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Amsterdam Hotels-low Cost Hotel in Amsterdam

Welcome to the horizon of stunning scenic beauties! Welcome to the world of grand architectures! Welcome to the land of fantastic entertainment avenues! No need to think twice. It is none other than Amsterdam. A place which is full of thrill, excitement and opportunities to explore diverse things! A capital city that deserves this status!

A destination with a host of wonderful surprises in its bags! Worried about accommodation? Not an issue. Amsterdam hotels are at your disposal to make everything easy for you.

If you like biking, it is somewhere you must come to for a fulfilling day of enjoyment, exploration and adventure. Come out of your hotel and rent a bike and start for the adventurous journey of Amsterdam to explore the beauty of the city. Or you can make it on foot too. Exciting, isn’t it? Only a few strides in any direction from your hotels get you to your favorite spot. Benefit the most strategic location and unparalleled amenities at the Amsterdam hotels. View the stunning ambience of the city through the window of your room. Avail the superb room services and experience both internal and external grandeur of the hotel. World class amenities await you at each of the hotels.

Continue your celebration in the nicely decorated city, studded with canals and bridges. A city with that asks you to explore it on bile or foot. Visit the Anne Frank House, see the masterpieces at the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum and shop the Waterlloplein flea market. Measure a small distance to the flower market. Amsterdam Hotels render you all such opportunities that enhance the beauty of your travelogue. Courteous staff, superb hospitality and on affordable ranges greets you as soon as you land in the city. Satisfy your palate with mouth watering dishes at fabulous restaurants both inside and outside the premises of the hotels. Come to know some of the most reputed names like, seven Bridges Hotel, Banks Mansion, Black Tulip, Amsterdam Escape and many more……..

Cheap Holidays In Amsterdam For New Years Eve

Think about planning your cheap holidays in Amsterdam for New Years Eve. You will have the time of your life. It is better than going to the Big Apple. You will have dancing, food, drinks, fireworks and entire day leading up to and after of nothing more than fun. Dam Square is one place you will find many people laughing and celebrating the coming of the New Year. All you need to do is be there for the excitement. Another popular area is the neighborhood of Jordan and the Western Canal Ring. Do not forget your bottle of Champagne to walk the streets and toss everyone you meet.

What you can expect is many fireworks starting at dusk and continuing to the New Year. Three areas have fireworks displays such as Rembrandtplein, Nieuwmarkt and Dam Square. These are the areas where the fireworks are organized. The other areas are mostly kids and adults lighting firecrackers and other types of fireworks in an unorganized way. When you want to get away from the crowds, watch the fireworks from the bridges. You can see the fireworks while drinking your Champagne without being right in the mist of things. This is a special time for everyone who plans his or her cheap holidays to Amsterdam for New Years Eve.

The bars and clubs around Amsterdam are hopping and everyone is gearing up for when the clock strikes midnight. If you are taking the kids along, they might enjoy the Nemo Science and Technology Museum, where you can see all the excitement all over the area instead of just one place. Although New Years is a blast in Amsterdam, December and January are the most spectacular months to visit the area. Although December is the rainy month in Amsterdam, you can still see the beautiful Christmas lights and enjoy the celebrations of the holidays.

No matter what time you visit, Amsterdam is always a place of excitement and things to do. The days of January are shorter, but you still have so many different things to do. The shopping, the restaurants and the festivities are the best reason to plan your cheap holidays to Amsterdam. The museums and walking tours are fantastic to see and do, while every month has a different reason to travel to Amsterdam, you will find that you will have fun no matter what time of year or when you visit.

Amsterdam and cheap holidays just seem to go together for everyone. You will find that having fun and good times are what everyone in Amsterdam loves to do. You will find excitement during the summer, fall, winter and spring. If you are big into history or even festivals, you will want to plan a trip to Amsterdam and enjoy what the area has to offer you. You can always visit the Amsterdam Tourism office for a list of different festivals and celebrations going on in the area, so you can choose the best time to find your cheap holiday’s package for Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Cheap Travel Guide Enjoy It

When you opt for a cheap travel to Europe, the city of Amsterdam should be your best choice. The city offers cheap relatively compared to most European cities but not sacrificing the quality of the trip.Amsterdam is undoubtedly a beautiful city. No wander it is the fourth most visited cities in the region just after Paris, Rome, and London. Most of the population speaks either French or German or both. The people also can speak English and Dutch as well. The area is relatively flat. You cannot find slopes and hills unlike other European cities. If you want to roam Amsterdam by foot, it is very conducive for hiking. This would save you from the trouble of renting a car or hiring a taxicab to transport you within the city. And since Amsterdam has lots of sights to offer, hiking would be fill up the day while spending some time on different attractions the city has to offer.Not into biking and hiking but still opting for cheap Amsterdam vacation? You can always ride any of the public transportation within the city. Amsterdam offers some of the best train, bus, and tram systems in Europe. They are cheap and the service is extremely good.Amsterdam is lined with several museums and monuments often time just a shot away from one another. To be exact, Amsterdam has 42 museums and almost 7,000 monuments within its limits. And if you want to visit them without confusion, the city has prepared 7 waking routes, marked especially for you.When you visit during summer (July-August), expect to see bed of Tulips along with other Holland’s pride- narcissus, daffodils, and other flowers.The rates…Picturesque view and rich culture and history give every reason to travel to Amsterdam. And with prices are relatively cheap, you surely would enjoy your stay at Amsterdam.

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Cheap Amsterdam Hotels – the Right Choice in Your Budget

Budget hotels in Amsterdam offer some of the greatest possibility for accommodation in or around Amsterdam with absolutely limited budget and this is especially a good bargain for tourist and business like travelers. Budget hotels in Amsterdam are available in every awe-looking locality. In order to make the process of seeking the best one easy, simply choose to search the web and make your bookings online.

First of all this would make you save a plenty of time and secondly it would also work to be of great advantage as you could then avail off several discounts and premium offers. Undoubtedly apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of Amsterdam this element will furthermore. Cheap Amsterdam hotels does not necessarily mean cheap in terms of quality and services. Here the cheap Amsterdam hotels in context with the tariff and applied taxes. Cheap prices certainly prove to be the best way of traveling as in that way you end up saving a lot of money on accommodation and can hence choose to splurge in some other way.

Cheap hotels generally come with necessary services, amenities and all type of facilities that will provide the customers with an absolutely comfortable stay. Cheap hotels are regarded as truly the most perfect ways of enjoying an economical vacation with your whole family.

Generally cheap hotels in Amsterdam are the best way to spend some hours between shopping or in between exploring sight-seeing or business appointments. They provide comfort as well as quality services. Cheap hotels provide the best comfort to relax for a while and then carry forward the excursion from there. There are good cuisines also available at some of the best rated budget hotels in Amsterdam

People who are not used to traveling or even people who have never traveled before find it unusually complex to go around seeking a top notch accommodation. This is specially an added task as well if there is budgetary slag. In that case the most perfect way to keep on is to cautiously sketch out the complete vacation from hotel to sight seeing, transport and leisure time by booking some of the cheap hotels in Amsterdam!

When we refer to Amsterdam hotels some of the quite nice ones are lined up at Leidseplein, where some of the most local points include Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House along with Rijksmuseum Park which are all walking distance.

Renting a Holiday Home in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is an extremely popular family holiday destination with tourists going on vacation and staying in holiday homes. It is a country full of exciting contrasts with families going on a relaxing vacation staying in one of the many holiday cottages drawn by images of windmills and beautiful tulip fields. It is also an ideal holiday destination for couples looking for a more exciting holiday who are able to stay in self catering apartments.

The Netherlands is full of exciting cities, including the cosmopolitan capital, Amsterdam. Amsterdam is an ideal holiday destination for short breaks and offers some great self catering accommodation. The cities of, Arnhem, Eindhoven, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam are also popular holiday destinations with families staying in holiday cottages or self catering apartments.

Lovers of the outdoor lifestyle may rent a holiday villa with swimming pool in the slower paced beautiful countryside. There are some fabulous coastal towns and many have clean unspoilt beaches. It is possible to rent a holiday cottage direct from their owner with some of these charming holiday homes lying right next to the beach.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is regarded as one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. It is popular with couples on short breaks staying in self catering accommodation and also family holidays. The city boasts a network of canals and waterways that are spanned by more than 1000 bridges. Many tourists take a boat trip when staying in holiday homes in Amsterdam and explore the maze of canals. Amsterdam is also famous around the world for its diamonds and many people buy jewellery when on holiday here.

Lovers of culture may stay in a holiday villa or self catering cottage and use them as basis to see some of the fine culture that Amsterdam has to offer. It has many museums, art galleries, concert halls and theaters. A special canal boatlinks 20 of the major museums. A special Museum Pass entitling holders to free entry to over 400 museums is available from participating museums and local tourist offices.

Many families rent holiday villas in Haarlem to explore the local scenery. Haarlem lies in the middle of the tulip fields and is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. Families use these holiday homes as bases to explore the local countryside and sample the local wine and cuisine. The province of Utrecht is also popular with the lovers of outdoor holidays. It has some quaint holiday cottages, country houses, estates and castles set in landscaped parks and beautiful woods.

The Netherlands has so much to offer families going there and staying in holiday home rentals. Its vibrant cities offer great short breaks with a tremendous selection of self catering apartments available to rent from their owners and to suite all price brackets. Elsewhere the Netherlands has some of the prettiest countryside in Europe and many families choose to rent holiday villas or self catering cottages and use them as ideal bases to explore the local scenery.

Sights To See In Amsterdam

It hosts over three and a half million tourists every year.

Amsterdam’s history dates back to the thirteenth century when it was founded as a fishing village. It was developed around a dam in the Amstel River.

Amsterdam developed rapidly in the 14th and 15th century, but the period of 1585 to 1672 was known as the Golden Age. The 18th century was an era of gold and silver and the city prospered during that time. The period of the early 19th century saw a terrible recession in the area, but from 1813, economic recovery began. It is important to understand this history in order to appreciate the buildings that one sees in Amsterdam today.

There are many interesting sights to see in Amsterdam from the dam, to the canals, to the churches, but the city is most famous for its museums. It houses over fifty museums, with famous ones such as Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum. It is also worthwhile to specifically visit the Oude Kerk, which is an old church with little houses that cling to its sides. Its octagonal bell tower is built in a Gothic-Renaissance style. Dam square is a fascinating area to visit. Here you will find the dam that lies at the center of the city, as well as the Royal Palace which was originally used as the town hall.

Make sure to follow the narrow vaulted passageway that leads to Begijnhof, the quaint garden that is surrounded by old houses. Here you will also find a medieval church and the oldest house in Amsterdam (at number 34). You can take a boat cruise or canal tour along the beautiful canals of the city. This will also give you a view of the famous bridges of Amsterdam.

Due to the high volume of tourist traffic through the city each year, Amsterdam has a large variety of holiday accommodation options available. Visitors can choose to stay in a hotel. These range from luxury styled hotels to smaller boutique type hotels. They can be found by impressive landmarks or overlooking one of the canals. Self-catering holiday apartment rentals are also available throughout the city. You can find apartments that are small single-room apartments or large luxury apartments on the banks of the canals.

Some bed and breakfasts are known as holiday apartments as they do not actually serve breakfast. They are often run by private landlords and they are becoming more popular throughout the city. If you are traveling on a tight budget or are backpacking, a youth hostel may be the right choice for you. Hostels are generally located in the center of the city. If you are traveling to Amsterdam during the summer months, you may be able to stay in one of the campgrounds that open at that time of year. Some campgrounds offer bungalows in case of bad weather. The campgrounds are outside the city, but generally they are in biking distance from town.

Amsterdam Diamonds

Amsterdam is a major historical location for the diamond industry. Walking down the streets you will see a lot of jewelry stores as well as many diamond businesses with prominent security systems and signs reading “guided diamond tours”.

If you go on these tours you’ll see some breathtaking diamonds, as well a chance to see these stones being cut and polished. And if you have some cash to spare, purchase one for $4000 to $400,000.

Amsterdam has an extended history relating to diamonds, and has been a major diamond center since Sephardic Jews introduced the diamond cutting industry to Amsterdam in the later 16th century. Nowadays there are about a dozen diamond cutting facilities in the city, 5 of which offer guided tours. The tours are free and are usually conducted 9am to 5pm each day.

Amsterdam has an extended heritage in the diamond business, and has been a major European diamond center since Sephardic Jews introduced the diamond cutting industry in the later 16th century. Ultra-Orthodox Jews are still prominent in worldwide diamond marketing and distribution, and urban legend has it they hide diamonds in their beards to move them through customs without being detected. Diamonds are not necessarily cheaper in Amsterdam; however prices are fairly competitive. At least you will have seen the stones being worked, and when you purchase from a factory you get an extensive description of the diamond you acquire so you know exactly what you are buying.

The following renowned diamond stores offer diamond-cutting and polishing tours, and sales of the finished diamonds:

Coster Diamonds

Gassan Diamonds

Stoeltie Diamonds

Van Moppes Diamonds, which was the the 1st company to offer guided tours.

Be sure to sample authentic Dutch food at the numerous cafes. If you have a chance eat a “brodje haring” (an open-faced sandwich with salted herring) or try other seafood specialties from the cuisine of this seafaring nation.

The best time to visit Holland is spring or fall when the heat of summer and the droves of tourists have departed and the leaves on the trees aren’t blocking the review of the monumental facades. The winters are penetratingly cold and wet with lots of rain and sleet. Because of the high humidity, it actually feels as cold as the thirty-below winters common in Canada. Come in spring (March through May) and catch the Holland Flower Festival at Keukenhof.

If you’re over 40, make sure you pack a pair of reading/magnifying glasses: museums tend to utilise microscopic lettertypes for their descriptive plaques.

Just here are a select few of Amsterdam’s major attractions:

Anne Frank Home (Anne Frank Huis)

National Museum (Rijksmuseum)

Van Gogh Museum

Red Light District

National Museum of Modern Art (Stedelijk Museum)

Amstelkring Museum (Our Lord in the Attic Chapel)

Museum Het Rembrandt Huis (Rembrandt House)

Jewish Historical Museum (Joods Historisch Museum)

Dam Square

Sauna Deco

Amsterdam sail:

Sail Amsterdam

If you love boats, KNSM Island with its shipping history is the place for you. Every five years this harbor area of Amsterdam hosts the Sail event. Every new edition attracts even more visitors (Sail 2000 welcomed two and a half million people). Every edition also offers even more Tall Ships and even more cultural activities in the area.

The Van Gogh Museum contains the largest collection of works by Vincent Van Gogh, the tragic artist who cut off his ear and committed suicide. You will find more than 200 incredible works from the Master’s hand, as well as 500 drawings and 700 written documents. Together these provide a historic insight into his life and art.

Amsterdam is a fascinating place with lots of things to see and do besides diamonds and diamond businesses. After one visit I’m sure you’ll be so fascinated you will be determined to come back.

Amsterdam Sightseeing And Hotels

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, and is one of the largest historic cities in Europe. The city lies near two bodies of water, the Amstel river and the IJ bay. For many tourists, Amsterdam is a city which is well known and praised for its entertainment and culture. The city at this time has a population of over 700,000.

Amsterdam is a city, which had very humble beginnings. It was founded in the 12th century as a small fishing village, but didn’t begin to gain recognition until the 17th century, during the Golden Age of The Netherlands. A series of canals have been built around the older part of the city, and many luxurious mansions and homes lie near these canals.

If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, do not expect to be bored. For those who love art, Amsterdam is well known for its many museums. The Rijksmuseum showcases art from the Golden Age, and the Van Gogh Museum along with the Rembrandt House Museum are places every art lover should visit.

Those who enjoy history may want to visit the Anne Frank House, and anyone with a love of classical music should visit the world class Concertgebouworkest. Amsterdam is also known for its red light district, called de Wallen, and the many coffee shops, some of which sell cannabis.

Amsterdam is a city that has something for everyone. If you are traveling there, it is important to get accomodations at excellent hotels. Although you can find nice hotels on a budget, Amsterdam is an upscale city. Budget travelers and backpackers may find themselves spending a little more than in other European cities.

When it comes to money, Visa or Eurocard are widely accepted. Most large purchases will require use of a credit card. For everything else, just keep fifty dollars handy. Changing your currency in Amsterdam is easy. Any post office or bank will exchange currencies for you, often at good exchange rates.

The restaurants available in Amsterdam have a very international flavour. Traditional Dutch food is fairly simple, with meats and potatoes. There are restaurants for those on a budget as well as those wanting to eat in luxury.

Restaurants in Amsterdam usually charge service fees and taxes along with the prices you pay for your meal, and tipping is always welcomed. When it comes to traveling, Amsterdam is bicycle friendly. Buses also travel heavily throughout the city, and you can always catch a taxi cab. Due to the many types of transportation available, getting around in Amsterdam is fairly cheap

Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam the capital of Netherland is the biggest city and a major tourist hub in this part of Europe. you can visit this place at any part of year. In winter the days are often cold and are short with only 8 hours of sunlight around Christmas. Amsterdam is famous for its beauty, exquisite beautiful canals and friendly people who majorly all speak English. That is good for a traveler visiting Netherland from another part of the world since English is a universal language. Due to severe cold conditions the festival to celebrate Queen Beatrix birthday is celebrated on 30th April while actually her birthday is on 31st January. Therefore the celebration takes place on the eve of her mother’s birthday that is on April. The color of the extravaganza is orange on queen’s day, featuring national pride and royal presence. Amsterdam is home to unique combination of past history and hip and happening today. As Amsterdam is the star attractions among European holidays, it is better to reserve hotel rooms in hotels in Amsterdam.

Historical aspects of Amsterdam

Amsterdam has one of the largest historical monuments that are still occupied and they are standing gracefully and magnanimously holding back all the epic stories of past and present. There are about 7000 major historical monuments. Since the street geography has not changed from 19th century due to less world war II attacks and bombings. The central part of Amsterdam consists of 90 islands connected through 400 bridges. The part of beauty in Amsterdam is the concentric canal rings that begun in the 17th century and is still handy. There is an official body dedicated to introduce the Netherlands’ architectural structure and the types of historical buildings to the world through a website .The oldest part of the city are Warmoesstraat and Zeedijk. There are also present state of the art museums that are build by converting large warehouses. The biggest of them all are Maritime Museum. Amsterdam is home to many kind of hotels they are luxurious hotels that can spoil you to top to bottom they are also available cheap hotels in Amsterdam

To study the history of Netherlands you can visit the 400 museums which are chargeable per person. But the money is worth to spend as Netherlands’ glorious history is beautifully exhibited in the relics of the past.

The museums list is given in this article and its short description is also described further.

• Rijksmuseum – masterpieces exhibition: The most sophisticated museum projecting the rich art and history in Netherland.The handiwork is done by magnificent Dutch masters which will leave you spellbound Admission fee is only for adults. While less than 18 years of age the admission is free.

• Van Gogh Museum: This museum is dedicated to Dutch painter Van Gogh. Some of his masterpieces can be seen in this museum while other of his paintings is at Paris museums.

To experience best your Dutch holidays Amsterdam hotels are one of a kind.. For lovers and honeymooners the city showcases romantic hotel Amsterdam.

For scenic beauty lovers, architecture loyalists, art and rich culture looker and people who just want to all over discover Netherlands Amsterdam is the unique place to be in.

Amsterdam Vacation

Opting for a vacation in the greatly planned city of Amsterdam, Netherlands? Before flying to Amsterdam for your Amsterdam vacation, it is interesting to know first the basic facts about the city. It’s pretty good to get a background of Amsterdam before spending a vacation there, isn’t it? Well, for those who are currently planning or thinking for an Amsterdam vacation, or those who wish to know more about Amsterdam, here are facts below.

Amsterdam is actually a compact and instantly likeable city in Europe. As claimed by many of those who have been there for an Amsterdam vacation, the city is very appealing to look at and pleasing to walk around. It is a city where the parochial and international behaviors meet, and it is where you will feel a welcoming attitude towards visitors. This kind of behavior we known about Amsterdam was said to be shaped by the liberal counterculture it embraces since the last four decades.

Majority of the people of Amsterdam is able to speak English fluently. Some know how to speak German and French, but it is highly considered that if you are an English speaker, it is better to speak in English than in French and German as speaking the two languages is more likely to offend than do anyone a favor.

The layout of the city of Amsterdam is generally determined by a web of canals radiating out from a historical core to loop right round the center. As many of the Amsterdam vacation resources have noted, these planned, seventeenth century extensions to the medieval town make for a distinctly elegant urban environment. This is further shown by the presence of tall gabled house that are reflected in the black green waters of the city. It is then nice to know that many of the Amsterdam vacationers have deemed the city as the city at its most beguiling, that is, a world away from the traffic and noise of a number of many other European city centers. It is these facts actually that made Amsterdam one of Europe’s most popular short-haul destinations.

Before your Amsterdam vacation, it is interesting to know that there is actually an apparent contradiction to the positive aspects of the city, and this embodies much of the spirit of Amsterdam. Many of those Amsterdam vacationers who have strolled the city for a long time may know that Amsterdam is worldly known as a place where the possession and sale of cannabis are effectively legal, or at least decriminalized. For the most part, people of Amsterdam themselves can’t really be bothered with this stuff.

Also, while the city is renowned throughout the world for its tolerance towards all styles of behavior and dress, a primmer with a more mainstream dress sense would be hard to find. And, as many of the Amsterdam vacationers have known, behind the cozy cafes and dreamy canals lurks the suspicion that the Amsterdammers’ hearts lie squarely in their wallets, and while the new Amsterdam vacationers see the city as a liberal haven, locals can seem just as indifferent to this as well.

Amsterdam Vacation

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