specialize in antiques. For those with expensive tastes, or just eager for a treat, you may wish to visit one of the 24 diamond polishing factories in the city.

The weight of the infrastructure is borne by the 165 canals which are crossed by 1,281 bridges, 8 wooden drawbridges, and one skinny bridge. Renowned as a city of art, history, and culture, you will be pleased to know that there are 6,800 buildings still standing that date from the 16th to 18th centuries, 654 gable stones, 1 royal place, 302 statues and sculptures, 51 museums, 141 art galleries, 22 paintings by Rembrandt, 206 by Van Gogh, 42 historical church organs, 16,000 concerts and theatrical performances in a calendar year which works out to approximately 40 per day, 55 concert and theatre venues, 61 cinemas, 36 nightclubs, and let’s not forget of course, 6 windmills.

With all of that going on, you may worry about finding a place to stay, and even to eat, after all with so many attractions; surely there will be so many tourists. Well, there are in fact 15,854,000 day visitors to Amsterdam each year, and a total of 8,332,600 nights stayed in the city by foreign visitors each year. However, not to worry because Amsterdam boasts 1,402 cafes and bars and 755 restaurants. As for finding somewhere to lay your head, there are 38,200 hotel beds in the city, and if it comes to it there are even 5 camp sites.

These figures are all quite astounding, and make up the reason why Amsterdam has from the beginning of international travel been the most popular of destinations for both short city breaks and longer term travel. If you want a particular hotel, or a particular level of accommodation, you are highly recommended to take these figures to heart however, and book ahead of time.

Experience More of the Netherlands With Road Travel in Amsterdam

As springtime dawns upon us and the travel market gears up for short breaks, Amsterdam heads the list of the most desirable and popular European city destinations. The culture, atmosphere and nightlife of Amsterdam have long been heralded by UK and European travellers; and Amsterdam, along with Barcelona, Prague and Dublin is widely recognised as one of the most popular short break destinations.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands’ largest city, is also one of the most pedestrian friendly and environmentally conscious cities in the world. This status helps reaffirm the tourist-friendly nature of the city, as amiable wandering is encouraged and the scourge of traffic is virtually non-existent within the confines of the city centre.

Amsterdam is also a good base for those looking to explore further into the Netherlands; and for repeat visitors, a number of excursions and attractions are easily accessible by car from the city. Delft, a historic city founded in 1100, is on the main stretch of road between Amsterdam and The Hague. The town is home to the historic blue and white pottery, known as Delftware; it has also been described as ‘the Netherlands in miniature,’ with characteristic buildings and canals that are associated with the architecture of the country. Further traditional pursuits can be experienced in Alkmaar, which hosts the weekly cheese market. This runs every Friday and is a traditional ritual for tourists who are after the region’s renowned Edam and Gouda cheeses.

For adventurous types, a day trip to the Efteling theme park is a must. The park is based around traditional myths and fairy tales and is renowned as one of the best theme parks in Europe. More laid-back entertainment can be found on a trip to the Zaanse Schans windmills – a reconstructed and fully operational museum that relives the heritage of industrial windmills.

Driving in the Netherlands is a pleasurable pursuit: the country is flat, the roads are open and most tourists find that Dutch drivers are extremely courteous and safe. Moreover, with extensive means of car hire in the Netherlands, pairing some exciting excursions with a round-up of Amsterdam attractions is simple. But if the wider attractions of the Netherlands don’t appeal, you can always hire a bike and see some of the Netherlands on two wheels rather than four.

Cheap Flight To Amsterdam

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You can have a cheap flight to Amsterdam.

Traveling to Amsterdam

Amsterdam – a watery city, close to the coast, renowned for its cafes where it is legal to smoke marijuana, and for its red light area where scantily clad women advertise their services in the windows of houses that line the canal. It’s not all sex and drugs though…and here is why…

First you need to get around. Your hotel may be a bit out of town or you may want to see the outskirts as wel as the centre. A one-day ticket costs around 7 Euros and gives you unlimited travel on buses, underground and trams. Trams are an especially good way to travel because the next station is announced by the driver and also on a small screen. The trams and buses are clean and frequent – we didn’t use the underground – and a pleasure to use. You must remember to validate your ticket when you make the first journey by stamping it in one of the machines on the vehicle.

If you want to do as the natives do, then there are plenty of cylce rental shops and there are literally thousands of cycle racks to secure them.

Walking around Amsterdam is a viable option and if you are just in the city for a couple of days you are unlikely to venture far out of the city. Do be careful with regards to crossing roads and the combination of cars, trams and cyclists can be quite confusing and trams do have a tendency to creep up quietly from behind!

Eating….All the themed places tend to serve the same food- sandwiches, toasties, etc and are fairly expensive ( around 7 Euros for a toastie) but you have to remember you are in a capital city. If you prefer something more traditional there are loads of coffee shops and cafes serving various light meals and snacks which are usually a bit cheaper than the themed places.

Restaurants of every kind abound in Amsterdam and like the shops, they are arranged according to type of cuisine so in the Leidsplein for example you will find one street lined with Argentinian and Uruguayan steakhouses and another with several Mexican joints.

Another very popular cuisine is Indonesian with one such cafe or restaurant on every street. However, we plumped for seafood and chose the Oysterbar on the Leidsplein. However there were no tables downstairs and we were advised to try upstairs. This seemed to be OK but when we were given the meuns for the sister restaurant “At Night” we soon found out that it is much more expensive than it’s more casual counterpart beneath. However, the food was wonderful and it was my birhday after all. A meal for two with

2006 The Year To Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam has always been a great city for a weekend break but this year will be greater than ever as they celebrate the 400th anniversary of the famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn. There are major exhibitions going on at a number of sites, including the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and at the museum at Rembrandts house. There will also be exhibitions at his birth place Leiden.

There are paintings coming from all around the world, so don’t miss this opportunity of seeing them all together, it won’t happen again for at least a hundred years.

If that is not enough, there are still all the other great attractions that Amsterdam has to offer. The world famous canals where you can cruise and see all the bridges and fine canal side houses that are unique to this part of the world or take the canal bus that has three different routes or if you prefer something more individual there are Canal Bikes which are pedalboats that can be hired by the hour and you can take from one location and leave in another to give you great flexibility.

A new feature introduced is the Amsterdam Transport Pass that is valid for all day travel on the metro, canal bus, tram and night bus. At the time of writing it costs Eur 17 per day and is very good value.

The traditional mode of transport is the bicycle and these are available for hire. Don’t forget to lock them against something solid.

There is a wealth of different museums to visit, from the Maritime museum for sailors to a museum of pianolas where the actual music as actually played by Mahler, Ravel and Strauss amongst others can be heard, to the pipe museum for smokers where you will find the longest clay pipe in the world.

Not everything here is old, there is the house, office and café of tomorrow, an exhibition of future living that has some very innovative and interesting exhibits, the café is particularly interesting in that it changes depending on what meal is being served.

Shopperholics are not forgotten in Amsterdam which boasts some of the finest in the world. You will probably want to start at the Centre Magna Plaza a stunning four story building dating from 1898 that used to be the General Post Office but is now a great shopping centre. Its Gothic-Moorish interior has been preserved with an amazing glass dome. Afterwards there is the tres chic Maison de Bonneterie, De Bijenkorf or PC Hooftstraat, whilst the fashionistas head for Kalverstraat with its many boutiques.

There are numerous markets in Amsterdam including the Albert Cuypmarket and the Singel market which is the worlds only floating flower market.

Even just walking the streets are a wonder in themselves as you take in the unique architecture you will notice plaques in the gables that come from the time when houses weren’t numbered and many people couldn’t read. During redevelopment when some of the old houses were taken down, the plaques were saved and you can come across walls where these plaques have been placed. Keep your eyes out for the work of the mysterious artist who places sculpture in the dead of night.

If you go to Roemer Visscherstraat you will see 7 European countries in one street thanks to architect Tjeerd Kuipers (b.1858) who designed the seven houses in the styles of Holland, Gt Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Russia a truly unique street.

If you are travelling with children then they are going to want their own experiences, try Anne Franks House or there is the New Metropolis museum where the kids can have a hands on scientific experience or for something more active try the TunFun

That has trampolines, giant slides, a cinema and disco, there’s even a children’s farm and construction area but make sure your socks are clean as shoes are not allowed.

With all this activity you will be looking for somewhere to relax. There are Grand Cafes and bruin (brown) cafes. As you would expect, the grand are larger and more opulent and the bruin which are smaller and homelier ones that also serve food. For grand cafes try the Royal Café de Kroon, built at the end of the 19th centaury or there is the De Jaren with its views of the river Amstel.

There are a number of interesting bruin cafes such Café Chris which opened in 1624, Café Kalkhoven with its Persian rugs, Café ‘t Smalle, a café since 1786 or the beautiful Café Papeneiland.

If you want to keep in touch with the world, there are many cyber cafes with internet access.

A mention of Amsterdam cafes would not be complete without a mention of the many ‘Coffeeshops’ where cannabis is sold openly. There is the Abraxas that also has internet access, The Bulldog, which was the first and the award winning De Dampkring.

Whilst on the subject of risqué places, Amsterdams’ Red Light district is also world famous with its many shows, sex shops and girls in windows.

If you are not completely worn out by your days’ exertions, the nightlife is second to none with amazing clubs and live music venues, try the Arena Club, Vak Zuid, Melkweg, Industry, Magazijn or Masion. For live bands it is best to check in the local press to see who’s in town.

As with any big city, restaurants abound although not many serve Dutch cuisine unless you use the bruin cafes, but there is a wide selection of eating places from around the world.

All in all there is so much to see and do you will need to come here more than once but as it is such a beautiful and friendly place, it is something you will do with pleasure.

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One of the few cities that are tourist friendly all round the year, a safe destination; it is sure one of the topmost destinations in the world. Though the days are very short in winters, but the city does not loose its charm for anything. Christmas celebrations in the city are a scene to behold. It not only sweeps you off your feet for its festivities, it charms you with the warmth of life too. Book your discount airline tickets today and witness this wonder with your own eyes!

The architecture of the city does not leave your gaze even for a split second. You will find blinking very hard as everything is breathtaking in its very self. From skyscrapers to old architectural wonders- the city has everything. The number of tourists visiting Amsterdam is increasing with every passing day and that is proof enough of its popularity. You too be a part of this love spreading culture, book dirt cheap flight tickets to Amsterdam with Globester today.

Historic city centers and ancient and beautiful Churches stand in their full glory to take you into a world altogether new to people who are caught in the web of deadlines and responsibilities all the time. Take a break and become one with yourself in this exotic land. This is not all- Docklands, Windmills, Manu Museums, Zoos and Botanical Gardens, Countryside wonders, and Beaches stand with open arms just for you to fly into them. Cheap flights to Amsterdam for yourself and your family just make it a once in a lifetime affair.

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Amsterdam Super Cheap Airplane Tickets Online


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If the destination is final then here is a description of all the major fun things that you can indulge in to make yourself happy. From night clubs to museums, from rides to roads, from food to drinks- all this and much more, bringing about a coming together of tradition and civilization is what Amsterdam stands for. The people are full of warmth and everywhere you travel, you will feel at a home away from home. Lay hands on cheap airplane tickets to Amsterdam and get for yourself an amazing trip. Cheap hotel accommodations and travel tips just make the whole affair easier and more comfortable.


A city with rich architectural heritage, it will surely force you to head a long way without much effort. You will feel bound to the buildings as they hold a charm of their own. These buildings house some great places worth visiting too. Old Canal houses, mansions, museums and such places infuse a great spirit into every traveler. Westerkerk is a large church which will surely make you feel closer to your own self and to the almighty God. The beautiful statues, figurines and murals make these places worth a visit. The tranquility in the soul is the bonus for this travel.


Get cheap airplane tickets to Amsterdam by logging on to any reliable travel site that can give you information regarding your travel plan and budget. Instead if getting lost in a huge city like Amsterdam, it is preferable to plan the trip beforehand. Log on to Globester and find answers to all your queries. The eastern docklands in Amsterdam contain three artificial islands- sounds great and feels even better to be there in person. Do not let creepy thoughts cloud your vision for a perfect holiday, just pack your bags and head for this beautiful city. Globester will smooth out the other obstacles for you.


If diamonds interest you, visit the Van Gogh museum and let yourself be carried away into sheer beauty and charm. The city is full of museums and if you are a person interested in stories, you should definitely visit these places. Other than these,

you can have fun at the various interesting places- like the Filmmuseum which houses a collection of old and contemporary historical films. Along with these, pamper yourself in the lap of nature and visit the Zoos and Botanical gardens that are full of various species of animals and plants to sweep you off your feet.


Visit Amsterdam and feel the goodness of countryside life, full of naturally innocent lifestyles and adventures. Really cheap air tickets to Amsterdam with Globester just make it better and better. Travel smart, travel safe!